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Hulu Error Code plaunk65

Hulu is one of the most amazing online video streaming software. It is a US subscription-based app that Walt Disney owns. A large number of gaming lovers use this app all over the world. But some errors occurred while playing videos on the Hulu app. When you are playing videos on the Hulu app and face the Hulu Error Code Plaunk65, you get irritated. Most probably, the network issue is the reason for this error. There are several issues with this error. In this article, we will give you some practical solutions for resolving this error.

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How to Fix the Hulu Error Code Plaunk65?

Following are some effective solutions and techniques to fix the Hulu Error Code plaunk65:

Clear Cache Memory of Hulu app

When cache memory is piled up in your app, it can be the reason for the error code plaunk65. So always clear your cache memory from the Hulu app so that you can play the videos without any interruption. Follow these steps to clear cache memory from the Hulu app:

  • Open your Hulu app on Roku. Click the UP button one time, the Rewind button two times, the Home button five times, and the Fast Forward button two times.
  • Your cache memory is cleared in this way. Check the status of the error.
    Clear cache in Hulu to fix the Hulu Error Code plaunk65

    Clear cache in Hulu to fix the Hulu Error Code plaunk65

Check Your Internet Speed

If your internet speed is slow, it can be the possible cause of the Hulu Error Code plaunk65. So always make sure the fast internet speed while playing videos on the Hulu app. The minimum speed should be 5 Mega Bites Per Second when watching live TV on the Hulu app. Moreover, do not attach too many devices to your internet connection. If you do so, your internet speed will be slow, and you will face an error.

Checking internet speed

Checking internet speed

Set Your DNS Settings

When you are streaming videos on the Hulu app, prioritise the Hulu app in your DNS settings. Otherwise, you will face an error. So set your DNS settings of the router. Prioritize the device through which you are streaming videos on the Hulu app.

Restart Your Hulu App

If you are facing the error code plaunk65, try to restart your Hulu app. Furthermore, restart your device as well on which you are using the Hulu app. Restarting the Hulu app will make your streaming uninterrupted. Therefore, restart your Roku device or Smart TV and then start it to see whether the error is fixed or not.

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You May Face the Error Due to Server Issues

If the Hulu server is not working properly, then you ace the error code plaunk65. Sometimes, the problem is not on the user side; rather, the server has some issues. Various websites will help you to know the recent news about the Hulu app. Down Detector is an app that will inform you about server issues. Moreover, you can check the status on the Hulu Twitter account. So if there is some issue with the Hulu server, you will have to wait until the technical team resolves this issue.

Hulu Error Code plaunk65

Checking the status of Hulu on Down Detector

Update the Device

When you are using the outdated version of Roku, you may face an error. So always use an updated version of Roku. But if you find that the version of Roku is outdated, then update it by following this process:

  • Open your Roku app. Go to the Home menu.
  • In Settings, Go to System. Then click on Check Now in System Update.
  • Your version of Roku will be updated.

Uninstall your outdated Hulu app

If you are using the outdated version of the Hulu app, you might face the error plaunk65. So always use an updated version of the Hulu app. But if the version of your Hulu app is outdated, reinstall this version by following this process:

  • Go to the Main Menu and search the Hulu app.
  • Find the * button and click on Remove Channel.
  • Then in Roku Channel, find the Hulu app.
  • Click on Add Channel.
  • The old version will be uninstalled, and the new version of the Hulu app will be installed

Moreover, Hulu can be uninstalled from programs and features on the laptop.

Hulu Error Code plaunk65

Uninstalling Hulu app

Clear Cache Memory From Your Browser

When you are using too many apps and websites, a huge cache memory volume piles up in your browser. It can be one of the reasons for the error plaunk65. So always clear the cache memory of your browser regularly. But if you have not cleared your cache memory, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings. Find Clear Browsing Data under the Privacy and Security button.
  • Choose the time range.
  • Click on Clear Data. Now, your cache memory for the selected time range will be deleted easily.
    Hulu Error Code plaunk65

    Clear cache memory from browser to fix the Hulu Error Code plaunk65

If You Are Using iPhone

Go to Settings. Then go to the storage option in General. Search the Hulu app. Click on the Delete option. It will delete your cache memory.

If You Are Using Android

Go to Settings. Then go to applications. Search the Hulu app and click on it. Go to storage and clear your cache memory. It also works for Fixed: Hulu Error Code p-dev318-Error Playing Video.

Try to Make Your Bandwidth Improved

Slow bandwidth can be the possible reason for the error plaunk65. The proper and strong functioning of your bandwidth is required for fast video streaming on the Hulu app. But if you find that your bandwidth is working slowly, follow these steps to improve it:

  • Your internet service provider has restricted the bandwidth, so ask him to increase its speed.
  • Try not to use the internet all the time unnecessarily. It slows down the bandwidth.
  • Contact your internet service provider to provide you with the fastest speed of internet.

Use the Option of Power Cycle

If you are facing the error plaunk65, then you can use the option of the power cycle. Unplug your router or modem for some seconds. Then plug in your router or modem. This action will fix the error. Now see if the error still exists. If it is so, then you can move to an Ethernet connection to resolve this issue.

Update Your Browser

If you are using an outdated browser, you may face the error code plaunk65. So always use an updated browser. Some malware can restrict you from using the Hulu app.

For Chrome Users

So if you are using Chrome browser, go to About Google Chrome. Here, you will receive a message if your browser needs to be updated. So if you find a message to update the browser, then update Chrome.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, open your browser. Go to Main Manu and find About Firefox. Click on ‘Restart’. Wait for some seconds; your Mozilla Firefox will be updated in this way.

Contact Customer Service

After applying all the techniques, if you are still unable to fix the error plaunk65, then contact the Hulu Customer Support Team. This option is suitable when there is no issue from your side. Send a message to the Hulu team. After selecting the video, click on ‘I still need help’ at the end of the Hulu Customer Service page. When the Customer Service team receives your message, they will fix the error.

Hulu Error Code plaunk65

Hulu Customer Support Service


When you are streaming live TV or videos on your favorite Hulu app, the error code plaunk65 can appear. Therefore, we have suggested you some easy and simple techniques to fix this error. So do not worry if you face this error. Follow our tips and have fun.

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