Exciting Upcoming Netflix Shows and Movies in 2023




Netflix shows and movies in 2023

2023 is right around the corner – and it goes without saying that Netflix has been in a groove the whole year long. During the time, it satisfied the varying needs of its audience by rolling out thrillers, horror fiction, action-packed blockbuster adventures, and comedies. The spectacular-level movies have raised the bar for the fans. And this time, the audience is waiting with bated breath for upcoming Netflix series and shows!

List of upcoming Netflix shows and movies

How about we give you snippets of the latest Netflix movies that are planned to roll out next year? Excited enough? We know your excitement for new releases is already hitting the roof, and you can’t just wait peacefully until the movie launches.

Gear yourselves – grab the popcorn and keep reading to find out the latest news about Netflix’s upcoming movies in 2023.

12. Dept. H

Dept. H – directed by Alice Waddington, is all set to hit the screens of the biggest subscription streaming service in 2023. Some news indicates that the movie might be available to watch in late 2022 or early 2023. The plot of the movie revolves around a lady whose scientist dad was killed on a journey, and now she is racing against everything to find out the reason behind the murder. The production of the movie began in late 2021 – and we are sure the woman would surely come across some mind-blowing crime scenes, threatening floods, dreadful secrets, and strange deep-sea creatures.

Hold on – we still have a lot to unroll!

Dept. H

11. Players

The staring of Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez and Lucifer’s Tom Ellis has already created enough hype among the audience, and the fans’ excitement is all ballooned up! This romantic-comedy genre is full of fantastic releases. The story focuses on the life of a sports writer who falls in love with a woman who just hooking up with him. The production began in the summer of 2021 – and is expected to glue the viewers to their couches.


10. God Country

The trailers of God Country have already banged the drum for the production company! After the tremendous success of Netflix’s sweet Tooth, Jim Mickle is all set to bang out another comic property – called God Country. The interesting story is about an elderly widower in Texas, who discovers an enchanter sword, and gets her dementia cured from it. But the storm isn’t over yet – some otherwordly deadly creatures are waiting with the troubles that the sword has summoned.

God Country

09. High in the Clouds

While we talk about the latest Netflix movies, can we skip High in the Clouds? No!

High in the Cloud centers on a visionary and imaginative teenage squirrel, Wirral. He is pulled up into a ramshackle gang of rebels who resides high in the clouds. Wirral unintentionally evokes hostility in the tyrannical leader of the place. This situation opens a can of worms for Wirral. The issue arises when Gretsch, the owl – the tyrannical leader, steals the voice of anyone who antagonizes her.

How would Wirral tackle the situation? Wait until the movie is available to watch!

High in the Clouds

08. The Division

The presence of Sonic The Hedgehog has released optimistic vibes among the audience. Hence, the news about The Division is already picking up steam! This movie is based on the Ubisoft-published Tom Clancy game. Rawson Marshall Thurber has been working hard to make this masterpiece break all the records of the industry. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhall has been contributing his acting and production expertise to this movie. He would star alongside Jessica Chastain.
The Division

07. Havoc

Havoc – the thriller movie has already captured enough share in the industry, and the buzz about its production is making its fan go bonker over the release. But let’s ignore the final release and talk about the news spreading like wildfire about this movie. Havoc is an action thriller in which a detective is trapped in the underworld, and now things have taken a 360-degree turn, leading him to rescue a politician’s son. The cast list counts high-octane names like Forest Whitaker, Timothy Olyphant, and Luis Guzman. The eyes of the audience are eagerly waiting for the phenomenal choreography too!


06. Heart Of Stone

The list of Netflix upcoming movies in 2023 stays incomplete without adding Heart of Stone to it.

Developed by the Skydance Media Production Company, directed by Tom Harper, and starring phenomenal actors like Gal Gadot – it is the best combo to make the heartbeats stop and convince the audience to dig in more about the movie. Skydance Media production company has already gathered enough good names by delivering exceptional projects like The Old Guard, Mission: Impossible: Fallout, Top Gun: Maverick, and many more. Since the names associated with Heart of Stone are prestigious and popular – the audience is already bubbling over with enthusiasm and excitement. On top of that, Heart of Stone is among the rare movies that circulate around a female-centric espionage franchise!

Heart Of Stone

05. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More is an outcome of the collaboration of streaming giant Netflix and Wes Anderson – the remarkable filmmaker of history. The top favorite actors like Ben Kingsley, Dev Patel, Ralph Fiennes, and Benedict Cumberbatch are already pitching in to make this movie a next-level hit.

As this title reflects, this movie comes with seven short stories, and each is competent enough to give goosebumps to the audience. The story concentrates on a man who steals a book that reveals the tricks to predict the future and allows one to see through the objects. However, this welcomes unwanted misadventures involving Mafia henchmen. The Mafia is banded with Hollywood makeup artists who give a new face to people!

Some of the parts of this series deal with author Ronald Dahl’s life.

Fingers crossed for this masterpiece!

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

04. Chicken Run: Dawn Of The Nugget

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget is among the top most awaited upcoming Netflix series and shows.

Ginger – the brave chicken, escapes from the death world that is possessed by humans and finds her dream place to spend the rest of her life peacefully. The island she finds is free from all dangers – and she is all ready for a happy end with a girl named Molly. But that’s not the end – because, in the land of humans, the community of chickens encounters a life-threatening situation. Because Ginger isn’t mean and cares for her community, she is ready to give up her hard-won freedom and return to the human land as a rescue. Keep your fingers crossed to know how Ginger serves as a source of help to her community.

Chicken Run: Dawn Of The Nugget

03. Luther

Luther – another most awaited movie of the year hasn’t made its appearance yet on Netflix – but despite that, the rumors are already igniting the curiosity of the audience.  Expected to be the next biggest successful movie of the year. The last five series of this movie successfully created a hurly-burly among the audience, and yet they are impatiently waiting for this one too!


02. Extraction 2

Sam Hargrave – the real face behind the production and direction of the film, has managed to keep all the information under wraps. However, we managed to peek through a little and gather information for our valuable audience.

While the death of Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) disappointed the audience in the first part, the return of Tyler in the second part might sound too good to be true. However, that’s the truth! Mercenary survived at the end of the movie, but not a lot of people could actually realize it.

We are counting the hours until the movie is finally released.

Extraction 2

01. Stranger Things

We are sure – Strangers was the most awaited name for all of you, and it really doesn’t need an introduction. Even if you haven’t watched Strangers Things, we are sure – all the hype on social media has made you familiar with this series. As per the rumors revolving around, the long-dead parents are back in this movie. Adam (Scott) meets his mysterious neighbor Harry (Mescal) by chance. Later Adam is taken back to his childhood home, where he finds his long-dead parents living. The strangest thing about the plot is – the parents are of the same age. Even when they passed away 30 years back.

Strange? This is the reason why the movie is called Stranger Things!

Stranger Things

Summing It Up

That’s all for today! In this article, we summed up 12 exciting upcoming Netflix shows and movies that are going to glue audiences to their couches! Despite having unlimited names to add – we could only manage some of them to the list. Let us know – your most awaited movies/series of the year 2023.

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