21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round




Fruits That Are Not Round

Fruits come in a variety of shapes, tastes, and colors. Around the globe, there are many types of it. The most recognizable fruits are round in shape, but there are fruits of another form factor that many people are not aware of. In this article, I have brought you 21 amazing fruits that are not round and facts about them that will surely blow your mind. So hang tight with me, and let’s go on this fantastic journey.

Fruits That Are Not Round


Fruits That Are Not Round

The number one on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is Feijoa.

Feijoa is a very common fruit in New Zealand, Southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. It tastes like a mixture of pineapples, guavas, and strawberries.

Amazing facts about Feijoa:

  1. The smell of Feijoa resembles that of feminine perfume. The smell of bubble gum can also be sensed by some people when around this fruit.
  2. It ranges from 80 grams to 130 grams in weight, but under certain conditions, it can even exceed the weight of over 400 grams.
  3. It is an oval-shaped fruit, which, when cut open, resembles a lime.
  4. New Zealand has developed great ways of using modern farming techniques to increase fruit yield and is known to export over 800 tonnes of this fruit every year.
  5. The origin of Feijoa is in southern Brazil, where it was grown in small villages. Still, over the years after the colonization of many countries and how traveling was made easy, this fruit is now cultivated in many countries worldwide. USA, Japan, New Zealand, France, Italy to name a few.


Fruits That Are Not Round

The number 2 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is mango.

Mango is known as the king of fruits. The reason behind it is because of the nutritional value it has and its brilliant taste. There are over 1000 varieties of this fruit.

Amazing facts about mangoes:

  1. Mango can vary in size and shape. It can be oval, round, kidney-shaped, long, slender, or even heart-shaped. A mango can weigh about 2 grams to 2 kilograms.
  2. Mangoes are related to two plants that you, in your wildest dreams, would never have thought about, the cashew and the pistachio.
  3. The mango tree holds importance in the religion of Buddhism. It is thought that the faithful followers of Buddha gave him mangoes, and he used to meditate under a mango tree.
  4. In India, cattle were fed a tiny number of mango leaves that provide a specific shade of yellow dye. The yellow urine of the cattle was then collected and turned into a dye.
  5. Vitamin C, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, mangiferin, gallic acid, and vanillic acid are the most available antioxidants in mangoes. Antioxidants are cancer-fighting agents. Cancer-causing agents are destroyed by them, which are believed to destroy DNA, cell membranes, and proteins.  Mangoes are nutrient-dense fruits with  Fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins. One cup of mango contains enough Vitamin C to meet your daily needs.


Fruits That Are Not Round

The number 3 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the pineapple.

Pineapple is a fruit that many people eat, and it has been a part of the meme culture as there has been a big debate going on for ages about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza or not.

Amazing facts about pineapples:

  1. A pineapple plant in the whole season can only produce a single pineapple and no more than that.
  2. A pineapple plant can live up to 50 years, which means that only 50 pineapples are produced by a single plant in its lifetime.
  3. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, can help relieve arthritis pain by reducing inflammation. They’re also high in vitamin C, which supports the immune system.
  4. You can easily grow pineapple plants by cutting off the top of pineapple fruit and planting it in the soil.
  5. Pineapple is a fruit made up of several berries that have grown together, so it is not a pine nor an apple. This also suggests that pineapples are a set of berries that have merged together rather than a single fruit.


Fruits That Are Not Round

The number 4 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round are the dates.

Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree, which is native to the Middle East but is now cultivated in the United States, Mexico, and other parts of the world. Huge clusters of dates hanging from the tops of these palm trees.

