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Do you want to know the price of one of the most aggressive-looking motorcycles by Honda? This is a popular commuter bike in many countries, including Bangladesh. In this article, we explore different variants of Honda X Blade along with the price list in Bangladesh. Read our complete guide to find out more about this motorcycle.

Honda X Blade: Features, Price, And Specifications

The Japanese multinational conglomerate automobile maker Honda has manufactured some of the extremely popular vehicles that make Honda one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Here we are going to talk about one such vehicle manufactured by Honda that is among the most popular bike models in Bangladesh.

Let us take a detailed look at the features and the Honda X Blade price in BD. This motorcycle is a sports-commuter vehicle launched by Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL).

Honda X Blade Features

There are many features that make this motorcycle extremely popular in different regions. Even though it is not the latest addition by Honda, its features surely make it look like one. Check below the different features of this motorcycle.

  • Roba-face LED headlamp: This bike has a first-in-class Robo-face Led headlamp which is extremely popular among bike enthusiasts. This is one of the most amazing attractions of this motorcycle. The headlight at the front of the Honda X-Blade gives it an appearance similar to Iron man. The arrangement of the Robo-face LED headlamp is like it cuts through the dark with style.
  • Street-tech digital meter: The other important feature of this bike is that it has a street-tech full display digital meter that also has a gear position display and service due reminder. This bike can be considered one of the cheapest motorcycles with a fully digital display.
  • Dual outlet muffler: The dual-outlet muffler of this two-wheeler gives it a sporty look. The dual-port exhaust system of this bike is with a chrome tip and produces a loud sound.
  • Razor-edged LED tail lamp: The razor-edged LED tail lamp glorifies the back of this motorcycle. Honda X-Blade’s head and tail lights are both LED.

Honda_X Blade tank banner

  • Tank design: The tank design of this bike is aggressive-sculpted and has a sharp design.
  • Rear tyre: The rear tyre of the Honda X-Blade is wide with a hugger fender and is 130 mm, which makes it good for extended road grip.
  • Powerful engine: The engine of this motorcycle is 160 cc and is powerful in comparison to many other bikes. This is why Honda X-Blade is popularly known for its unmatched engine power and torque.
  • Stability: The mono-shock suspension provides superior stability and handling to this bike.
  • Seats: Honda X-Blade has a long seat that provides excellent comfort to passengers.
  • Seal chain: The seal chain of this motorcycle requires low maintenance and is more durable. 

Specifications of Honda X Blade

Here we discuss some specifications of the Honda X-Blade that can help you decide if this motorcycle is good for you.

Body Dimensions

This motorcycle by Honda is considered a great performer due to its body dimensions. The features and specifications of the Honda X-Blade provide excellent handling and control those passengers can enjoy. The body features combined with the balanced design of this bike make it agile and stable.

Honda_XBlade bike view banner

Check below the body dimensions of the Honda X-Blade:

  • Height of bike: 1115 mm
  • Length of bike: 2013 mm
  • Width: 786 mm
  • Ground clearance: 160 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1347 mm
  • Kerb weight: 140 Kg


Honda X-Blade has a powerful engine with a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters. This engine has a maximum net power of 10.39 kW (13.93 bhp) @8500 rpm. The incredible power and torque make it a good engine. The bike has a self/kick starting method and is extremely smooth to drive.

Honda_X Blade engine banner

Here are some other features of the engine of Honda X-Blades:

  • Stroke: 63.096 mm
  • Bore: 57.3 mm
  • Compression ratio: 10:01
  • Displacement: 162.71 cc, four-stroke, air-cooled, BS-IV engine


Honda X Blade

The engine of the Honda X-Blade is coupled with five gears that provide its 5-speed transmission. The gear pattern of this motorcycle is 1-N-2-3-4-5. These specifications make this bike a wonderful ride for passengers.

