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10 Tips On How to Talk to Short People



How to Talk to Short People

This is the world of all kinds of people either they are tall or short. It is another debate that which sort of people have an advantage over those of others. Unfortunately, short people are ignored in some societies. Even the short people think that their short height is the biggest advantage for them. They are well aware of this bitter truth that’s why they develop their personalities to attract others. They try not to be mocked by others. Since it is not good to hurt someone, therefore you should be very careful in talking to short people. You should know the effective ways of how to talk to short people. It is a general rule that you should talk to them as you talk to tall people. You should show respect towards short people since they are human beings as well.

Effective Ways to Talk to Short People

If you do not know how to talk to short people, then no worries. The following 10 effective ways to talk to short people will help you:

Show empathy to short people

Short people need your empathy. When you put yourself in the place of short people, you would better realize their situation. Short people feel comfortable in the company of people, who empathize with them nicely. When tall people show empathy, they can better comprehend the problems and difficulties faced by short people. When you show empathy with short people, it gives them the energy to share their ideas and thoughts.

Do not bend while talking 

When you talk to short people, do not squat, kneel, or bend. When you do so, it will give an impression to the short people that you are mocking them. While talking to them, stand straight. This gesture will give them comfort. When you squat or kneel while talking to short people in society, they will feel isolated and insulted. In short, bending while talking is suitable for tall people but not for short ones.

Try not to assume while talking 

Tall people can do a lot of tasks. But it does not mean that the short people cannot do anything. They can do plenty of tasks as well. For instance, you are playing basketball and do not include short people in your team thinking that they cannot play basketball. It is truly an injustice. You cannot judge one’s talent through one’s height. There is a possibility that the person whom you have ignored due to short height, can play basketball even better than you. So always think ten times before assuming about short people. First, try to collaborate with them then make any assumptions, and never underestimate their talent.

Effective use of non-verbal communication

When you are talking to short people, focus on your communication style. Make sure that you are not mocking them with your non-verbal cues. When you do not communicate them effectively, it can be offensive to them. Try to judge their non-verbal cues as well, it will help you to understand their comfort level during discussion. For instance, you are talking to a short person, then you suddenly start discussing jumping. They will feel isolated and disappointed due to their short height in this way. So try not to jump into such discussions that might offend them. Always think wisely before starting a topic for discussion in front of short people.

Never remind short people of their short height

If you are reminding short people of their height, there is nothing new in it. They already know that they have short height so do not remind them of this obvious thing. It will make them irritated and affronted. For instance, while taking a group photo, do not ask short people to go in front. They already know their disadvantage of short height, they will go in front of themselves without asking. Sometimes, it happens that you mock anyone of his short height, then you also get a reply back that can be insulting for you as well. So always try to avoid reminding them of their height repeatedly.

How to Talk to Short People

Short people

Stand some steps away while talking to short people

When you are talking to short people, stand some steps away from them. It is the most effective way to keep eye contact. But when you are standing closer to short people, they will feel awkward since it will be difficult for them to keep eye contact. Therefore, you should stand at some distance while talking to short people. It is very embarrassing for short people to bend their necks while talking to tall people, so keep this point in your mind.

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Do not call them by bad names

When you are talking to short people, do not call them by bad names like tiny boy/girl, dwarf, little boy/girl, baby boy/girl, or mini. Always call them by their first or last name, since it is the best way to call someone with respect. It is possible that you call short people bad names and then they reply to you back the same way. So always call them by their own names to avoid embarrassment.

Try to connect through listening

Tall people try to dominate the short people during conversations. It is a very common practice in our society since every tall person feels that he-she is superior to the short person. So try to connect with them by listening. When you listen to them, they will feel motivated. Listening to someone is a task that requires great courage. Therefore, being courageous, listen to the short people as much as you want to speak. It is the most effective way to connect with someone.

Give short people space to talk

When you give some space to the short people to talk, they feel encouraged. When you allow them to talk about themselves, they feel that you are not going judgmental about them. So always try to listen to their points of view and opinion since it is the best way to be non-judgmental about short people.

Give respect while talking 

Always give respect to short people. They also deserve your respect for being a part of society. Do not mock and disrespect them while talking. Some people try to find new ways to mock short people. Do not call them by foolish names. Avoid reminding them of their height again and again would be insulting for them. Do not make prejudgment about them in your mind. Always talk to them first, then make any perception in your mind.

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How to Talk to Short People

Give some respect to short people.


In short, there is no hard and fast methodology to talk to short people. The most effective way to talk to short people is in the same manner as you like to be spoken to you. Obviously, you would like to be behaved nicely by others. In the same way, the short people also like when other people talk to them nicely. So always talk to the short people by considering them human beings, not aliens. Showing them respect will make them comfortable and motivated during conversations.

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