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Vijay Dandekar

Check out the life story of the real cop in Emran Hashmi’s ‘Lut Gaye’ music video. Here’s everything you can know.

Vijay Dandekar 1991: The Real Cop From ‘Lut Gaye’ Music Video

The year 2021 introduced us to many songs that became popular not only in India but in other countries as well. One such song was ‘Lut Gaye’, which was based on a true story of a cop. While the melodious voice of Jubin Nautiyal and the realistic writing of Manoj Muntashir was widely appreciated, the plot of this music video touched the soul of the audience.

Now, what if we tell you that this story was real and the song itself was based on one of the most courageous cops in Mumbai police? If you are eager to learn about the real story of the ‘Lut Gaye’ song, then this article can be helpful to you. Here, we find some unknown facts about inspector Vijay Dandekar 1991 and his real story. So, start reading and know the real story behind the most-watched Indian music video on YouTube in 2021.

What is the Vijay Dandekar Story?

Do you want to know inspector Vijay Dandekar story? The romantic ballad by Tanishk Bagchi introduced us to the story of Vijay, who is one of the most courageous Mumbai police officers of all time. Many people recognise him as the most dreaded encounter specialist of Mumbai police. Vijay was the undercover cop who helped the department solve many cases.

This can be the reason why there is not much information about him available on the internet. Among many of his heroic stories, there is a popular one from 1991 on which Emran Hashmi’s song ‘Lut Gaye’ is based. By the end of this article, you will know what this story is and if it is the exact same story shown in the song ‘Lut Gaye.’

Early Life

As we have mentioned earlier, Vijay was an undercover cop, so there is barely any information about his early life background. Many people often get confused between the cricketer Vijay Dandekar and the cop Vijay. Let us tell you that both these individuals are different persons. You can easily find the background information of cricketer Vijay, but there is not any info about the real cop in the ‘Lut Gaye’ song. So, let us now check if there are any details regarding Vijay’s career in the Mumbai Police Department.


If we talk about his career, ‘Vijay Dandekar 1991’ was an undercover cop and encounter specialist of Mumbai Police. He has worked both individually and with a team to uncover crime mysteries and arrest the criminals. Vijay was recognised as the most fearless cop of his time. He had also received several awards and prizes for his bravery and contribution to the police department. In fact, the song ‘Lut Gaye,’ which is based on his story, successfully manages to show how fearless he was as a cop. Vijay had also encountered the three persons who killed the bride in the 1991 incident.

It is said that after that incident, Dandekar never married anyone. This heart-touching story is well-depicted in the ‘Lut Gaye’ song. Do you want to know what happened in 1991? Then keep reading as we will tell you the story by the end of this article. However, there can be a few differences in both the reel and real versions of the story as there is not any clear information about what happened in that incident.

More About Vijay Dandekar Career

Moving back to his career, Vijay was even awarded for the encounter of three persons who killed the bride in 1991. You might be wondering why there is only a little information available about Dandekar. As we have already mentioned, Vijay was an undercover cop, so he led a very private life. Further, if you are looking for more details about Vijay’s career, then we are all out of luck. However, the song ‘Lut Gaye’ seems an interesting subject to talk about as you will learn something about Vijay’s life.

Physical Appearance

Being an undercover cop, Vijay had to hide his real identity and appearance for safety reasons. So, if we are going to talk about his physical appearance, then there is probably going to be only predictions. He was a police inspector in Mumbai Police Department, so his height could be anything more than 5 feet and 6 inches. Now, being a cop, he had to stay both mentally and physically fit and active.

Many people who knew Vijay say that he was a muscular and confident police inspector who was also recognised as the ‘Tiger’ in the police department. Vijay was an honest and dedicated cop who always focused on doing something better for the people and the country. He dreamt of making society crime-free so that every citizen could live freely. Well, there is also no public existence of any ‘Vijay Dandekar real photo.’ We will talk more about Vijay Dandekar real photo at the end of this article.

If it did exist, we could be able to tell you exactly how he looks and what his height, weight, or physical appearance are. Currently, as per the information available on the various resources, all we can say is that Vijay had enough stamina and courage to encounter the three individuals who were accused of killing the bride. Now that you know some basic information about Vijay, it is time to find out Vijay’s story in 1991.

Story of Vijay Dandekar 1991

Here we are going to tell you the story of Vijay, which is shown in the ‘Lut Gaye’ music video. Let us tell you that the story may not be completely true as the makers of this music video may have changed a few things in the story. So, according to the music video, the cop fell in love with the bride, who was shot by three men.

Later, Vijay encountered those accused. Now, this is the basic plot of the story. Now, the makers of ‘Lut Gaye’ may have changed some details to make it more appealing to the audience. If you want a detailed version of the story, then keep reading and find the ‘Lut Gaye’ music video story section in the article.

