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redo of healer uncensored

If you are here to see the uncensored anime then first understand that there is a huge difference between the censored and the uncensored version of a Redo of a Healer uncensored Anime. If you are finding the answer where you can watch the uncensored version then you will find all the answers here. Also as Season 2 is about to come so it’s time for you to find the best platform for the uncensored version so that you enjoy the story in one go. 

Redo of Healer story is entirely based on the Japanese novel “Kaifuku Jutushushi no Yarinaoshi” another name used to refer to the story was “Kaiyori”. This novel has all the illustrations made by Shiokonbu and is written by Rui Tsukiyo

As for the particular anime series it was launched in 2021 January and from there it gained popularity among all the fans of anime. 

Redo of Healer uncensored version 

Regardless of the location, you live in, you will not find the uncensored version on Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you are curious that from where can I watch the redo of a healer uncensored version, then you can find it on the official website of HIDIVE. 

Before you go to the website to see the version first understand the procedure so that you do not have to spend money to watch it. 

Uncensored version on HIDIVE

Take a look at all the available options so that you do not end up watching the incomplete version. On this website, you will find the show in different languages such as English, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, and Portuguese. There are dubbed versions along with subtitles so that you can select the one that suits you the most.  

Many people prefer the uncensored version of HIDIVE as it captures the full range of the story.

To watch anything on HIDIVE, there is a monthly price that is of $4.99 USD every month. If you want to get the subscription for an entire year then it costs around $47.99 USD. You do not have to pay to watch the uncensored version of HIDIVE because on this website all the first subscribers get 30 days free trial period. Avail this offer and watch redo of healer the complete version for free in thirty days. 

redo of healer season 2

There are also some other sites to watch redo of healer this but there will be a pirated version with low quality. On this site, you can watch redo of healer in HD version. 

How to get the uncensored version of Redo of Healer

On HIDIVE, you need to first change the overall settings after logging in to the account. Without changing the settings, you cannot find this version. Once you are done creating an account then log in to the website and search for the uncensored version. You will only see the censored version, as the website has both of them. Now here is what you need to do to get Redo of a Healer uncensored. 

Step 1: Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the home page. Step 5: The search results will show two versions; censored and uncensored. Click on the uncensored and play any episode.
2nd Step: Select the option “Edit profile” Step 6: Just below the player, there is an option for “languages”
Step 3: A page will appear with private and streaming sections and some information. Look at the bottom of the page and you will see a box that states, “Show mature content”. Check on that box. Step 7: You will find multiple options for languages with details. Select any option that you want the audio and subtitles in and select its home video option. Do not select the broadcast version.
Step 4: Go to the home page and again search for the uncensored version of Redo of Healer. Step 8: You are all settled in, now you can watch redo of healer any episode or season with similar settings on the website.

Difference between censored and uncensored version

The major difference between these versions is in the adult and mature content. The season is full of graphic erotic scenes, sex, bloodshed, and abuse. A lot of fans consider it under the category of Hentai because of all the explicit sexual scenes that include brutal torture scenes, and also violence in which you can see the gore and blood. People prefer the uncensored version as they do not want to miss anything and want to absorb everything in the story. 

Ending note

In case you are not a fan of bloodshed and sexual scenes then stick to the censored version only. In case, you really love the series and want to know all the details, and you are not sensitive to adult content then the uncensored version is the right choice for you.

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