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5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music



5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music

Sometimes we are impatient and it is hard for us to hold onto our horses when our favorite musician or band is about to release new music. Sometimes they take too long and there are leaks and other times it is just not available in your region, we will tell you 5 ways to get unreleased music in this article so stay tuned.

Ways to get unreleased music

5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music

5 ways to get unreleased music

There are legal and illegal ways to get unreleased music and we will leave it up to you which way suits you the best.

1. Torrents

5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music


Torrents have been here for a long time. Some see it as an antidote to the virus of capitalism and how the rich exploit the poor while others see it as stealing. I will leave it up to you and you are the one to decide which side you are on. On torrent, many leaked music albums have been released historically and even today there are instances when unreleased music has been released by famous groups on there for free.

To download the music just go to any torrent site and then use a client like Utorrent or qbittorrent to download your favorite album or a song. Be very careful to not download a virus or a trojan as they are filled with many trojans and viruses, always download after looking at the comment section of the uploaded torrents and turn on your antivirus at all costs before initiating the download.

2. Soundcloud

5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music


Soundcloud is not as popular as Spotify but it does have a great fanbase. Soundcloud’s fanbase is so loyal that it saved the website from liquidation a few years back. Never the less the reason for such loyalty from them is because it is free to stream, unlike Spotify that requires you to pay a subscription fee to get the best out of it.

On Soundcloud, many small and upcoming artists release their music beforehand to check what the public has to say about it and to seek feedback.

3. Reddit

5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music


On Reddit, you can find literally anything you want. that social media platform is a gem and once you get to know about the power of that platform there is no turning back and the other platforms will look like they are made for children only. On Reddit, it is now tough to find such things directly as the Reddit administration was forced to have these rules because of the controversy surrounding the deepfake and other celebrity leaks.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find subreddits over there. Just dig deep and you will find a goldmine over there. They are mostly discord, dropbox or mega link from where you can download unreleased music.

4. Spotify

5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music


Yes! Even on Spotify, you can find unreleased music. But here we have two methods for it, non will get you into hot waters so don’t worry and both are 100% safe. The first method is to look for the unreleased music of your choice in the podcast section of Spotify, yes it is unreliable and they are taken down very quickly but if you are lucky enough you will be able to find them.

The second method is only doable if your region is getting the music late and it is region locked on Spotify. Download a credible VPN for your device and then use it to stream the music and it will work like a charm.

5. Pay someone

5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music

Paying Someone

To get unreleased music you can pay someone online or you can even get it physically because it is not always free. Music that is created in the studio can be easily leaked by the people working there or even by the fierce rivals of that studio. They are then sold in the market then to the highest bidder and that is how the torrent groups or the people on Reddit also get their hands on and then it is spread.

It can also be a result of a hack or bribing someone in the studio, lets not dig deep into that but the best ways to get such music is to look at Reddit and other social media sites like Facebook where many people will sell the unreleased music to you but there is a big risk involved and you might get scammed in the name of unreleased music.


5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music

Your own sense of morality

Getting unreleased music at the end depends on your own morality and the ethic you carry with yourself. We wouldn’t suggest you go and use any of the above 5 Ways To Get Unreleased Music except the Soundcloud method because at the end of the day you will be cheating the creators who put hours into making the music and they deserve each and every penny for it. Downloading a leaked copy or spreading a leaked copy can have catastrophic effects on the content creators and they might never have the urge to make music with the same intensity again.

Yes we know you might be impatient and he or she might be your favorite artist and it is hard to control the urge to not listen to the new vocals but be sure that if you respect and love the artist in true senses you will never ever go down the path of getting unreleased music through illegal means even if it is the fierce competitor of your favorite.

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