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Fixed: Hulu Error Code drmcdm78 – Error Playing video




Hulu Error Code drmcdm78

Hulu is one of the most famous video streaming software around the world. It is s a versatile application that gives you access to your favorite videos, episodes, and movies. When you are facing the error code drmcdm78, there can be multiple reasons for that. But you should know how to fix the Hulu Error Code drmcdm78 so that you can enjoy the episodes without any disturbance. Moreover, a large number of users face this error. When you receive the message ‘Error playing video’, you should restart your system. The in-depth message goes like this “we’re having trouble playing this video right. If this problem persists, try restarting your device.” It then gives you a Unique Error ID and Local time of Error.

The error odes including p-dev303, p-dev302, and drmcdm78, and rununk13 are those errors that have not been investigated clearly by the experts. Such error codes appear when there is an issue with the Hulu server, or your browser needs to be updated.

Hulu Error Code drmcdm78

Hulu Error Code drmcdm78

How to fix Hulu error code drmcdm78?

In this article, we are giving you amazing tech tips to fix error code drmcdm78:

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Analyze the functioning of the server

When you are facing the error code drmcdm78, you need first to check the server. Since it can be the biggest reason for this error. Sometimes, the server is being repaired, so it takes time to maintenance. Hence, it is not possible to use the Hulu app. When Hulu fixes this issue, you can enjoy your favorite shows and episodes again. There are some ways through which you can find out the maintenance issue:

  • You can check the online status of the Hulu app. Downdetector is a useful app for this purpose. If the experts are working on the server, you will see it in Google News or other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • You can check the status of the app through various websites. These websites will tell you whether the Hulu app is working at the moment or not.
  • If the Hulu team is working on the maintenance, you will get this news through various user pages or live news on social media platforms.
    Hulu Error Code drmcdm78

    Fix Hulu error through online information.

Try to update your browser

If you are using an outdated browser, this can be the reason for the error code drmcdm78. A report shows that the users face this error, due to outdated browsers. When you are using various websites, some malware may affect your browser and they do not allow you to use the Hulu app.

If you are using Chrome, go to Help and then go to About Google Chrome. If your browser needs to be updated, a message will be shown here. So you can update your Google Chrome. When your Chrome is updated, open the Hulu app and analyze whether it is working or not. We hope that it will not show the error code drmcdm78 now.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, the procedure to update is quite different. Open your Firefox browser, then go to About Firefox from the main menu tab. Then you can click on Restart and Update the Firefox. After some time, your Mozilla Firefox will be updated. Now, you can go to the Hulu app to enjoy your favorite episodes and videos.

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Hulu Error Code drmcdm78

Updating Google Chrome

Clear your Cache memory

When you use so many websites, plenty of bugs and corrupted files are entered into your system. These piled-up bugs and cache do not allow you to watch your favorite videos and episodes on Hulu seamlessly. So when you use the Hulu app, it can show the error code. Hence it would help if you cleared your cache memory regularly to avoid such errors. Just press Ctrl + H to see your browsing history, then clear your browsing history. Go to Browsing History and Cookies and remove the data. Clearing cache from your browser will not erase the data related to your browser. You will have to log in to all the websites again. Furthermore, Chrome gives you the facility to enable cached images, so enable it and clear it to fix the error.

Hulu Error Code drmcdm78

Clear browsing data to fix Hulu error

Try to restart your router                                                                                                                                                      

If you are facing hulu error code drmcdm78 while using Hulu, then try to restart your router. You need to press the off button at the back of your router for rebooting. Then plug out the power cable. After a while, whence the router restarts properly, press the power button. Then your router will start working again.

Reset Your Internet Connection

If you have tried restarting your router, but it does not work, then you should reboot your router. After resetting your rooting, all of your settings will be removed. If you do not have any problem resetting your router, click the reset button available at the back of your router. You can use s screwdriver if it is located inside your router. Click on the reset button and wait for 5 seconds. You will see an LED flashing at that time. When you finally reset your router, open the Hulu app and see whether the error is still there or not.

Use Restoro Repair Tool

You can use the Restoro Repair Tool if you have not found the real issue yet. It is an advanced system repair scanner. It detects every type of malware in your system. This tool will help you to find your files. It will give you the option of scanning your files through which you can find out the corrupted files. This tool optimizes your system performance.


If you are watching your favorite episodes on Hulu and you find an error message drmcdm78, no need to worry at all. We have explained some effective ways and tips to resolve this issue. Make sure that you are using an updated browser with good internet speed. You can contact the Hulu team to help you out. Finally, we hope that our suggested tips would be useful for you.

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