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Merengue Animal Crossing Full Guide [2021]




Merengue Animal Crossing

Merengue is a character in Animal crossing. She is a pink rhino villager and is first found in Animal Crossing: New leaf and then, in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Her English name Merengue comes from the sweet “Meringue”. It is a dessert made by beating egg whites and sugar. It resembles her sweet personality. Her Japanese name is パティand is driven from the French word “pâtissière”, which means pastry chef.

Merengue’s favorite saying is “Life is a piece of cake.” Her English phrase is “Shortcake,” which comes from the famous Strawberry Shortcake and makes a reference to her physical appearance. The Japanese phrase of Merengue Animal crossing is “De Shuga,” which is a wordplay of the phrase “Desu ga,” meaning “although.” The “Shuga” in her phrase is intended to represent “Sugar.”

Before we learn more about Merengue Animal crossing, let us take a quick revision on Animal Crossing, the game.

Merengue Animal Crossing Guide

Animal Crossing is a social simulation game similar to Adopt me! of Roblox. You can build your house, interact with sweet animal villagers like Merengue and enjoy a virtual countryside life. The Animal Crossing was published and developed by Nintendo and released in 2001. Lately, the Animal crossing has been getting very popular. One of the reasons for its increase in popularity is the worldwide lockdown of 2020 that has stopped everyone’s social life. To feel alive again, people have turned to video games so that they can continue to have a social life.

Appearance of Merengue In Animal Crossing

Merengue Animal Crossing


Merengue Animal crossing has a rhino-like appearance. She is in pink-colored skin and has a horn that looks like an upside-down strawberry. The top of her head is white and is an alternative to hair. Her cheeks have a red blush, and her eyes have two big eyelashes protecting her big, brown eyes. She wears a white chef outfit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and a red chef outfit in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Her whole appearance looks very sweet, food-like, and tasty.

The personality of Merengue

Merengue has a sweet female villager type, also known as normal. Ordinary villagers are charming and kind to others. Just like her name and appearance, her personality is also very sweet and caring. She easily gets along with villagers of other personality types. She loves cleanliness and takes hygiene very seriously. Although she gets along well with others, she will often have conflicts with lazy people who try to order her around. She also loves to talk about hobbies.

Merengue’s Home

Merengue Animal Crossing

Merengue’s home

Merengue Animal crossing in New Leaf lives in a house that is made like a café. The walls have pastel-dot wallpapers, and the floor has a Pastel-dot rug on it. A Soft-severe lamp is next to the minimalist minitablet that is placed in the front of the dessert case. Moreover, a refrigerator stands on the top-left corner beside the phonograph. K.K. Stroll is playing in the house when you enter it.

After the villager house development, main storyline quest, Merengue moves to another house with a red roof. Most of her furniture can not be crafted. Her house now contains a cute sofa and a cute tea table. The standard refrigerator is now replaced with the double door refrigerator, and the pastel-dot rug is now replaced with mini dot flooring.

Pocket Camp Questions

After some time, Merengue was introduced in Animal Crossing: Pocket camp in 2018 with the same appearance. Her profile now has the saying, “Merengue has always felt that she was born to bake. We’re not sure where she got that idea.” Instead of “Life is a piece of cake.”

How to Invite Merengue?

Like others, you can also invite Merengue to the campsite. To invite her to the camp, you will need to be at least at friendship level 7 with her. You will also need some craftable furniture items: Soft-Serve Lamp, Cookie Rug, Sweet Table, Sweet Sofa, and Dessert Case.

Friendship Rewards Given by Merengue

Once you reach friendship level 7 with Merengue, she will gift you a chef’s outfit and a Sparkle stone. On friendship level 9, she will give you a Sparkle stone again. At level 15, she will demand you to craft a candy machine. On level 20, she will gift you a picture of Merengue and again one Sparkle stone. At levels 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 she will give you one sparkle stone each.

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Merengue animal crossing is just a normal rhino villager, who is very sweet and food-like. She looks like a dessert Meringue. She does not have much to offer. However, her aesthetics are very pleasing to the eyes. Merengue appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing: New Horizon, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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