Tyres and Brakes

The Honda X-Blade has durable tyres and brakes that make this motorcycle smooth to drive. The front tyre size of this bike is 80/100-17, and the rear tyre size is 130/70-17. Both front and rear tyres of this bike are of tubeless types. The front brake of this bike is of disc-type, whereas the rear brake is of drum-type. The size of the front brake is 276 mm, while that of the rear brake is 130 mm.

Frames & Suspension

The frame type of this powerful motorcycle is diamond, and this bike has a telescopic front suspension. Honda X-Blade has a mono-shock rear suspension. The telescopic and mono-shock suspension of this motorcycle does not let riders feel awkward riding the bike.


Honda X-Blade has a powerful battery with a 12V 4Ah(MF) power. Another noticeable electrical feature of this bike is its LED headlamp. The bike also has LED taillights and a turn signal lamp. The effectiveness and efficiency of the electrical parts of this motorcycle are impressive.

Available Colours

Mostly, people buy this bike in red or black; however, Honda X-Blade is available in the following different types of colors:

  • Pearl Spartan Red
  • Matte Frozen Silver
  • Matte Marshal Green Metallic
  • Matte Marvel Blue Metallic
  • Pearl Igneous Black

Popular Variants of Honda X-Blade

The Honda X-Blade is cost-friendly and offers a range of amazing features.

If you want to buy this bike, then you must consider checking the features of its different variants. Once you check the features, you can select the motorcycle based on your preference. Let us take a look at the variants of the Honda X-Blade.

Honda X Blade Disc

This Bike Disc is a popular sports naked bike from Honda that is available in four different colours such as pearl igneous black, pearl spartan red, matte marmalade orange metallic, and matte marvel blue metallic. Honda X-Blade Disc is powered by an engine of 162.71 cc and provides a power of 13.8 PS. The torque of this motorcycle remains at 14.7 Nm.

Here are some features and specifications of this motorcycle:

  • Engine: 4 Stroke, SI, BS-VI Engine
  • Maximum power: 13.8 PS @8000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 14.7 Nm @5500 rpm
  • Displacement: 162.71 cc
  • Number of cylinders: 1
  • Fuel capacity: 12 L
  • Gearbox: 5 Speed
  • Stroke: 63.096 mm

This bike has a front brake of disc shape and a rear brake of drum shape. Some other features of the Honda X-Blade include single-channel ABS, an LED taillight, digital speedometer, fuel gauge, and service due indicator. The bike has an air-cooled cooling system and is a kick and start type with manual transmission. There are many happy customers of Honda who prefer this bike over other models.

Honda X-Blade Double Disc

Honda X-Blade Double Disc comes with brakes with a double-disc. Unlike the Honda X-Blade Disc, this motorcycle has both disc front and rear brakes. You can purchase this bike in different colors such as pearl igneous black, pearl spartan red, matte marmalade orange metallic, matte marvel blue metallic. You can check the availability of these colours and buy one without any hassle. Check below some features and specifications of the Honda X-Blade Double Disc:

  • Engine: 4 Stroke, SI, BS-VI Engine
  • Maximum power: 13.8 PS @8000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 14.7 Nm @5500 rpm
  • Displacement: 162.71 cc
  • Number of cylinders: 1
  • Fuel capacity: 12 L
  • Gearbox: 5 Speed
  • Stroke: 63.096 mm

This sports naked bike has other features like single-channel ABS, digital odometer and speedometer, service due indicator, LED tail lights, fuel gauge, and manual transmission. Overall both Honda X-Blade Disc and Honda X-Blade Double Disc have similar features except for their brake types. The double-disc feature of this bike provides more capable braking power and better safety.

Honda X Blade Price in BD (Bangladesh)

Are you looking for the Honda X Blade price in BD? Before buying any bike, it is helpful if you check out the price. This is why to get you an idea if this motorcycle is good enough for you, we have listed its price in Bangladesh. Check here the Honda X Blade price in BD (Bangladesh).

