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Dry Ice Bomb: Method, Precautions, And Uses



Dry Ice Bomb

Making a dry ice bomb is easy, and it is used for educational purposes, but it can be very dangerous if precautions are not taken. In this article, we will tell you all about dry ice bombs.

How to Make a Dry Ice Bomb?

Dry Ice Bomb

Water Bottle

Items Required To Make Dry Ice Bomb

  1. A plastic bottle
  2. Water
  3. Dry Ice

Making Dry Ice Bomb Method

Fille the bottle 25% with water, and then add pieces of dry ice to it and seal it tightly. The process of sublimation will occur, and the carbon dioxide in the solid form will change into a gas. This creates pressure inside the water bottle, as the gas molecules are now very erratic, they don’t have a place to move, and they hit each other. The wall of the container at an unimaginable force, and between 30 seconds to half an hour, this dry ice bomb will explode.

Is Dry Ice Bomb dangerous?

Dry Ice Bomb


Yes, it is extremely dangerous if you don’t take precautions or follow the safety guidelines.

Why Is It Dangerous?

It is dangerous because the time frame of the explosion is not fixed, sometimes it takes mere seconds, while other times, it can take hours to explode. Something that can’t be calculated with ease is unpredictable. It can be a risk at that very moment or a severe threat if the bomb is left unattended because of a false conclusion that we can’t make it work and we did something wrong.

By following the above instructions, you can easily make a dry ice bomb, and it will certainly not fail, but the time it will take to explode will vary on the amount of dry ice used as there is no standard for it. The atmosphere where you carry out this explosion will also determine the success and failure of your expedition and may pose a serious threat to the people.

The Dangers It Possesses

  1. It can break or fracture the bones in your body
  2. It can result in your eardrum rupturing if you don’t keep a distance
  3. The blast can make fragments of the plastic bottle fly and may cause serious injuries
  4. There is no safe way to defuse this bomb
  5. It can tear your face (as cautioned in one of the episodes of the myth busters)

Can We Use a Glass Bottle For An Ice bomb?

Dry Ice Bomb

Glass Bottle

You can use a glass bottle, but we will not recommend it as the fragments of a glass bottle are more dangerous than the fragments of a plastic bottle upon explosion. It can cause death almost immediately if not administered correctly.

The Dry Ice Bomb Viral Trend

In 2011 this became a viral trend on the web. People at their homes filled soda bottles with dry ice and a liquid of their choice and waited for it to explode. The leading age group taking part in this trend were the teenagers, and they even uploaded videos to social media platforms like Youtube.

There were cases of teenagers using it to harm the properties of other people in the USA. In one such case, they attacked a guy’s car using a dry ice bomb, which resulted in a $1million bail for 4 teenagers. There are several videos on the web where the dry ice bomb went wrong because of the time frame of the explosion being too short, and in one particular video, it fractured the bones of a very young boy holding a soda bottle with dry ice pieces with a liquid being tightly shut.

Is Dry Ice Bomb illegal?

The dry ice bomb is deemed illegal in many states of the USA, and it can land you in prison.

  1. In California, an explosive device of any kind is deemed illegal even if created in a soda bottle with something as harmless as dry ice.
  2. It is unlawful for anyone within Nebraska to make, proceed, or trigger to be made or continued any loud, excessive, or unnatural noise, or any noise that annoys, disturbs, injures, or endangers the security, solitude, wellbeing, peace, or protection of other citizens.
  3. In Arizona, the dry ice bomb is illegal because it can injure someone or cause physical and psychological harm to the citizens.
  4. In Utah, it is a second-degree felony, and in Colorado, it is seen as illegal if it is left in a public place unattended.
  5. You can do your dry ice bomb explosions in open areas in Pennsylvania but not in a public place.

What Are The Uses Of a Dry Ice Bomb?

It is used for scientific purposes to get to know about the process of sublimation and how unstable gas molecules are so dangerous. But using it without proper care and endangering the lives of others by experimenting in a public area can land you in hot waters.

Disney Land’s Dry Ice Bomb Explosion

Dry Ice Bomb

Disney Land

In 2013, a Disney employee named Christian Barnes was held by the police for a dry ice bomb accident in the park. It caused a lot of chaos among the families and the kids present at that time in the park when a dry ice bomb exploded in a trash can. Upon investigation, Christian Barnes was held by police, and he pleaded guilty for it. He said that he had used some dry ice from the refreshment sections, where it was used to keep ice creams and drinks cold.

He saw it as a harmless act and said that he had used the web to learn how to make this ice bomb. The police also stated that it wasn’t just one event in the vicinity of this sort, but there were several more in the area reported to the police.


The ice bomb is a hazardous thing to make, and without proper equipment, you can potentially end up dead or with several irreversible injuries. So it is better to keep yourself away if you are not an expert. It is not worth it to risk your life for a cheap thrill.




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