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Changing netflix region for free

The only thing that everyone wants on Netflix is variety. Netflix has multiple regions, and every region has its own variety of series and movies which are appropriate for the audience. The users believe that they can’t see the shows that are present in other regions. So, here is an article to show you how to change Netflix region and enjoy unlimited shows.

How to change region on Netflix?

It will take only five minutes to change country on Netflix. Once the region is changed, you can easily get access to all the shows and movies of that region. Time to enjoy everything without any location restriction. There are four steps that will show you how to change country on Netflix.

1. Download a VPN

The very first thing that is needed to change the region on Netflix includes VPN. There is a list of the best VPNs that you can use at the end of the article. The purpose of using a VPN is to change the location to a foreign country.

2. Connect the VPN to desired location

After installing the VPN, select your desired location. All VPNs have a list of all the countries so that the user can select any country they want. Some VPNs are paid where only a few countries are free, and for other locations, the user has to buy the premium version.

3. Restart the application

For mobile devices, simply just remove the app from recently used and then open it again. People who use it on desktop or laptop have to simply shut down the entire browser and then open it again. Make sure that you close the browser, as closing down only one tab will not make any difference.

4. Search your shows

Browse the library that you just entered and enjoy all your favorite shows. Make sure that your VPN remains connected; whenever you lose the connection, your access to the new country will be lost.

What to do if the connection is not restored?

This is the only problem that users might encounter while changing Netflix country. The first thing to ensure is if your IP address has changed or not. If it is changed, but still your region is not changed, then log out of Netflix. Log in back again with the new connection.

How to find which region has the specific shows?

Netflix users have two main requirements. Either they want to stream on a different region of Netflix, or they have a particular show in mind that they want to see, regardless of the region where it is uploaded in.
If you already have a show in mind and want to see which region has it, then follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • See the complete and proper title name of the show that you want to see.
  • There are a lot of Netflix database websites, such as This is the Global search; just type in the title you want to see and see which region has it.
  • Change your connection to that country, search the title and enjoy your show.

List of Best VPNs

The VPNs that are suggested here are the ones from which the users can easily get access to any location they want. Take a look at the features of every VPN and choose whatever suits your needs the most.

VPN service for free


NordVPN is based in Panama and has a SmartDNS. Currently, it has locations in 59 countries and offers 5500 servers. Netflix sometimes takes more time to load when people use it with a VPN, but with NordVPN, users have rarely shared any concerns.
This VPN also works the best with other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN. Nord has an in-house tunnel, due to which the users get buffer-free streaming in HD. NordVPN is considered to be the best to change the Netflix region.

Extra features

It is available on all devices, iOS, and Android. Here are the other features that you will get through this VPN.

  • Secured features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Vast selection of servers
  • Affordable
  • SmartPlay technology
  • Unlocks most streaming sites.

One drawback of this VPN is that there is no router app.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, offering services in 95 countries with 3200 servers to select from. It shows impressive 1080p streaming without any problem with delays or lags. Surfshark also works smoothly with Amazon Prime.

The VPN stands out among all the competitors because of providing unlimited and simultaneous connections. One account can be used by an entire family or an entire group of friends.

Extra features

In terms of the paid VPNs, Surfshark comes on top as users prefer buying one account and using it on multiple devices. Look at some of the extra features that you can enjoy.

  • SmartDNS system
  • Unlimited devices
  • Long term subscription
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

One negative feature about this VPN is not having split tunneling on the iOS devices.

Atlas VPN

AtlasVPN is based in the US, offering 750 servers in 37 locations. With the Wireguard tunnel, users can easily get access to any location. Sometimes, the connection takes some time to connect. Once it is done then, it does not show any kind of disturbance in between.

Extra Features

See the extra features of AtlasVPN about the pros and cons that come with this proxy.

  • Has a free version available for unlimited time
  • AES encryption
  • User-friendly layout

The drawbacks of this VPN include that it has a very small fleet of servers along with very limited tunneling options.

Private VPN

PrivateVPN, with its roots in Sweden, has expanded its services in 63 countries with 200 servers. The VPN also offers the users to buy one residential IP so that they can use similar IP every time and can get access to the Netflix region in just a few seconds. PrivateVPN helps the users of all these 63 countries to easily change Netflix region.

It also has a PrivateVPN’s Stealth feature that hides the fact that the user is using a VPN. This makes it very difficult for Netflix to detect the change in the IP.

Extra features

The extra features that are present in PrivateVPN include the following elements:

  • 7-day free trial
  • User-friendly layout
  • Customize encryption

Coming towards the drawbacks, users will get a small variety of servers, along with limited tunneling protocols.

How to change location with free VPNs

The difference between the free version of VPN and the premium version is that everything becomes limited in the free version. The first thing is that there are only 4 to 5 locations that can be accessed with the free version. Also, free VPNs never hide the fact that the user is using a VPN. As for Netflix, if it detects a VPN, then the user cannot use it until they close it. This is the main reason that the free VPNs will never work properly or smoothly with Netflix or any streaming website.

Which country has the largest library

If you do not have any title, then go for the regions with the largest library. The users assume that US and UK have the widest variety, which is untrue. These countries have all the top shows, but the overall variety is less. Take a look at the list below to see the titles present in each region.

Country Total number of titles
Slovakia 7436
Bulgaria 7162
Lithuania 6938
Estonia 6932
Latvia 6925
UK 6710
Hungary 6427
US 5087

Which country has the most exclusive content?

There are a lot of Netflix regions that are popular for having exclusive variety under some genres. If you already have a category in mind and want to browse things under that, then the list below will help you. On, you can also browse through any category that you like.

  • The USA is popular for having a wide variety of Hollywood movies and American TV shows.
  • The Japan region of Netflix has amazing content and a selection of anime
  • In Canada, the best content is related to Hollywood movies, documentaries, and American shows.
  • The UK region is famous for having the best historical documentaries, movies, and British TV shows.

Important facts about how to change Netflix region

Netflix has a vast collection, but a lot of its titles are restricted to different regions. People who have an interest in these shows and movies can easily get access to it through VPN. You can find the recommended VPN options in the article, along with the features that they have. People with the title can easily search the region, change the location through a VPN and enjoy the show.

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