Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Means: Causes And Meaning (2021)




Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

If you are getting the error “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” then you are not certainly the only victim of this as the inflow of packages and the outflow of packages around the globe can have a drastic impact on the shipping from your shipping partner, lets find more about it.

In general terms, your package has reached the warehouse, the shipment label has been scanned into the system of UPS, and is on its way to being prepared towards its next stop or destination.

“Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” is one of those messages that is sent by the shipping companies and it can mean more than this.

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment – Causes

This message is used by UPS to conceal the real reason for the delayed shipment of the package and these reasons are a delay in the system, the infrastructure at UPS being hampered, technical errors or strikes, etc.

Traffic on UPS

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment


The inflow of packages is not always minimal or at an adequate level, for example, during the time of COVID people did shopping through online channels, and in a situation like these, UPS can’t cater to all orders at once and to not instill fear into its customers they use the message “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.”

Unforeseen Events

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

Natural Disasters

Natural calamities and human nature are something that can put a hold on the daily lie. The shipment companies are not immune to that.

The message “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” is used to conceal the real reason for delay because during a natural calamity like rainstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc or gas shortage the customers become really nervous about their package, so concealing is a good way to decrease panic and maintain the trust you customers have in you.

Likewise, during a strike in the company or an accident in the warehouse, shipments are delayed and the veil of “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” is put on the real matter.

Pallet issue

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

Too Many Packages

Imagine you have a package and now close your eyes and think about several hundreds of packages like that. They can’t be individually moved through the warehouse and transportation facilities. They are kept in big boxes alongside other packages in pallets.

But if unfortunately a pallet has an accident and all the packages in that box are affected or go missing, then it means that all of the packages in that box will be kept on hold until the situation is solved.

Obviously to save face and to maintain their credibility UPS will not tell you the real reason but will instead slap you with the message “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.”


Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my package be stuck?

There is no answer to this because even the staff at UPS is not aware of that as it is not easy to track the package unless it is scanned and on its way.

Should I be worried?

In the majority of cases, the issues are solved as the credibility of the company is on the line and the reasons to worry are fewer.

What should I do?

Contact UPS directly and ask them to solve the matter. They are well aware of the business ethics and know-how to give the right information to the customer.

Contact the person you are dealing with?

They are in contact with their local UPS office and also might have developed some links if they ship frequently and might be able to give you a clearer answer than the company itself.

Can you start a claim?

Yes, you can start a claim if you have evidence of them having a negative impact in terms of misdelivery, damage, or losing your package.

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