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How To Leave Novice Network in FFXIV?




How To Leave Novice Network in FFXIV

The Novice Network is such a system that is built into FFXIV. It is a mentoring system. The newcomers can get the facility of an in-game chat channel in the Novice Network. They are called sprouts. The mentors are experienced players. So if you want to know how to leave a novice network in ffxiv, this article is for you.

Moreover, they are available for the help of newcomers. They have reached this status through much effort and hard work. The Novice Network is a wonderful platform for all newcomers. Besides, it is an amazing platform for interacting with people of various classes and levels. On the other hand, it takes some time when the newcomers lose. Hence, the Novice Network is not a network of green players. Similarly, Adobe Illustrator is a software that is helpful in video editing. But there can be some FFXIV errors while using this software like turning off hyphenation.

How Can You Join The Novice Network in FFXIV?

It is an easy task to join the Novice Network. It will invite all the players in the initial days of their gameplay. Mentors are always there for the assistance of newcomers. But if you fail to get an invitation, the chat channel will help you in choosing a mentor from the major cities. It is not a difficult task to get the assistance of a mentor. You can choose the mentor through an icon. This icon is available on their nameplate.  Moreover, you can choose a mentor directly.

There are two types of mentors. They include Trade and Battle. Both of them are specialized in their fields. They will invite you through this Network. So you can ask them without any fear. They are available on this Network for your help and guidance.

How To Leave Novice Network in FFXIV

Novice Network

How Can You Consider The Novice Network?

The Novice Network is a game that is in-built in Google. You can ask as many questions as you want to ask regarding games’ locations, skills, and mechanics. You will get an effective response within a short time. Moreover, there is an amazing feature on this Network that has no illogical question. Hence, you can interact with the world of Eorzea. The channel of this Network will populate your chat window when you join this platform.

Moreover, if you are a newcomer, it is an amazing platform for you. You can interact with the new players. Besides, you can ask questions from mentors and the other players. So this environment is the best for newcomers. The more you focus on it, the more Eorzean experience you will get from this platform.

You can use this platform the way you want to use it. It will provide you with help and guidance. Further, you can have live conversations with the players. You will get many new friends here with whom you can interact socially. There are experienced players and communities in this Network. If you have any queries regarding FFXIV, the Novice Network platform will answer your query.

Some Instructions While Using The Network

As a general rule of thumb, you should not ask for assistance or items. You should not use inappropriate language with the players. Besides, being rude to the other players is not good. But if you do not behave in a good manner, they will suspend you. Also, it is not good to be suspended on such helping platforms.

Mentors Are There For Your Help

Mentors are the experienced players who have qualified for this level after much effort. Trade mentors and Battle mentors are the two types of mentors. Trade mentors are famous for their disciple of hand or land. If you want to get the status of Trade mentor, you will have to catch or collect 300 collectables. Besides, you will have to craft 100 collectables. Moreover, you need to hit the level cap on crafting jobs and gathering combinations.

Battle mentors are experienced players who have completed 1000 trials, dungeons, or raids. Besides, they have received 1500 player commendations. They have completed high-level healer, tank, or DPS achievements. Moreover, you can find mentors according to their specialization. You can select them as per your game style. They are the veteran players who have joined the Novice Network for providing you with the services, skills, and expertise. They can provide you with knowledge and guidance up to the maximum level. Also, it takes much time to become a mentor in the Novice Network.

How To Leave Novice Network in FFXIV

Novice Network

How To Leave The Novice Network in FFXIV?

When a player loses his sprout, this Network will remove this player. When the player finishes the post-Stormblood story content, the Novice Network will remove this player after reaching the gameplay of 160 hours. Moreover, if the player misses all the cut scenes, he will get closer to 160 hours of gameplay.

Sometimes, the players decide to leave this Network before reaching the gameplay of 160 hours. Some players find another great company, so they leave this Network. It is an easy task to leave this Network. You need to click on the leaf symbol. You can find it in your chat window. Moreover, you can hit the Leave button for leaving the Novice Network.

When You Want To Hide The Novice Network

Sometimes, you do not want to leave the Novice Network. But you want to hide this Network. It is an easy process. You need to go to your log settings. Moreover, you can go there by pressing the Escape button. You need to go to the General tab then go to Log Filters in the General tab. In the next step, you need to hit the chat tab. Then uncheck the Novice Network in the final step. You will be able to hide this Network by following these steps. But you will not leave this Network. Besides, you will not receive the messages in your chat window.

Moreover, you can remove the status of the new player by typing /nastatus off. But you should keep one thing in your mind that you cannot undo this step. You can go back after becoming a mentor.

How To Leave Novice Network in FFXIV

Hiding the Novice Network

Summing Up How To Leave Novice Network in FFXIV?

The Novice Network is a wonderful tool for all the players. It gives you the facility to hide or leave the platform at any time. In this article, we have explained all the ways related to how to leave a novice network in ffxiv. Interestingly, you will not lose anything by checking the Novice Network out. So enjoy this amazing platform and have fun.

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