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No Access to the Delivery Location

When you get the notification of no access to the delivery location, do you know what it means? If your answer is no, do not worry. We explain to you the meaning of no access to the delivery location. Getting this notification can be frustrating and irritating. It is one of the delivery messages that you get from the United States Postal Service (USPS). When you are waiting for the parcel and USPS also want to deliver your parcel. But what if it is not delivered? Isn’t it disappointing?

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When you get this message, USPS still tries to deliver your parcel on the other working day. But be hopeful since USPS will deliver the parcel to you. You just need to have some patience. But unfortunately, if you get this message ‘no access to the delivery action’, you will be worried. Then you need to send a service request to the nearest post office for following up. It is not a lengthy and complicated process.

When you contact the post office, you will receive a confirmation number from the post office within a maximum of three working days. Then read all the important instructions in your email. There is a possibility that you will have to collect your parcel yourself.

Reasons for No Access to the Delivery Location

In this article, we tell you the possible reasons for receiving the message ‘no access to the delivery location’:

Federal Holidays

If there are some federal holidays, no delivery can be made these days because all the mailmen are on leave on federal holidays, so no one can deliver the parcel to you.

Animal Interference

Your delivery is interrupted because of animal interference. It means when you have not allowed the delivery boys to enter your house. Therefore, the delivery boy is unable to deliver your parcel.

Mailbox is Full

Sometimes, your mailbox is full, and there is no space for the new mail in it. Therefore, when the mailman delivers the parcel, he cannot put your parcel in the mailbox.

No Access to the Delivery Location Due to Car Parking

The car parking in front of your home can block the mailbox as well if you have parked your car in front of the mailbox. So the mailman cannot have access to the mailbox. Therefore, it will interrupt your delivery.

Adverse Weather Conditions

If some sudden adverse changes occur in weather, the mailman cannot deliver your parcel. So unfavourable weather conditions can also interrupt your parcel delivery.

Utility Work Around Your Premises

If some utility work is going on near your premises, then the mailman cannot deliver the parcel to you. Since such work can block the space around your premises and the mailman cannot access your premises.

What Does ‘Receptacle Blocked’ Mean?

A similar message is ‘Receptacle Blocked’, which means that your parcel is blocked due to some accident, incident, or parked vehicle. Hence, the delivery boy is unable to deliver the parcel. It is advisable to check all these obstacles before leaving your home. There is a facility provided by USPS that is a postal locator. It will help you to identify all the hurdles in delivering your parcel to you. When it is easy for you, you can collect the parcel from your nearest post office.

What to do in Case of a Prolonged Delivery Issue?

When you find that it is not possible to get your parcel delivered within a short time, then you must go for the redelivery option that is available to you. If USPS provides the redelivery service in your town, then you can choose this option. Follow these steps:

Visit the Website of USPS

You can find the redelivery option on the USPS website. When you go to the website, you will have to give some of your information, such as your name, address, city, state, contact number, and email.

USPS website

USPS website

Find the Redelivery Service

When you enter your important information on the website, you can click on ‘Check Availability’. This option will let you know whether the redelivery option is available in your city and area or not.

Redelivery service

Redelivery service

Choose the Parcel

Then click on the parcel for redelivery. It can be one parcel or multiple ones.

Confirm Your Redelivery

In the final step, you will have to confirm the redelivery by clicking on ‘Confirm Selections for Redelivery’. When you perform all the steps, your redelivery application is finally submitted.

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The Facility of Virtual Mailbox-Helpful in No Access to the Delivery Location

When you do not want your delivery interrupted due to the physical mailbox, you have the facility to use the virtual mailbox. You have the option to get your parcel delivered to your doorstep. You can get the delivery when you are available at your home. But you will have to tell your available days when you are getting the services of the virtual mailbox. Therefore, a virtual mailbox saves you from the problems of using a physical mailbox.

For instance, you are not at home on Monday. If you are using the physical mailbox option, the mailman will deliver the parcel to your doorstep. So if there are some adverse weather conditions, your parcel will be affected. But when you are using the virtual mailbox, you can enter the information about your unavailability on Monday. Hence your parcel will not be affected due to any adverse weather conditions.

Virtual mailbox

Virtual mailbox

How You Can Get Your Parcel Through The Virtual Mailbox

There is no need to plunge into so many difficulties. The process of using the virtual mailbox is pretty easy. When you have a physical mail address, you can have more control over your parcels. You need to select your mailing address; then, you will get the mail. You will send all the scanned pictures of your parcel to the virtual mailbox. You need an internet connection to have access to your virtual mailbox anywhere in the world. Here is the short description to open your virtual or digital mailbox:

Apply for the Digital Mailing Address

You can apply for the digital mailbox. When you get the digital mailbox, you can click on sign up. It will give you the Global Mail address. It is not a temporary mail address; rather, it is a permanent mail address in the US. Be very careful while entering your correct mail address. You need to submit a form to change your USPS address. After that, you can avail the facility of a digital mailbox until you want to use it.

Control Your Digital Mailbox

You have the authority to use and control your digital mailbox. You can easily select the address where you want to get the package or send the package. It is very easy rather than checking your physical mailbox.

Easy to Use Mailbox

You can use your digital mailbox easily. There is no complication in it. You will be notified with every mail. You have access to your virtual mailbox. No one can open it. It is totally in your control. But when you use a physical mailbox, some issues like your package can be damaged due to adverse weather, or your package can be stolen in your absence at your home.

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When you receive the message ‘No access to the delivery location’, you get worried. But we have told you some potential reasons for receiving this message. We have explained some effective ways to avoid receiving such frustrating messages. Moreover, the virtual mailbox is there to facilitate you. You can solve all the problems of the physical mailbox by just signing up to your digital mailbox. So enjoy this facility and get your package delivered all the time without any worries.

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