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How To Make A Rainbow In Little Alchemy?




How To Make A Rainbow In Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a set of series of games for iPhone, desktop, and Android platforms. Besides, you can combine various elements to create over 500 unique items in Little Alchemy, one of which is fire. Moreover, Little Alchemy is a simple game. Usually, you start it with four basic elements. You can combine these four objects simply to make stuff in Little Alchemy. Even you can make more complex and complicated stuff with the combination of these four objects. Hence, in this article, we tell you how to make a rainbow in Little Alchemy. Furthermore, it is not a difficult task to make a rainbow in Little Alchemy just like making smooth quartz in Minecraft.

How To Make Stuff In Little Alchemy?

First, we tell you how to make stuff in Little Alchemy by following these simple steps:

Dragging The Basic Elements To The Screen

You start the game with four basic elements. They include water, fire, air, and earth. So you need to drag these four basic elements from the sidebar on the right onto the screen for playing with them.

Combining The Basic Elements in Little Alchemy

For combining these four simple elements, you need to drag them from the sidebar to the right. Then drop them on the top of an item on the screen. Moreover, when you create a new item, you can see it in the sidebar to the right for combining it with other items. Besides, you can make the following items with the help of four basic elements:

  • Energy: Combine with fire and air.
  • Pressure: Combine with two earth and two air.
  • Lava: Combine with fire and earth.
  • Sea: Combine with two waters.
  • Rain: Combine with water and air.
  • Mud: Combine with water and earth.
  • Dust: Combine with air and earth.
  • Steam: Combine with water and fire.

Combining The Basic Elements With The Secondary Items in Little Alchemy

You can make the following items by combining some secondary items with the four basic elements:

  • Dew: Combine with water and grass.
  • Grass: Combine with earth and plant.
  • Earthquake: Combine with energy and earth.
  • Stone: Combine lava with some air.
  • Geyser: Combine earth with steam.
  • Plant: Combine earth with rain.
  • Steam: Combine with energy and water.
  • Gunpowder: Combine with dust and fire.
  • Volcano: Combine with earth and lava.
  • Obsidian: Combine with lava and water.
  • Brick: Combine with mud and fire.
  • Garden: Combine with plant and plant.
  • Moon: Combine with sky and stone.
  • Sun: Combine with fire and sky.
  • Sky: Combine with air and cloud.
  • Cloud: Combine with air and steam.
  • Pond: Combine with water and garden.
  • Glass: Combine with fire and sand.
  • Sand: Combine stone with air.
  • Explosion: Combine with fire and gunpowder.
  • Mountain: Combine with earth and earthquake.
    How To Make A Rainbow In Little Alchemy

    Little Alchemy Combinations

Combining Two Same Items To Make Stuff

When you create enough items, you can start combining two of the same items to make some complex stuff. So you can make the following items by combining two of the same items in Little Alchemy:

  • Ocean: Combine two seas together.
  • Mountain range: Combine two mountains together.
  • City: Combine two villages together.
  • Village: Combine two houses together.
  • Wall: Combine two bricks together.
  • Flood: Combine two rain together.

Combining Two Secondary Items To Make Some More Items

In addition, you can make the following items by combining the secondary items that you have made with the help of four basic elements:

  • Eclipse: Combine moon and sun.
  • Atomic Bomb: Combine energy and explosion.
  • Ash: Combine energy and volcano.
  • Eruption: Combine volcano and energy.
  • Time: Combine sand and glass.
  • Hourglass: Combine glass and sand.
  • Swamp: Combine plant and mud.

Keep Combining The Items To Make Stuff

There are over 500 combinations in Little Alchemy. But you cannot combine all the items. However, you can keep combining the items to make some stuff. Moreover, you will come to know how to make humans, animals, and aliens.

How To Make A Rainbow In Little Alchemy 2?

Additionally, you can combine the following items to make a rainbow in Little Alchemy 2:

  • light + prism
  • sun + water
  • rain + sun
  • prism + sun
  • light + water
  • light + rain
  • cloud + light

Items You Can Make With Rainbow in Little Alchemy 2

Moreover, you can combine rainbow with some items in Little Alchemy to make the following items:

  • 1-Rainbow + animal = butterfly
  • 2-Rainbow + human = wizard
  • 3-Rainbow + horse = unicorn
  • 4-Rainbow + grass = flower
  • 5-Rainbow + glass = prism
  • 6-Rainbow + Deity = Rainbow Serpent
  • 7-Rainbow +crystal ball = prism
  • 8-Rainbow + bird = peacock + toucan
  • 9-Rainbow + wax = crayon
  • 10-Rainbow + water = paint
  • 11-Rainbow + turtle = chameleon
  • 12-Rainbow + tool = paint
  • 13-Rainbow + sugar = sprinkles
  • 14-Rainbow + steel = gold
  • 15-Rainbow + snake = chameleon
  • 16-Rainbow + rainbow = double rainbow
  • 17-Rainbow + pottery = paint
  • 18-Rainbow + plant = flower
  • 19-Rainbow + pencil = crayon
  • 20-Rainbow + metal = gold
  • 21-Rainbow + lizard = chameleon
  • 22-Rainbow + liquid = paint
  • 23-Rainbow + life = magic
  • 24-Rainbow + Jormungandr = Rainbow Serpent
    How To Make A Rainbow In Little Alchemy

    Double Rainbow In Little Alchemy

Wrapping It Up How To Make A Rainbow In Little Alchemy

In short, Little Alchemy is a simple but addictive game. Moreover, you can enjoy this game on android, iPhone, and desktop. Further, you need four basic elements to make various items in Little Alchemy. Amazingly, you can make over 500 items with a combination of different items. Besides, you can make a rainbow in Little Alchemy 2 easily. You can combine some items with the rainbow to make some other complex items as well. So enjoy combining various items to make a lot of complex stuff in Little Alchemy and have fun.

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