Amazing facts about dates:

  1. Dates were first cultivated 8000 years ago in a place that we call Iraq now.
  2. One cup of dates contains around 380 calories, 27% of the daily potassium requirement, and 48% of the daily fiber requirement needed by our body per day. They also contain calcium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals that may aid in the reduction of blood pressure, the likelihood of stroke, and labor complications.
  3. The Bedouin tribes of the Middle East, who eat a lot of dates, have one of the lowest cancer rates in the world.
  4. Dates are eaten by Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Prophet Muhammad who is the world’s best man used to eat 2 dates and a glass of water before his fast. This gave him energy for the whole day, and it is quite true; dates are very rich in energy and contain almost all the essential nutrients that we need in a day.
  5. Date palms occupy about 3% of the world’s farmland and produce four million tons of dates per year. Dates come in over 200 different kinds. Medjool, a big, caramel-like fruit, is the most difficult to grow and, therefore, one of the most expensive to purchase. They’re never physically or chemically cleaned, and they’re never processed. Regular dates are smaller and have firm flesh and a sweet, delicate flavor, while Medjool dates have a creamy, almost caramel-like flavor and a mild, chewy texture.


fresh pears

The number 5 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the pear.

Around the globe, there are over 3000 varieties of this magnificent fruit, The shape of the pear is actually called the pear shape, and we also use this to describe other things, e.g., some people call themselves pear shape because of how their body is.

Amazing facts about pears:

  1. The bulk of pears sold in the United States is cultivated in Oregon and Washington on the west coast. The United States is one of the world’s leading pear producers.
  2. Pears are the most hypoallergic fruits in the world. It causes allergies in individuals very rarely. The pears that are very common in the USA are the Bartlett pears.
  3. A Buddha-shaped pear sells for more than $12.00 each, and is the world’s most costly pear. The Chinese think that sharing a pear can bring a quarrel or initiate a fight between two individuals, while in Greek mythology, the goddesses had pears in their hands.
  4. It is an excellent remedy against nausea as Pears are a low acid fruit that is unlikely to cause digestive complications in infants and adults, and pear allergy is uncommon. Doctors prescribe pears for babies as an alternative to baby food.
  5. Furniture, musical instruments, and wood carvings are all made from pearwood. Since it does not add any color or odor to the food and is durable enough to survive frequent washings, it is often used to produce wooden kitchen utensils. Pearwood is often used to make architects rulers because it does not warp.


avocado in two pieces

The number 6 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the Avocado.

Avocados are one of the healthiest fruits on earth, and it holds several health benefits that are unmatched; even dogs can eat them.

Amazing facts about Avocados:

  1. Avocados were used as a tribute to the local royal people in Mesoamerica about 7500 years ago. It was thus only available to the royal people, and the poor had no or little access to it.
  2. Avocado has a cousin in cinnamon, this is a hard fact to digest, but it is true. They are from a family called the laurels. The Avocado is the only fruit that is edible on its own from the laurel family.
  3. The avocado trees can live up to 400 years. Growing a tree from seed will take anywhere from five to thirteen years before it is developed enough to bear fruit.
  4. Avocados are native to Mexico’s and Central America’s highlands. Avocados are the symbol of love and fertility since they cannot self-pollinate and grow in pairs on trees. There is evidence that the ancient people of the area have been using them for over 10,000 years.
  5. Avocados will hang on the tree for up to eighteen months before ripening, and they won’t ripen until they’re taken off the branch. The potassium content of an avocado is higher than that of a banana.


Peeled banana

The number 7 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the Banana.

Banana has a shape that is very bizarre and only unique to this fruit. It has a very bright yellow color and has an outer skin that you have to peel to eat.

Amazing facts about Bananas:

  1. Bananas are less dense than water, and thus they will float in water rather than sink.
  2. If you are allergic to bananas, then you have an increased chance of having an allergic reaction to latex. So it is a good idea to check this before any complications.
  3. Before 1965 Gros Michel was a type of banana that was the most popular around the globe. It was much creamier and sweeter than the variant we consume today. The change occurred because in 1965, a disease attacked the Gros Michel, so the farmers changed to the modern variant. While we all know that banana flavoring tastes nothing like a natural banana, a Gros Michel cultivator claims that the artificial flavor tastes very similar to this variety.
  4. As opposed to our process, which involves pinching the top and cracking the skin before peeling it down to expose the pale white fruit, a monkey peels a banana upside down. Peeling a banana in this manner is quicker and less harmful.
  5. Banana peels are edible and are used for many things.


eggplant on a tree

The number 8 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the eggplant.