Unknown Facts About Vijay Dandekar 1991 Mumbai Police

Even though you have gained enough information about the encounter specialist Vijay, there can still be a few facts about the cop that you are unaware of. This is why we are adding this section so that you can know more about him. Check below some unknown yet interesting facts about Dandekar.

  • Vijay was often recognised as the most feared encounter specialist of his time.
  • He was even awarded for encountering the three accused from the 1991 incident.
  • In the ‘Lut Gaye’ music video, Emran Hashmi played the role of this undercover cop.
  • The cricketer Vijay is a different person.
  • After the death of the bride he fell in love with, Vijay never married anyone.
  • The incident on which the song ‘Lut Gaye’ is based happened on November 16, 1991.

About Emraan Hashmi’s ‘Lut Gaye’ Song

This song is the reprised version of ‘Aankh Uthi Mohabbat Ne,’ which was sung by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. In 2021, Tanishk Bagchi came with this romantic ballad which was penned by Manjo Muntashir. This song gained millions of likes and views within a few days of its release. Later it became the most-watched Indian music video on Youtube in 2021. In this song, the actor Emran Hashmi plays the role of Vijay. The song gained much popularity because of its heart-touching story and soulful melody.

Lut Gaye was in the top charts when it was released.

The song ‘Lut Gaye’ is sung by Jubin Nautiyal, who is currently one of the finest males singers in India. Lut Gaye is also a part of the movie ‘The Mumbai Saga.’ This movie was directed by Sanjay Gupta and was produced by T-Series. This movie’s soundtrack includes ‘Lut Gaye’, which is composed by Tanishk Bagchi. The lyrics of this song are written by the popular poet and screenwriter Manoj Muntashir. The makers of this song revealed in a media statement that ‘Lut Gaye’ is the real inspector Vijay Dandekar story.

This song depicts the story that happened in 1991. In the music video, first, Emran Hashmi was seen wounded and chased by goons. He then escapes from them and hides in a hotel room. That bride-to-be was already in the room, who then escapes with the cop and hides at the Mumbai Police Department. Later she gets shot by the goons and dies at the spot. When the song ends, it is revealed that the story is none other than the deadly police inspector, Vjay Dandekar.

‘Lut Gaye’ Song Details

Check below for some basic details about the popular ‘Lut Gaye’ song.

Song Lut Gaye
Featuring Emran Hashmi
Introducing Yukti Thareja
Singer Jubin Nautiyal
Lyrics By Manoj Muntashir
Music By Tanishk Bagchi
Original Song Aankh Uthi Mohabbat Ne
Original Singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Directors Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru
Available at YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk, JioSaavn, and others.
Licensed to T-Series Music
Total Views on YouTube 1.1 Billion views
Total Likes on YouTube 9.7 Million likes

Unknown Facts About the Lut Gaye Song

Even though you are familiar with the song and know the names of the singer and composer, there are certainly many other things that you may be unaware of. Let us find out the unknown facts about this popular song.

Emran Hashmi Rehearsed the Dance Steps on Set

Emran Hashmi

In an interview, the directors of this music video revealed that they did not call Emran Hashmi for rehearsals and the actor practiced the dance steps on the set. Within a few minutes, Emran perfected the dance steps and prepared for the steps on the sets.

After the 1991 Incident, Vijay Turned an Encounter Specialist

The undercover cop ‘Vijay Dandekar 1991 Mumbai Police’ turned into an encounter specialist after the 1991 incident. He encountered the three men who killed the bride. It is said that Vijay never got married after that.

The Horse Scene at the Beginning Was Music-Inspired

The music video of ‘Lut Gaye’ starts with a horse scene. This scene is inspired by the starting music. Directors of this song thought this music would go well with the horse scene. After this sequence, the story begins.

People got Fascinated by the Story

Once this song was released, people started appreciating it for several reasons. From its lyrics to composition, the song became a popular hit within a few days of its release. Aside from this, many people were also fascinated by the story of this song which is about the encounter specialist Vijay.

Emran Hashmi was Quite Impressed With the Story

The actor Emran Hashmi was instantly impressed when he heard the plot of the music video. He felt the story was fantastic and hence agreed to become a part of this song. The makers of this music video revealed that Emran Hashmi heard the story on a Zoom call and jumped at the opportunity as he was quite impressed.

Is the Story of ‘Lut Gaye’ Similar to the Real Story of Inspector Vijay?