  • abs Price in BD 2022 Approx. 186,900 BDT.
  • Double Disk Price in BD 2022 Same as Above (because these are same feature of this bike but searched differently that is why we explain in two boxes).
  • Single Disk Price in BD About, 174,000 BDT.

History of Honda X-Blade

In 2019, bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh welcomed this sports-naked bike with great enthusiasm. If we talk about its manufacturing company, then Honda is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Honda showrooms in many countries have introduced the Honda X-Blade. This motorcycle has two variants, one with a front brake disc and rear brake drum, and the other variant with a disc brake up both the front and on the rear.

This motorcycle was launched mainly to target younger buyers. There are many youngsters who get fascinated by its design and elegance and end up buying it. In fact, Honda’s brand new addition X-Blade receives many styles and design updates. One of the major attractions of this bike is its Robo-confronted LED headlight and the LED tail lamp, which are very popular among bikers. Even the gas tank of the Honda X-Blade is new and gives a muscular and sculpted layout to the bike.

Bikers in Bangladesh admire the twin-outlet exhaust that Honda has given to this motorcycle. The company has done its part to intensify the sporty appearance of this motorbike by giving break-up grab-rails, new graphics, sporty searching covers for the forks and facets, wheel stripes, and a link-kind equipment shifter. Overall, the Japanese automobile maker Honda has made sure bikers who have an enthusiasm for sports bikes can get the feel at the most affordable price.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Honda X Blade

Features Key factors
Design New graphics available
Comfort Smooth and fast
Technology Rear disc brake
Mileage 45 km/l

From design to a smooth ride, there are many reasons that make this motorcycle popular in several countries, including Bangladesh. Here we are going to explore these reasons and provide you with legit informative article so that you can decide if this is the right choice for you. Let us find out these reasons.

Design and Appearance

The sharp and refined look of this motorcycle makes it extremely popular among bikers. In many countries, bike enthusiasts get thrilled by its design with excellent engine displacement, which is 160cc. It adds a good impression on the Honda two-wheeler market and is compared between Unicorn 160 and Hornet. Honda has done a remarkable job in designing this bike. The bike has an overall radical shape which is surely eye-catching. Furthermore, the Robo-face of this bike makes it even more attractive.

If we talk about the overall design, then it remains largely similar to other Honda bikes, but the tank shrouds make it look unique. The tank and tail section of this bike features new graphics and attracts many bikers. The Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda has given a perfect finish to the mid-section of this bike. You can also see that the company has redesigned the exhaust end by adding two exhaust ports. Moreover, the ‘Robo-face’ LED headlight gives the bike a non-biological face with a small windshield on top of it. The bike had a protruding tank that provides a sense of agility to the motorcycle and gets accentuated by the dual-tone paint scheme.


Motorcycles from this Japanese automobile manufacturer are well-known for providing excellent comfort to riders. Bikers from different regions love how the engine of this motorcycle starts cleanly from 4000 rpm. With excellent mid-range handling and extensive use in driving in city traffic, this motorcycle is all you may need. Especially for bike riders who are looking for a combination of power, design, and comfort, Honda X-Blade can be a great example. The pedal and steering of the bike may vibrate when the tachometer exceeds 6500 RPM. Otherwise, the smoothness of this bike is similar to other Honda vehicles.

Many buyers have claimed that they encountered the wrong idle speed a couple of times, but its five-speed gearbox remains smooth. We cannot say that the Honda X-Blade is the most powerful model in its class. However, the bike can surely complete the work well with smoothness. Many buyers have provided us with insights that speed from 50 to 90 km/h can be perfect for this motorcycle. Furthermore, the bike has a kerb weight of 140kg, which makes it easy to maneuver in situations with tight traffic conditions. Another comfortable feature of this bike is that its handlebar is in the right position. This is why bikers of any size can easily ride this motorcycle. And just like a typical Honda bike, the ride quality of the Honda X-Blade is also good.