Yes, eggplant is a fruit, don’t be surprised. It is usually eaten as a vegetable nut it has seeds inside its flesh thus, it is classified as a fruit. It is one of the healthiest substitutes for meat, and many vegetarians use it.

Amazing facts about Eggplants:

  1. The eggplant originated in India 1500 years ago, some also link its origin to China.
  2. In India, people eat this plant in summer as it is 95% water and doesn’t make someone feel the heat after consuming it.
  3. The fruit that contains the highest amount of Nicotine is eggplant, but you need to consume 20 to 40 pounds of it to have the same amount you get from one cigarette.
  4. Per plant, 110 of these fruits are grown, and thus, the yield per plant is very high, and poor farmers in Asia readily grow it.
  5. In terms of oxygen absorbance ability, the Eggplant is one of the top 10 plants. This is a good thing because this metric tells us that eggplant has the least antioxidants.


kiwi slices

The number 9 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the kiwi fruit.

Kiwi is highly riched in Vitamin C and fiber, which makes it a very healthy fruit to consume. It boosts your immunity, your digestive health, and cardiovascular system. The antioxidants in Kiwi help you avoid cancer as the oxidation of the DNA can cause cancer in individuals, while the antioxidants help you combat that.

Amazing facts about Kiwis:

  1. Kiwi fruit is sweet without seeds. With the seed, it is sweet and sour. It contains very low calories and is amazing for weight loss.
  2. In terms of nutrition, kiwi fruits have more potassium than bananas and more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamins A and E, flavonoids, and minerals are also rich in them. In reality, the kiwi fruit has more Vitamin E than Avocados but only has 60% of the calories of the avocado.
  3. Kiwi is good for DIY facemasks at home. As they have properties that don’t let your skin get dry. It nourishes the skin and helps detox the skin as well.
  4. The kiwi was born in China, originally known as the “Chinese Gooseberry.” The name was changed later because the name was negative in the eyes of the consumers. In the 1950s, New Zealand started selling fruit to the US. That was the height of the Cold War, and for Turners, the consumers, and Farmers, the name Chinese gooseberries was an advertising nightmare. Their first idea, ‘melonettes,’ was also controversial with US importers because of high import tariffs for melons and berries. At a management conference in Auckland in June 1959, Jack Turner proposed the term kiwi-free. He adopted his proposal, which eventually became the name of the whole industry.
  5. A small study in 2011 showed that the quality of sleep in 24 participants seemed to increase as they consumed the kiwi fruit. The time it took them to sleep, the sleep duration, and the deep sleep ratio increased significantly.


Jujubee on a tree

The number 10 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the jujube fruit.

The fruit is also known as red or the Chinese date. It is most common in South Asia but now, over the world, its demand is increased.

Amazing facts about jujube:

  1. The Indian jujube tree can reach 4 to 40 feet in height, and it grows in the form of small shrubs. I always wondered what fruit the villagers in my favorite game, the age of empire, were found from the shrubs, and it is most likely a fruit like a jujube.
  2. At least 3000 years ago, Jujube was said to have come from Syria and North Africa. It migrated to South Asia east and ultimately China, where it remains widespread. It is also present in Madagascar, Bulgaria, many other regions of Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.
  3. Jujube is a traditional Chinese medicine for sleep and insomnia. It contains saponins that are a sedative and acts as the modern-day Xanax without harmful side effects. They make a hot, warm cup of jujube tea before going to bed at night to have a peaceful night of sleep.
  4. The blood circulation in individuals determines how fast and efficient they work. The jujubes are very good in increasing the blood circulation in the body because of the iron and phosphorus in them, which play an essential role in the formation of the hollow red blood cells that help circulate the blood in our bodies.
  5. In a study in Iran, nursing mothers had 15 grams of fresh jujubes to be consumed daily for 2 months to measure their effect on breast milk plumage and cadmium. The woman who had consumed jujubes discovered at the end of the study that they had fewer toxic components in their milk than the control group



The number 12 on our list of 21 non circular fruits includes Tamarillo.

