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How to fix Hulu error code p-dev318

Hulu is a fantastic app through which you can watch your favorite movies, shows, episodes, and videos. It is everyone’s favorite app since its rates are comparatively lower than the other streaming websites. It provides fresh content for its users. If you are a fan of this streaming app, you should be well aware of all the error codes you might face while watching videos. There is a high probability that you might face the error code p-dev318 on your screen. So you should know how to fix Hulu error code p-dev318. Almost 90% of Hulu users face this error. So in this article, we tell you some solutions to fix this error.

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How to Fix Hulu Error Code p-dev318?

There are some practical ways to solve this issue. You can use the following tips to fix the Hulu error code p-dev318:

Try Using the Updated Hulu Application

If you are facing the Hulu error code p-dev318, then try to update your Hulu app. When watching videos on your mobile phone or iPhone, you should use the updated Hulu app. But if you are using an outdated Hulu app, you will not watch videos on Hulu.  The reason is that when you use the new version, it will automatically fix all the bugs and errors that might cause any problem. Hence, you should always prefer the updated Hulu app. But if you are using an outdated Hulu app, do not worry. We tell you how to update your Hulu app.

Hulu Error Code p-dev318

Updating an app.

For Android Mobile Users

Open Play Store on your mobile phone. Then in My Games & apps, you will see the updates about apps.

For iPhone Users

Open App Store on your iPhone and check the updated information regarding apps.

Moreover, you should use the updated version of Google Chrome.

Hulu Error Code p-dev318

Updating Google Chrome

Remove all Cache Memory from Your System

When you are using outdated apps, many bugs, cache, and errors are piled up in your browser. Cookies or cache are the information content that is stored temporarily in your system for your convenience. But over time, you should clear all the cache memory; otherwise, it will slow down your system. Furthermore, it can restrict you from using the Hulu app by showing the error code p-dev318. So always clear your cache memory regularly.

Cleaning your cache memory is quite an easy task. Go to ‘Settings’ and under the tab of ‘Privacy and security,’ you will see ‘Clear browsing data. Select the time range and click on clear data. By following these steps, your cache memory will be clear.

Clear your cache memory

Clear your cache memory.

For Android Users

Go to ‘Settings’ and then go to the list of your applications. You will see the Hulu app here; click on the Hulu app. Go to storage and then clear all your cache easily. This worked for the Hulu Error Code drmcdm78.

For iPhone Operating System Users

Go to ‘Settings’ and then go to General. Here you will see the storage option. Find the Hulu app here. Click on the delete option. By doing so, all of your cache memory will be deleted. Afterward, you can reinstall it from your Apple Store.

See Your Internet Connectivity

If you are using a poor internet connection, it can be the biggest reason for showing the Hulu error code p-dev318. Hulu server helps you in better video streaming when you are using the best internet speed and connectivity. But when your internet speed is poor, your videos will take more time to upload. Moreover, it is possible that due to the increased uploading time, your connection will lose from Hulu. Hence, you will see the Hulu error code p-dev318. Therefore, always try to use better internet speed to watch the videos without any disturbance. Some experts believe that for using the Hulu app, the better speed of the internet is a minimum of 8 mega bites per second.

Use the Customer Contact Service

When you have tried all the options, but no option is working for you, then contact the customer support team of the Hulu app. Sometimes, you might see the Hulu error code p-dev318 due to server issues. The problem can be from your side and the server-side as well. So when the Hulu server is not working properly, you will have to wait for some time, and then you can watch your favorite movies and episodes. You can call them or send them a message. Select the video and click on ‘I still need help, which you will find at the end of the Hulu customer service page. Hence, you can have access to the Hulu team that will solve your issue.

Hulu Error Code p-dev318

Hulu customer support

Restarting Your Router

You can solve the issue by plugging out the wire of the router. Then wait for 8 to 10 seconds and plug in the router again. When you restart your router, every setting will be cleared out. Now you will see that the Hulu error code p-dev318 is finally resolved.

Improve Your Bandwidth

If your bandwidth is not working correctly and it is slow all the time, you might face the Hulu error code p-dev318. When your bandwidth is not enough, you will not stream your favorite movies and videos speedily. Following are the reasons and solutions for low bandwidth:

  • Your internet service provider might have restricted your bandwidth. So contact your ISP.
  • You are using too much internet. So do not use the internet too much.
  • See your internet hardware and replace it if not working correctly.
  • Try to find an internet service provider with high internet speed. When the internet speed is fast, there will be no problem with your bandwidth.

Check Your Video Player

When you are unable to watch videos on the Hulu app, then check your video player. If it is not working correctly, it might be the reason for the Hulu error code p-dev318. So it would be best if you cleared all the cache memory in your smartphone. Moreover, you should install stellar repair for video. It will support your videos and movies. You can remove some dubious software from your smartphone as well. Additionally, it will help you in the smooth working of your video player. So you should use an updated video player in your system.

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The users face many errors while using the Hulu app. Since these errors are common now, so you should be well aware of their solutions. We have given you simple and easy tips to fix the Hulu error code p-dev318. We hope that after applying any of these tips, you will be able to watch your favorite movies, videos, and episodes without any interruption. So enjoy watching your shows on Hulu.

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