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OnlyFans created an uproar across the internet when they decided to ban sexually explicit content from their platform. The decision sent influencers and content creators who relied on revenue from OnlyFans into a frenzy as they scrambled to find alternatives. One of these alternatives is Fansly, a new platform that enables users to create adult-friendly communities and monetize their content.

The immediate backlash from content creators and users caused OF to retract their plans to ban explicit content on their platform. However, many creators chose to stick with Fansly. Popular creators such as Justaminx switched to Fansly and helped the platform achieve even more popularity.

Fansly’s mission is to create an environment that enables people to express their creativity without censorship or judgment. It allows creators to share anything from racy photos, videos, and audio clips all while earning money for doing so.

With the Fansly app’s friendly interface and user-friendly tools, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms geared toward adults looking for ways to make money online.

What is Fansly?

Are you one of those people who have heard of Fansly, but are not sure what it is? Many people are also wondering, “What is Fansly, and how does it work?”

Fansly is a relatively new content platform that allows users to access exclusive content from their favorite creators. Owned by Select Media LLC, a US-based company, the subscription-based social media platform primarily caters to content creators and influencers in the adult and NSFW (not suitable for work) niches. You can find in-demand adult content creators such as Stpeach and Justaminx in Fansly.

Fansly Features: Are They as Good as OnlyFans?

Fansly seeks to revolutionize the way people interact with content creators. It operates in a similar way to other popular platforms such as LoyalFans and OnlyFans, where users are able to subscribe or pay for exclusive content created by their favorite creators such as Justaminx from Fansly and Stpeach, also from Fansly.

However, Fansly takes it a step further by offering its users additional features.

Fansly App

One of Fansly’s best features is the mobile app available for Android and iOs devices that makes using the platform even easier. With the Fansly app, users can stay up-to-date with their fans, upload photos, videos, and other content, as well as interact with followers directly from their smartphones.

The Fansly app is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. It is designed to make managing a Fansly account simple and straightforward.

Fansly Premium Content

This app creators can make money by selling these types of premium content:

  • Subscription: Creators like Stpeach from Fansly are able to offer users access to exclusive content in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Custom content: Fansly’s way of providing custom content lets influencers monetize their fan relationships by enabling them to charge for tips for creating these customized posts. Easily request custom content from popular creators such as Justaminx from Fansly.
  • Private chats: Fans can directly DM creators they follow on Fansly and engage in private chats with them for a price.

Fansly Watermarks

Fansly enables creators to add watermarks to any content automatically. This feature is extremely beneficial for creators who want to keep their content secure and prevent it from being stolen or misused by others.


Geoblocking is a great way to ensure your personal details are kept safe from view and protect yourself from unwanted attention. Whether you’re an adult performer or a regular content creator, geoblocking can be essential for staying safe online.

Tiered Subscriptions

Fansly also offers the option to choose from different subscription tiers. For instance, content creators can set a rate of $5 per month for basic memberships that give access to certain exclusive benefits. They can then offer higher tiers at different prices with additional benefits like bonus content and even private chats.

This gives fans more flexibility in terms of what they pay for and how much they invest in your work as a creator. With these new options available through Fansly, creators are able to provide their subscriber base with greater value and build deeper relationships with them over time.

Is Fansly Free to Use?

Fansly is one of the many platforms that allow creators to monetize their work through subscriptions and payments, but their policy states that they retain 20% of all earnings with an additional deduction for any chargebacks.

How to Get Started on Fansly

fansly signup

Creating a Fansly account is relatively straightforward. As long as you are 18 years old, have a valid government-issued ID like a driver’s license, details of your bank account, and have an Internet connection, you can get started in minutes.

How to verify your profile, you need to upload a clear photo of yourself holding up your government-issued ID. Then, you must also verify your bank account. It takes up to 48 hours for Fansly to approve your account.

OnlyFans vs Fansly: Which is the Best Platform for Adult Creators?

Onlyfans and Fansly are two of the most popular subscription-based platforms available for content creators. At first glance, these two platforms may appear similar in terms of their main purpose: helping content creators monetize their work. However, there are several differences in how they offer services to both fans and influencers.

OnlyFans Fansly
Target Audience People looking for adult content People looking for adult and general content
Commission 20% 20%
Monetization PPV, subscription, tips, e-commerce, private chats Tips, custom content, subscription, private chats
Content type Anything Anything
Mode of Payment Bank transfer, e-wallet, Venmo, Paxum Skrill, Paxum, Crypto, Bank transfer

The Bottom Line

Fansly is a great platform for online creators looking to make money from their creative endeavors. It offers a secure, easy-to-use interface that allows content creators to make the most of their potential and reach more people than ever before. The vast array of features available makes Fansly an ideal choice for monetizing content, whether it be cam shows, feet pics, beauty tutorials or anything in between.

Download the Fansly android app and start monetizing your content right away!

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