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Fixed: Hulu Error Code Metadata-2 [2021]




Hulu Error Code Metadata-2

Hulu is a famous software that gives you the facility for video streaming. Well-known and world-famous company Walt Disney owns it. The collaboration of Walt Disney and ESPN+ is providing you the most amazing videos around the world. This software is user-friendly. But sometimes, you see the Hulu Error Code Metadata-2 on the screen. You can use Hulu easily due to its amazing features. It gives you the benefit of watching your favorite videos, series, and movies. The server of Hulu is efficient.

Moreover, it provides you the fast speed of videos, fabulous streaming, and quality resolution of the episodes and videos. But since it is software, so there can be problems while using it.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code Metadata-2?

Here, we suggest you some tips to fix the Hulu error code metadata-2.

Unplugging the device

When you are using Hulu and facing the error of metadata-2, you need to unplug the device for a while in which you are watching the videos. Refreshing the tab can fix this error. There can be some bug due to which you are unable to stream your favorite video. Turn off the device and router of the device. Wait for 5 minutes, then turn on the device. Check whether you are seeing the error message again or not.

Use Better Quality Internet Connection

Hulu is an online videos streaming software that requires the fast speed of the internet to facilitate you. But if you have a weak internet connection, you can face the problems like metadata-2. Almost all the video streaming apps require more than 8 Mega Bites Per Seconds (MBPS) for watching the videos. So if you are facing the error of metadata-2, have a good speed of internet connection. If good connectivity speed does not solve your problem, you should check either you have opened other browsers on your device. Because the browsers are consuming your internet, that is why you might face the error in Hulu. In short, the best speed of the internet can easily fix the metadata-2 error.

Replace Your Outdated App With a New One

The software experts think that you will not face issues in streaming and browsing if you are using the updated applications. But if you are using old and outdated apps, you can face multiple issues, including metadata-2 error. Moreover, you live in this modern era where everything needs up-gradation, but if you do not upgrade your things like software, you will have to face many issues. There are many bugs in the outdated apps. In addition, if you have disabled your auto-update system, Hulu being the most efficient software, cannot fix the bugs and issues. So if you are using an outdated Hulu app, go to the settings and click on the update option. It will solve your problem.

Hulu Error Code Metadata-2

Updating an app to fix Error

Uninstall the old Hulu app and reinstall the new app

If you have tried updating your outdated Hulu app, but still your problem is not resolved, then reinstall the Hulu app from App Store, Microsoft Store, or Play Store. When you reinstall the updated version of the Hulu app, it will fix all the errors and bugs that were the reason for the error of metadata-2. The procedure can be different while using a personal computer and mobile phone.

Uninstalling an old app

Uninstalling an old app

In Laptops, PCs

Go to settings, then go to General. Click on Uninstall. By following these steps, your old software will be uninstalled. Now you can easily install the new Hulu software on your laptop, or PC.

In mobile phones

Click and press on the Hulu app for some seconds. You will see the option of Uninstall. Then click on it. Your old Hulu app is uninstalled.

Clearing your data

If you do not want to uninstall your software, then you can clean your data. Go to the Settings, then go to Apps and Data. Click on Hulu and then click on Clear Data. By performing these steps, your data will be erased. It will function just like the new app.

Hulu Error Code Metadata-2

Clear browsing data to fix Hulu error code Metadata 2

Try To Login to the Hulu App again

If you cannot watch your favorite videos on Hulu seamlessly and are facing an error of metadata-2, you should try to log in to the Hulu app again. But please make sure that you have entered the right password and other information. Otherwise, there will be an error of the wrong password. Hence, when you log in again to your Hulu app using any browser, you will not face the issue.

Try to Access Without a VPN

If you are trying to watch videos on the Hulu app with a free VPN, it can be the cause for the error of metadata-2. Hulu does not allow any system using a free VPN to watch videos; instead, it blocks access to all such devices. Some people try to connect through their VPN, and they succeed in streaming online videos for free. But when the server catches your activity, it will block your access. So if you are facing the same issue, try to disconnect your free VPN and then use the Hulu app seamlessly.

Furthermore, if you have access through the paid VPN, you will not face this issue. Paid VPN facilitates you to use your changed IP address. So the paid VPN will allow you to directly access to Hulu app without showing any error of metadata-2 on your screen.

Try New Versions of Your Dvice

If you are using an outdated device, you may face the metadata error-2.  All the video streaming apps, including Hulu, require updated devices. For instance, if you are using Android Operating System, not above 5.0, you cannot use Hulu. Similarly, if you are using iPhone below 5S, you will not use Hulu. You should use the updated devices in order to avoid such errors.

Clean Your Cache Memory Regularly

If you have not cleared your cache memory for a long time, you can face the metadata-2 error. When you are using the online applications, the cache will be piled up in your system. So you will have to clean it on regular basis. Otherwise, the pile of the cache will not allow you to stream your favorite videos on Hulu by getting so much space in your system. If the cache is not showing the metadata-2 error, it will decrease the speed of using the Hulu app. Henceforth, it is advisable to clean your cache memory regularly.

Hulu Error Code Metadata-2

Clear cache to fix Hulu Error Code Metadata 2.

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If you face the metadata-2 error on your screen while using the Hulu app, no worries. We have given you effective ways to fix Hulu Error Code Metadata-2. We hope that these ways will help you to enjoy your favorite videos on the Hulu app without showing any errors.

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