Tamarillo contains chlorogenic acid, which contributes to a reduction in blood sugar levels, in particular in people with type II diabetes mellitus. “Oxidative stress in the liver and pancreas is reduced by the antioxidant.

Amazing facts about Tamarillo:

  1. They look very much like tomatoes, and thus you can even see why they have the initials of the tomato in their name.
  2. There are many colors of tamarillos. Red, orange, or purple. Each color has its distinct taste, the red color tamarillos have a tard like flavor, the yellow is very sweet, while the purple flavor is not too sweet nor too sour.
  3. Tamarillos have also been grown commercially in New Zealand since the 1920s and have been grown in areas such as Asia and Africa, which resulted in increased demand during the Second World War due to the content of vitamin C in the fruit.
  4. Tamarillo is a tree that grows up very fast, about 5 meters in height. After 4 years, you can expect the highest yield per plant, and it can serve you for the next 8 years, and the nit will stop giving fruit. The leaves of the plant have a sharp smell and are very large.
  5. In 1967 the New Zealand tree tomato promotions council changed the name of tree tomato (its old name) to tamarillo because it was not good for the marketing of the plant, and it was not easily distinguished from ordinary tomatoes.


cherimoya green

The number 13 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the cherimoya.

This, also known as the custard apple, is a very sweet fruit like a banana or a well-ripened pineapple. It is a very healthy fruit high in antioxidants and cherimoyas that are great for the health of your globular organs of sight and your eyes.

Amazing facts about cherimoya:

  1. It is a great source of vitamin B6. This vitamin increases the creation of neurotransmitters in your body, including serotonin and dopamine, which are regulators of mood in your body. If you are not having enough vitamin B6 in your body, your mood might be off. Consuming this fruit in good proportions can regulate these hormones and make you happier.
  2. Lutein is a type of antioxidant that is essential for the health of your eyes as they fight the free radicals that enter your eyes from the atmosphere. The vision of the eye, as well as the muscles in your eyes, are kept healthy because of lutein. Lutein also aids in fighting cataracts and clouds eyesight.
  3. Even though the fruit is very good for the eye but avoids bringing the seeds or the skin in contact with the eyes as it can result in serious problems for your eyes.
  4.  Cherimoya’s seeds and the skin contains a toxin called annonacin. Which can cause Parkinson’s disease in certain individuals. This type of disease doesn’t respond well to the usual medicines.
  5. The seeds and the skin of Cherimoya can be used to make insecticides.



The number 14 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the raspberry.

Raspberries are fruits that are minimal in calories but have a high fiber content. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants make them a great thing to add to your diet. It has properties that can protect you from some deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. The anti-aging effects make it a good commercial product. They are very pleasant to the taste buds and can be eaten in any meal.

Amazing facts about raspberries:

  1. Raspberries have more vitamin C than the citrus king, the orange. This might be surprising for many, but the general notion that the orange has the highest amount of vitamin C among fruits is very wrong, and there are many fruits that have more of this essential vitamin that keeps our skin healthy and shoo away the diseases like scurvy.
  2. The raspberry leaves are used in some cultures to help elevate the pain in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is boiled in water, and then the tea from these levels is consumed by a pregnant lady.
  3. Raspberries have over 200 species. We only know the reddish type, but it comes in many colors. Golden, purple, black, and even yellow. Each color has a different taste, characteristics, and texture.
  4. Raspberries in many cultures are thought to bring calmness. For example, in the Philippines, it hung outside homes to keep the evil spirits away, while in Germany, the horses have this fruit tied to them, as it is believed it soothes that animal and makes them less erratic. The reason for this is the color of the fruit, which in most cases is red. The color resembles blood, and the raspberry looks like a human heart. The people thus concluded that kindness comes from the heart, and this fruit resembles that kindness.
  5. Each raspberry is made from over 100 tiny fruits called druplets. Each one has its own seed. When the fruit is plucked from the plant, there is a hollow space, and the seed remains intact on the stem of the plant.



