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How to Make Gold Paint: All Types and Procedure




How to Make Gold Paint

Some colors don’t exist naturally but are quite popular. The most prominent example is the golden and silver color. We don’t sometimes even have these colors in the pre-made boxes. Whether any type of paint! And, gold paint is a popular color in the design. The color gold symbolizes magic, glamour, and wealth. But, it is one of the difficult colors to mix because of the correct blend of the warm and cool undertones. Although, we can easily get the gold paint in the stores, with all the variants. But, even when you don’t want to buy, with some little knowledge you can easily make the gold paint even at home. So, you don’t need to worry about how to make gold paint, because we are just going to tell you exactly how it is done!

How to Make Gold Paint – All Types and Methods

Here are some options of how to make gold paint that will ensure you the beautiful, and glamorous shine without overdoing it.

Yellowish Gold-Gold Sparkles

Take yellowish gold and then add gold sparkles to give it a sparkly shade of gold. It’s one of the easiest options.

Black-White; Gray and Yellow

Mix the black paint with white paint to make gray as the first step. And, then mix the gray with yellow.

Red-Blue-Yellow; Brown-White-Yellow

Mix the red, blue, and yellow paint to get the brown shade first. Add the brown and white to yellow for a gold color.

Yellow-Orange-Brown-Gold Sparkle

Mix yellow, orange, and brown paint, and add golden sparkle for that metallic look you want


First, mix the yellow and blue to make green. Then, add the red to make a brown shade. In it, add more Yellow.


Start with mixing the Orange and Brown to get a Terracotta color. Terracotta is basically a Sienna shade that is a very red Earth color. And, then mix the Terracotta with Yellow.

Yellow and Brown

Obviously, the easiest. Start with the yellow paint, and add a little brown paint only. The color you add depends on the shade you want, and you can add the amount of color you want.


Mix the equal parts of black and red to make a maroonish shade. Then add the yellow to the maroon slowly until you get the right shade.


Mix the equal parts of gold and silver paint. And, then add red to it to create a beautiful shade of rose gold.

Gold-Silver-Pink-Gold Sparkles

Start with equal parts of gold and silver. Add the pink paint and the gold sparkles to achieve the desired shade.


Mix Equal parts of Gold and Silver first. Then, add the red and white to get a dark pink shade. Then mix both the shades together for a beautiful rose gold shade.

How to make gold paint

Gold Paint

Detailed Outline

Here is the detailed outline with easy steps to answer your question of how to make gold paint.

Make a Gold Base

  • Mix equal parts of brown and yellow to get a goldenrod shade.
  • Stir together equal parts of the yellow and brown to make a more traditional mustard-colored gold.

Note: If the color you achieved is on a beige or bland side, then add a drop of red and a drop of blue to bring out the undertones.

Make Brown-based Gold

Red, blue, and yellow paints are the primary colors to make brown-based gold.

  • Start with mixing equal parts red and blue to create a green shade.
  • Then, mix an equal amount of the green shade you created and yellow to make a warm-toned, dark gold.
  • Continue adding yellow until you reach the brighter shade of gold, or what you want.
  • If you want a more brown-toned shad, you should add more red than blue to the original mixture.

Note: If your gold paint shade is too yellow-toned, you can add a drop of blue and a drop of red to balance it out with purple tones.

Create a Deep Gold

You need equal parts of black, red, and yellow to create a deep gold shade.

  • Start by mixing black and red to make a warm maroon.
  • Then, to lighten and brighten the mixture, add yellow to it. In this way, you will get a shade that closely resembles true gold.
  • For more warmth, you can always mix a drop of red, magenta, brown, or orange. It depends on the tint that you want to achieve.
  • For a cooler shade, add a drop of light blue to the shade.

Adjust the Tone

Adding a yellow, red, blue, or white helps you adjust the tone.

You have already mixed the gold and now you are adjusting the gold, it’s better to stick the primary colors or white.

  • Adding red gives a warmer tone.
  • Adding blue gives a cooler tone.
  • Yellow even out colors that are too warm or cool.
  • White makes the colors lighter.
    How to make gold paint

    Gold Paint

How to add the Sparkle and Shine?

Gold paint is not completed without sparkle and shine. So, now you got the answer to “how to make gold paint”, it’s time to add the glamorous shine.

Shiny and Bright Glittery Pigment

  • Add few drops of white to make the glitter or pigment shine brighter.
  • When you try to achieve a sparkly or metallic shade, the shine will be more solid on a lighter color.
  • Then, add 2-3 drops of white into the gold that you mixed.
  • Stir it after each drop.
  • Once you reached a color that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your desired color, you can add glitter or pigment to the gold paint.

For Metallic Shine

  • Sprinkle a pinch of gold iridescent pigment to get your desired metallic color.
  • You can buy any gold or pearl iridescent pigment, like mica or craft pigment.
  • Start by adding a very small amount, and mix it thoroughly.
  • Use a brush to paint a test swatch of the color.
  • Hold it under direct light to make sure that it’s the right shiny as you want it to be.

For Sparkly Shade

It’s a great option for painting the walls and furniture.

  • First mix the gold glitter into the gold paint for a bright, sparkly shade.
  • You can purchase gold or translucent craft glitter or micro-glitter.
  • Mix a pinch of that glitter into the paint.
  • Use a brush to paint a swatch of the gold and let the paint dry.
  • Hold the swatch under direct light to view the glitter.

Note: But, make sure that large pieces of glitter will be less effective. Because the paint will coat the flecks of plastic. So, it’s better to try to purchase the smallest glitter that you can to get for a sparkly, shiny effect.

For Textured Shade

This textured shade is a great idea for crafts or paintings.

  • You can apply a layer of paint and then coat it with glitter for achieving a textured look.
  • Once you have your gold base ready, start by applying the paint to a canvas, jar, or any other item.
  • Use your hands or a brush to stick the gold glitter onto the wet paint for a 3D effect.
  • Then, let the paint dry and apply a sealant or clear varnish. This will ensure that the glitter doesn’t fall off.
    How to make gold paint

    Gold Paint

Tips for Using Iridescent Pigments

  • Make sure that you wait for the paint to dry to get the full effect. Because, when you first apply the gold paint, it may not look shiny enough. Once the paint will dry, it will become more metallic eventually.
  • Also, use a very small amount of pigment to keep the shine subtle. Otherwise, you will overdo it. Although, metallic golds are shiny, but one shouldn’t see individual sparkles in the paint. But, if you want more shine, you can always add another pinch.
  • Don’t forget to look at the paint from an angle to get the best view. Obviously, the color of the metallic shimmer depends on how you want it to be. You can try moving your head around or try to add a light on the paint from different angles to view the full effect.
    How to make gold paint

    Gold Paint


Without a doubt, gold paint is a glamorous color. But, how much glamourous it looks, it is even more difficult to create and achieve the best shade. You can try mixing different combinations, add glitter and get your desired color. You can do it at home as well. We hope that the different combinations and tips on how to make gold paint will help you out.

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