Well, there is certainly some difference between the reel and the real story of this music video. As you have already read the real story of Inspector Vijay Dandekar Mumbai Police in this article, we will now discuss the story that ‘Lut Gaye’ music video tells. The video starts with Emran Hashmi getting chased by some goons. He then goes to a hotel where the marriage is going to take place. In order to hide from the goons, he enters a room where he finds the bride-to-be who was forcefully being married. At the time of rituals, Vijay leaves the hotel, and then the bride also runs away with him.

In the video, it is shown that the girl is being forcefully married. She found the inspector ‘Vijay Dandekar 1991’ who was on an undercover operation. After running from the goons, both the inspector and the bride-to-be hide inside a library. There she finds out that the man with her is the police inspector in Mumbai Police. In another scene, they both are seen performing marriage rituals which is a metaphorical way to tell that they fell in love. After that, three men reach the library and shoot at them.

Unfortunately, the girl ends up being shot dead in front of the police inspector. When the video ends, you can see the exact date when inspector Vijay Dandekar Mumbai Police shot all those three goons who killed the girl. And then, in the next frame of the video, it shows that Vijay never married anyone. Now you may be wondering if this story is real and happened exactly as shown in the music video. Many people also wonder where the encounter specialist Vijay is.

‘Lut Gaye’ Becomes the Most-Watched Music Video on YouTube India

Now you know the complete Vijay Dandekar story. Do you know the ‘Lut Gaye’ song was the most-watched Indian music video on YouTube? The song ‘Lut Gaye’ by Gulshan Kumar and T-Series became quite popular within a few days of its release. This song is highly appreciated because of Jubin Nautiyal’s voice. ‘Lut Gaye’ became the fastest Indian music video to hit 1 billion views on YouTube.

Now, that’s an impressive record. This song gained 1 billion views only within eight months of its release. Featuring Emraan Hashmi and introducing Yukti Thareja, this music video was dropped on YouTube on February 17, 2021. Indian music producer and composer Tanishk Bagchi programmed and arranged this song. The lyrics of ‘Lut Gaye’ were penned down by none other than the poet and writer Manoj Muntashir.

This song’s mixing and mastering were done by Eric Pillai at Future Sound of Bombay. Surajit Ghosh Mazumdar at T-Series Studio recorded the vocals of Jubin for ‘Lut Gaye.’ Furthermore, the famous Lut Gaye music video was directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, and the choreographer was Firoz A Khan.

Vijay Dandekar 1991 Story in ‘Lut Gaye’ Gained Immense Popularity

On the success of ‘Lut Gaye,’ actor Emraan Hashmi said that when he first heard the song, he knew it was going to be fantastic, but the kind of popularity ‘Lut Gaye’ received was quite unprecedented. He said that now this song has set the bar very high by gaining 1 billion views in less than eight months. It is quite an incredible achievement. Emran congratulated the entire team that was involved in the making of this music video. The very popular singer Jubin Nautiyal also expressed his thoughts on the song.

He thanked everyone who was involved in making this music video the fastest Indian song to reach the 1 billion views mark on YouTube. He said that he was really happy to lend his voice to a song that featured the undisputed romantic king – Emraan Hashmi. In an interview, the Managing Director of T-Series Bhushan Kumar expressed his thoughts on ‘Lut Gaye’s popularity. He said that since its release, ‘Lut Gaye’ has kept on achieving one milestone after the next. He thanked all the fans and music enthusiasts who supported this song.

Well, for the music composer Tanishk Bagchi, ‘Lut Gaye’ became his fifth track to touch the billion mark with T-Series. The composer said that It was an overwhelming feeling to see the appreciation like this. He said that it was thrilling that ‘Lut Gaye’ hit the 1 billion mark on YouTube, achieving a historic milestone. Now, let us find out what the lyricist of this song says. The famous Bollywood lyricist and screenwriter Manoj Muntashir says that it is an amazing feeling that ‘Lut Gaye’ has traveled wide and far. He, as a lyricist, feels that there is no greater feeling than seeing your words cut across genders and geographic boundaries.

Vijay Dandekar Real Photo

Do you want to see what Vijay looks like? Well, after listening to the song and knowing the story of Vijay, many people are eager to learn more about him. However, due to the lack of information, people are unable to know more about this dreaded encounter specialist. If you are also looking for ‘Vijay Dandekar real photo,’ then let us tell you that there is no picture of Dandekar available on the internet. Even if you find a photo of him, it is probably going to be a fake one.

The reason for the absence of any photograph of Dandekar is because he was an undercover cop, and due to the risk and danger associated with his job, he had to hide his identity. This is why you may not find the ‘Vijay Dandekar real photo.’ This was everything you wanted to know about the cop Vijay who became extremely famous after the release of ‘Lut Gaye.’ From music to direction, everything in the song ‘Lut Gaye’ successfully managed to tell you the story of this brave cop.

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