Technology in Honda X-Blade

Honda has perfectly synchronised the technology with the bike’s design and comfort. This motorcycle has an air-cooled and balanced engine which is similar to those of Unicorn BS6. Moreover, the motorcycle has fuel injection and displacement of 162.7cc. The output power of the Honda X-Blade is 13.86 PS, and the torque is 14.7 Nm which is more than the Unicorn’s 0.94 PS. and 0.7 Nm torque. The bike has a BS4 X-Blade mechanical engine with a power of 0.26 horsepower. However, the additional technology has made its new engine torque and maximum torque 0.8 Nm higher.

Honda has kept the five-speed transmission and the mechanics of this bike unchanged. Bikers can get the same adjustable mono damper and conventional telescopic fork similar to before. The 17-inch wheels and diagonals are also similar to other Honda vehicles. One unique thing that Honda added to this motorcycle is a rear disc brake option. Buyers can choose between a 220mm disc or a 130mm drum on the back, which means you have the option to buy either a Honda X-Blade Disc or a Honda X-Blade Double Disc. Both the variants of X-Blade use disc brakes with a diameter of 276 mm and the single-channel ABS.

Mileage and Performance

When it comes to buying a bike with better mileage and performance, many bikers trust Honda. Different bikes manufactured by this Japanese automobile brand have different mileage and performance ratings. Here we find about the mileage and performance of the Honda X-Blade that can help you decide if this is the bike you are looking for. This motorcycle has a mileage of 45 Km/l. However, many bikers claim that the mileage of this motorcycle may vary between 45 – 50km/l. The mileage of the Honda X-Blade is one of the many reasons why it is considered a reasonable buy in the commuter bike market.

Furthermore, the bike is combined with a fuel tank capacity of 12-litre. The mileage and performance of the Honda X-Blade make it a promising motorcycle for riding in both urban and rural areas. However, you may not consider this bike an ideal choice for long rides. The performance of this bike is somewhat similar to Unicorn BS6 because of the same 160 cc single-cylinder and air-cooled engine with fuel injection and compensation. But the adjustment method in X-Blade makes it different from the other Honda bikes. If you are looking for a bike that can give the best performance in both the rural and urban areas, then Honda X-Blade can be a perfect choice for you.


So, now that we have discussed different features and specifications of the Honda X-Blade along with the price in BD, you can decide if this is the bike you want to ride. If we talk about its price, this bike definitely offers good value for money. In fact, the impressive power and torque outputs make this bike even more special. The average price of a Honda X-Blade is Tk.173,900 in Bangladesh. However, the price may vary depending on the place you are buying or some other factors. At this price, you can get a fuel tank capacity of 12 litres with 45 Kmpl mileage, which is considered quite decent.

We can say that the manufacturer may have made its mileage slightly higher with a bit more power. However, in many bikers’ opinions, the overall features of this do make its presence felt in its category. The prices of Single Disc and Double Disc variants of X-Blade are different. Honda X Blade Double Disc has a higher price than the single disc. You can select the bike that suits your budget and requirements and buy it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honda X-Blade

Many times, people buy a motorcycle in haste and regret it later. This is why considering all the factors and gaining detailed insight is always helpful when you buy a vehicle. From the above-mentioned specs and features, you can decide if Honda X-Blade is an ideal choice. However, if you still have any doubts regarding this motorcycle, then there is nothing to worry about. Here we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Honda X-Blade.

How much is the battery power of Honda X Blade

Please check the owner manual provided along with Honda X-Blade.

Is buying a Honda X Blade a good option?

Yes. Honda X-Blade is considered a good option based on its mileage, performance, and comfort. However, it also depends on your requirements.

Which variant of Honda X-Blade is more popular?

The double-disc variant of the Honda X-Blade is more popular as it comes with better features than the single-disc variant. The price of this bike may be a little higher than that of the single-disc variant. However, by paying a slightly higher price, you can get dual disc brakes. This may ensure better safety and braking power with more capability.

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