The number 15 on our list of 21 non circular fruits.

It is from the mulberry family of fruits and is common in Northern India, Turkey, and the Mediterranean. It requires a warm climate for cultivation.

Amazing facts about figs:

  1. The third punic war was caused because of the figs. The Roman statesman Cato persuaded the emperors to go to war with the Carthaginians over this very fruit and told them this could be a very useful resource for us.
  2. Fig in ancient Rome was thought of as a fruit that reduced the aging effect on people as it eliminated wrinkles and gave people better immunity to live longer.
  3. The Fig tree in some cultures is thought to be the symbol of sweetness, and people lay under it if their mood is off to absorb the sweet aura around the tree.
  4. If you are lactose intolerant or generally don’t like milk, then eating a half cup of Figs can give you your daily calcium intake.
  5. Some scholars believe that Adam and Eve ate the fig fruit instead of the forbidden apple and the reason behind it is because it is the first tree mentioned in the bible. They used the leaves of this tree to preserve their bare skin.



The number 16 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the Durian.

Durian is a fruit that is banned in Singapore; why? Because of its smell. Eating it is very hard for the majority of people, but there are few people who eat it.

Amazing facts about Durian:

  1. The smell of the durian is very bad, and even the word bad is doing an injustice to it. It smells like a sock filled with human sweat and then kept in a shoe for months.
  2. It is banned in Singapore from public transport and in hotels in Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong.
  3. On a plane in 2018 in Indonesia, the passengers refused to fly on the airline because of the smell of the fruit coming from the cargo.
  4. It is forbidden to consume it alongside alcohol as it makes it hard for the body to break down alcohol.
  5. Durian is amazing for your digestion while it aids in good blood pressure and the good pumping of your heart while also aiding in combating aging and insomnia and boosting the sex life of the people. It also has good reserves of healthy cholesterol and improves the level of serotonin in the body, which enhances your mood.

Salak (Snake Fruit)


The number 17 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the Salak.

It is known as the salak or the snake fruit and is grown mostly in Indonesia, but now it has spread to more countries in Southeast Asia. It grows on palm-like trees called salak, and small clusters sprout from the base of the tree, and this is the origin of this fruit.

Amazing facts about Salak:

  1. It is as common as apples, oranges, and bananas in Indonesia and is sold in the local markets in bulk. People consume it for breakfast mostly.
  2. The spiny leaves of the plant help the local people keep trespassers and dangerous animals away. Fences are made from leaves, and the house or the barn is surrounded by these special fences.
  3. Snake fruit is a good midday snack for people who are busy with their work in Indonesia. It can be easily bought from a local vendor for free Rp (Indonesian currency). They give you sweet and salty syrup to eat the fruit with.
  4. For about 10,000Rp, you can buy around 1 kg of the fruit.
  5. The fruit is not suitable for patients with typhoid, ulcers, and constipation.


mulberries in a bowl

The number 18 on our list of 21 non circular fruits.

Mulberries are a very vibrant berry that is consumed fresh and dried. They can be an essential source of iron, vitamin c, and other essential nutrients for you. It can help you lower your blood sugar, cholesterol, and the risk of cancer.

