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idp.generic virus: How To fix It? [2021]




idp.generic virus

An idp.generic virus is the usual type of virus. The virus is a term that came into existence many years ago in the digital era. If you are a user of digital devices, the virus may be a big problem for you. Some hackers have made these viruses to have access to the personal data of digital users in an unethical way. The hackers steal your personal data then sell it for financial benefits. Furthermore, if you are using Windows, you may have to face viruses regularly such as this issue since many users are using Windows these days. So the digital experts always suggest all the users install some anti-virus programs on their devices so that the hackers may not steal your secret information.

idp.generic virus

idp.generic virus

If you are using the anti-virus in your computer system or other devices, this software will protect your system from viruses and protect your data. In this modern age, software companies have developed anti-virus programs that will provide you full-proof security. When you are using the anti-virus software, you see the message on your screen about viruses. An idp.generic is one of those threats and viruses.

idp.generic virus

idp.generic virus

The Reason Behind idp.generic virus Development

This virus is a common problem, and many social media users have reported that they are facing this issue. It is a threat to your system. If you are using any anti-virus, then you will be notified about this error. This virus affects almost all the files on your computer. The hackers have developed idp.generic for the detection of virus names as Trojan horse. Trojan horse is legit code and can steal all of your private information and data from your computer. When some users who are not so many experts in viruses usually install Trojan horses unknowingly.

There are different types of Trojan horse viruses like FTP Trojans, destructive Trojans, Remote access Trojans, Proxy Trojans, Game-thief Trojans, Trojan-Bankers, Rootkit Trojan, SMS Trojan, Data Sending Trojans, and Denial-of-service attack Trojans. If you are using Avast, then most probably, you will face this issue. Mostly, idp.generic virus affects all the games, and you will not play those games. If you suspect that either you are affected by this virus or not, the following symptoms will help you to detect this threat:

  • The performance and speed of your computer will get slow.
  • idp.generic virus will steal your private data like passwords.
  • You will face spamming in your email.
  • Your data will not be available on your computer. You will have to pay huge amounts for retrieving your data.
  • You will face crashing of your computer.
  • All the applications will not be available for you to use.

What Are The Safety Measures That You Should Adopt?

When you download too many cracked versions of games on your computer, you will face an idp.generic virus. So always make sure that you know the websites from where you are downloading music, games, videos, and other files. Some other sources of idp.generic virus are spam emails.  So follow these steps and methods to protect your computer from this virus:

  • Do not download any software from unknown websites that are unsecured. Always download software from authentic and safe websites.
  • Download any good anti-virus software like Windows Defender is one of the most effective anti-virus programs.
  • Do not open spam emails since they are not protective at all. When you open your email and find some spam emails in it, then delete them immediately.
  • Do not use the outdated version of Windows. Always use the updated versions of Windows since Windows Defender will work efficiently on it.
  • Always prefer the updated version of the browser to avoid idp.generic virus and Hulu Error Code plaunk65.
  • Sometimes, you are using your computer and see some pop-up messages on your screen, do not open them. They are unprotected and unsafe.
  • Do not download videos, music, and other files from unsafe and unprotected websites.
  • Do not install the cracked versions of various software. They are full of threats, so prefer to install and use safe software.
    idp.generic virus

    Windows Defender

How to Clean Your Computer to Remove Viruses?

If you are facing the issue of various viruses including the idp.generic virus, then you can download some software to remove those viruses. But clean up your disk before downloading that software. Follow these simple steps to use disk cleanup:

  • Search for Disk Cleanup in the search bar and press the enter key.
  • When you see Disk cleanup opened, clean the drive that you suspect having malware by selecting it. There are more chances that your C drive is affected, so select C drive to clean up.
    idp.generic virus

    Disk Clean up

  • Select the files that you want to delete, like downloads, recycle bin, temporary internet files, and free software.
    idp.generic virus

    Removing temporary files

  • After selecting the files, click on the option of cleanup system files.
  • After cleaning up some files in your C drives, search for the hidden software.
  • When you find that hidden software and files, open them and delete them.
  • After deleting all the files, reboot your computer. This final step will clean up your computer from all the temporary and unsafe files and folders.

Which Software Helps Remove idp.generic virus?

The following software list is helpful in resolving the issue of idp.generic virus. It depends on you either you want to use the paid versions or the free version of the software. But the paid versions come up with extra features and services.

HitmanPro Software

If you can afford the premium version of anti-virus software, then you must purchase it. There is an anti-virus software named HitmanPro. You can use the free trial for 30 days as well. Download HitmanPro and install it on your computer. Follow all the instructions and click on the scanning option. It will take some minutes to scan all the files. After this step, select the malicious files and delete them. You need to activate the 30-day free license. Once you have it, this software will remove all the files from your computer. In the final step, reboot your computer. This software will remove the idp.generic virus.

Malwarebytes Software

Go to the safe website of Malwarebytes and download it from here. Then install it on your computer. You will have to allow it to make some modifications to your computer. You can install all the required things easily. If you are not using it for work purposes, select PC and complete the installation process. Open the software by clicking on the start button. Select a free version if you are using this software free of cost. Click on the scan button, and this action will start scanning all the files on your computer. After some time, you will see that all the files are free of malware now. When you find some files with the Quarantine button, select them and delete those files. After doing so, reboot your computer. This software will remove this error.

What to Do If You Do Not Know Exactly About The Virus?

When you are using anti-virus software, it will give you warnings against malware. You should not ignore the warning messages completely. So when you do not know how exactly the idp.generic virus is affecting your computer, you should download some other anti-virus software to confirm this status. You can download VirusTotal software. It will confirm whether there is malware in your system or not. Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the website of VirusTotal.
  • Select the files that you want to detect for the virus.
    idp.generic virus


  • Upload those selected files.
  • Click on Here, then select Choose File.
  • Select the marked files through your anti-virus.
  • Now analyze whether VirusTotal has also marked those files or not that were flagged by your anti-virus previously.
  • Suppose you see that VirusTotal does not flag any of the files, then do not need to worry. You can ignore the warning message from your anti-virus.

What to Do in Case of False Alarm of idp.generic virus?

When using the old anti-virus, you may receive a false alarm from your outdated anti-virus software. Therefore, it is always better to install the updated or recent anti-virus software to avoid false alarms. But if the false alarm is still there, you can follow these steps if you are using Avast anti-virus:

  • Open the anti-virus software.
  • Select Virus Chest under the tab of Protection.
  • Select Restore and Add Excursion.

These steps will help you to remove the false alarm of the idp.generic virus. If you are using any anti-virus other than Avast anti-virus, you can still follow these steps. Upload all the files to the Avast anti-virus website. You will get information about the file through Avast anti-virus. So finally, you will not get a false alarm regarding the virus.

idp.generic virus

Avast Anti-virus


The idp.generic virus is a common threat for all users these days. It is advisable to install Avast anti-virus to protect your computer from this virus. This software helps you to detect the virus. But sometimes, you will get a false alarm, so you can download any other anti-virus software that will help you confirm. Further, if you want to download some software, you can clean up your C drive first. Malwarebytes software and Hitman Pro software help remove this virus from your computer. In short, always download Avast anti-virus software and never download music, videos, and other files from unsafe and unprotected websites to avoid all kinds of anti-viruses and keep your private data and information safe.

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