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Zayn Saifi

Zayn Saifi is an Indian Youtuber born on February 12, 1996. He is a digital content creator, social media influencer, internet personality, and a fine comedian. Round2hell is the name of his Youtube channel, which has 26.8 million subscribers (as of June 2022). The channel was made by Zayn and his two friends, Nazim and Wasim. This channel is ranked in the list of top YouTube channels in India. The following article will go through every detail regarding Zayn Saifi.

Biography of Zain Saifi

Features Specifications
Birth year 1996
Height 5’9
Weight 70 kg
Eye color Black

Zain Saifi is a public celebrity and YouTube content creator. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. The Youtuber is famous for his funny and creative content. He got a kickstart in working out of his channel from his two-part “Pagli Caption Troll” videos. Zain also worked as a sketch artist on a channel with his friend named Kareem. In the following biography, you will be able to know each and everything about Zayn.

Zayn Saifi’s early life

Zayn Saifi photo

Zayn Saifi was born in 1996 in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, and spent his childhood there. According to his family members, he was very calm and polite while growing up. One dream that kept him awake many nights in his childhood was to be a famous person one day. He fulfilled that dream by coming up with one of India’s most successful YouTube channels.

Education & Qualification

Zain Saifi does not have a bright educational background. He went to Modern Public School, Moradabad, for his early education. Later, he got drop out of Zakir Hussain School. He also said that he is not uneducated, he just was not able to get admission to Bachelor of Science. That is one of the reasons why he left education and started working on his skills.

Relationship Information

Finding anything about relationships for Zayn is a bit hard as he likes to keep his personal life private. You cannot get information on Zayn Saifi wife’s name because his relationship status is single. There is no record for his Girlfriends or ex-lovers. He also said that opening your private life can be very overwhelming and risky for a celebrity.

Physical Preference

Zayn Saifi is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. His weight is approximately 70 Kg which is equal to 154 lbs. The eye color of Zain is black, and he has brown skin color with black and brown hair. There is not any tattoo reported on his body.

Hobbies and Favorite things

Zain admires Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan a lot as actors. His favorite actress is Katrina Kaif which he mentioned in one of his videos. Acting, ice hockey, and singing are some of his favorite hobbies. He is a dog lover and has had a pet dog for almost 3 years. Spiderman is his favorite superhero, and Arijit Singh is his favorite singer. He loves to eat pizzas and cheese, which according to him, he can eat all the time. YouTubers that inspire Zayn are Prajakta Koli, CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam, Gaurav Chaudhry, and Ashish Chanchlani.

The career of Zayn Saifi

On YouTube, Zayn Saifi started his career in 2016 after dropping out of college. He was not alone in this start-up. Nazim and Wasim are his friends that have helped him a lot and made many efforts in the growth of the channel. They mostly make science fiction and comedy videos on their channel. They named the channel Round2hell or R2h, which later gained massive popularity on various social media applications.

Just like other YouTubers, making the channel successful was not easier for Zayn and his friends as well. In the beginning, they only uploaded football montage videos that did not get that many responses then. Then they started thinking about making funny videos. It was easy for them to make those videos trending on different platforms because of the creativity in their content. After that, they have added making vines, funny videos, and comedy sketch videos in their profession.

Actually, the fifteenth video on Zayn’s channel was game-changing for him and his friends. The name of the video was “Jio Users After 31st March,” which got viral in a short interval. After that, they came up with “Mauka Mauka India vs. Pakistan,” which also remained famous. These videos put him on a track toward success.

YouTube Channel Details

The name of the YouTube channel that Zayn Saifi has is Round2hell. He also has another channel for vlogs named Round2hell Vlogs. The main channel has 26.8 million subscribers, and the 2nd one has 2 million. Zayn and his friends use the home studio to make their videos, and they have collaborated with BrandzUp Media (VCOP) network. BranzUp media is also the handler of this channel. Both of these channels are available on YouTube worldwide. When it comes to the ranking, Round2hell comes in the top ten most subscribed channels in India. Its global ranking is 514.

Income and Net worth

The primary earning sources of Zayn Saifi are Adsence, YouTube, brand promotion, and sponsors. His yearly estimated salary is from $25k to $100k. The range of monthly salary is $20k to $50k. After confirmation from many resources, his total net worth of Zayn is $24 Million.

Some hidden facts about Zayn Saifi

Zayn Safi’s personal life is mostly hidden from the public on social media.

Zayn Saifi is a public celebrity and a fantastic content creator in India. Most of his life is exposed in front of his fans. Although, the following are some facts about him that were unknown to many.

Zayn Saifi

  • Zayn can play guitar amazingly and has a massive passion for music-making and singing.
  • Zayn and his friends are planning to launch series just like Sacred Games, The Family Man, and Mirzapur one day.
  • In an interview, Zayn and his friends stated that they had denoted their first earnings to poor people.
  • Sanjay Sir from the School Life series is the most famous of his different video characters.
  • Zayn and his friends Wasim and Nazim are friends from the days of school. But they completed their schooling differently.

Achievements of Zayn Saifi

The YouTube channel of Zayn Saifi received the silver button in 2017 from YouTube. Till 2018, Zayn and his team had made a lot of fame for their channel, which is why they received their golden button that year. In 2020, they received their diamond button, which is the current achievement of their channel. Huge fame on social media platforms had made Zayn a public figure. He and his team were invited as speakers at TedxJamia. He is one of the richest and most successful YouTubers in India.

Some famous web series by Zayn Saifi

Zayn Saifi and his team come up with some of the best YouTube videos and web series. Their creative content is the reason why they have a huge fan base. Below are some of Zayn’s famous web series.

1959 – A short film by Round2hell

1959 is a short film directed by the Round2hell team. It has touched the highest success rate among Zayn’s other videos because of its 10 IMDb score. Zayn, Nazim, and Wasim Ahmad are the leading roles in this amazing short film. There are also some supporting roles played by Talib Saifi, Monu Ali, Shahzi Hassan, Ryan Saifi, and Mehtab Saifi. The goal of this film is to describe time traveling by using science fiction elements. It has gained popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms. One of the biggest milestones for this video was to get 35 million views which it got within a week on YouTube. Other than views, it also gets 1 million likes in just 2 hours.

The Parallel World

The parallel world is a series of videos on Zayn’s YouTube channel. In this video, the main focus of Zayn and his team was to show what would happen if there was a parallel universe. They have expressed that by using funny skits. Overall, people have liked this video a lot, and it has 4 other parts as well. According to fans, each and every one of those parts are funnier than the previous one. It shows the consistency and improvement of Zayn’s team.

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