Amazing facts about Mulberries:

  1. Mulberry is one of the most exotic cloth in the world, the silk is produced on such a mass level. In China, they began the practice of feeding the silkworm the mulberry leaves, and soon, other countries of the world started doing this practice, which increased the production of silk around the globe.
  2. In German culture, it is thought that Satan likes the roots of the mulberry tree, and he sued it to polish his boots.
  3. It takes a decade for the mulberry trees to bear fruit. It requires a lot of patience, but once those trees start giving fruit, then there is a lot of money to be made.
  4. Mulberry pollen is highly allergic, and thus, it is not grown near urban areas. The shade of the plant is very comforting and can be a great place to lay in the summers.
  5. The mulberry trees can produce fruit for 75 to 100 years. The red mulberry trees produce fruits for 75 years, and the white mulberry trees produce fruits for 100 years.


jack fruit green

The number 19 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the jackfruit.

The jackfruit is one of the largest fruits in the world. It is the native fruit of South India. Jackfruit comes from the same family as the figs and mulberry, the Moraceae family. The fruit is mostly green or yellow in color and has a very spiky outer layer.

Amazing facts about the jackfruit:

  1. One tree of jackfruit can grow over 250 fruits per year, and it is basically the flower of the tree. We eat the edible petals of this flower known as jackfruit.
  2. The seeds of the jackfruit are collected and roasted. They are eaten like peanuts, or delicious hummus is made from them.
  3. It smells and tastes very similar to a custard of bananas, pineapple, and mangoes. It is very sweet and tender from the inside.
  4. Kripik are crisps made from jackfruit in Indonesia, and they are a staple snack for many people in that region of the world.
  5. The bark, the pulp, the skin, the roots, and all other major parts of the jackfruit tree have helped science a lot in fighting bacteria and viruses because of their antibacterial and antiviral properties.


kiwano fruit

The number 20 on our list of 21 non circular fruits.

It is a native fruit of Sub-Saharan Africa. The fruit has a bright orange spiky outer layer with yellow and green seeds. The fruit tastes like a mixture of lemon and cucumber.

Amazing facts about the kiwano:

  1. Kiwano is a fruit that can last you a very long time, even at room temperature; this fruit can be eaten for months if stored properly.
  2. An overripe kiwano can burst. It is sliced open and eaten; it has a lot of water content and seeds inside of it.
  3. Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, potassium, and iron are all abundant in Kiwano. Magnesium, arsenic, zinc, copper, calcium, and sodium are also found in trace amounts. Seeds contain a wide range of linoleic and oleic acid fatty acids.
  4. It keeps the blood vessels in our body very healthy and elastic. The nerves are also able to conduct the electric impulses in the body better; it is great in preventing or in the management of diabetes and is good for immunity. The wounds in the body heal better because of this.
  5. It is eaten with cheese that is salty; it is eaten in salads with cucumbers and tomatoes.


star fruit

The number 21 on our list of 21 Amazing Fruits That Are Not Round is the starfruit.

The star fruit is thought to have been produced in Sri Lanka or the Moluccas, the Indonesian islands. This is scattered throughout Asia and was grown there for hundreds of years. In Southern China, India, and the Philippines, star fruit is widely cultivated. In North and South America, the fruit is relatively fresh.

Amazing facts about starfruit:

  1. The fruit is not good for people suffering from kidney issues, and it can prove deadly. As much as 100ml of this fruit can kill a person with kidney complications because of a neurotoxin.
  2. It starts to produce after 4 years of plantation and can produce about 500 pounds of starfruit per year.
  3. It has two varieties. One is sweet, and the other is sour. The sour one is used in cooking, e.g., making dips, curries, fish, and stews, while the sweet version is eaten fresh and used in making juices and desserts.
  4. It has medicinal properties and is used in the treatment of jaundice and constipation. The fruit is good at getting rid of extra water from the body.
  5. Star fruit shouldn’t be eaten when you are on medications. It is advised to have fresh vegetables and fruits while being sick but for your own sake, avoiding this fruit during such a period is essential. The starfruit contains an enzyme that breaks down medicines and disrupts the correct functioning of the medication.

These were some of the most mesmerizing fruits that are not round; if you know of any more fruits like these, inform us in the comment section below.

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