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Black Dog Whisky Price in India



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Once the father of American literature, Mark Twain said some timeless words that too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough. Whether you are planning a get-together with family and friends or hoping to relax after a long day at the office, a bottle of whiskey can help you enjoy the day. Here we are going to review one of the most popular drinks in India. Black Dog Whiskey is extremely popular in India, and you will certainly find it at any liquor shop in India.

This guide can help you find out the Black Dog price in some prominent states of India where its consumption is higher. We will provide you with a detailed list containing Black Dog price in Delhi, Black Dog price in UP, and Black Dog price in different states of India. Different states in India may have a different Black Dog price.

Black Dog is originally a brand of Scotch Whiskey, which is from Scotland. The original Black Dog Scotch Whiskey contains around 42.8% alcohol by volume. This amber-colored drink has different variants, such as Black Dog Gold Reserve and Black Dog Quintessence. However, the Black Dog whiskey that you see in Indian liquor shops may or may not be in its original form.

Many breweries in India buy Scottish distilleries and blend proper Scotch whiskey with the Indian firewater. You can also find the original Black Dog Scotch whiskey at some liquor shops in India. Even though Black Dog Indian Whiskey is a united brewery, it tastes quite pleasing. If you are interested in buying this drink, then discovering its price in different states can be helpful to you. Let us find out the Black Dog price in Delhi and UP.

Black Dog Whisky Price in Delhi

During your visit to Delhi, you can buy a Black Dog whiskey and have the best drinking experience possible. Here we are providing Black Dog prices in Delhi by categorizing them into its different variants and quantities. Check below the Black Dog price in Delhi:

Price of Black Dog Black Reserve in Delhi

Black Dog Black Reserve Delhi banner

  • 60 ml: INR 115
  • 180 ml: INR 345
  • 375 ml: INR 700
  • 750 ml: INR 1400
  • 1000 ml: INR 1860

Price of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve in Delhi

Black Dog triple gold reserve banner

  • 60 ml: INR 160
  • 180 ml: INR 495
  • 375 ml: INR 1000
  • 750 ml: INR 2000
  • 1000 ml: INR 2660

Black Dog Price in UP (Uttar Pradesh) India

Uttar Pradesh is also one of the Indian states with higher consumption of Black Dog whiskey. Here you can check the Black Dog price in UP according to their types and quantity.

  • 60 ml: INR 120
  • 180 ml: INR 360
  • 375 ml: INR 725
  • 750 ml: INR 1450
  • 1000 ml: INR 1930

Black Dog Whiskey Price in Different cities of India

Different cities in India have different Black Dog Whiskey prices. You can discover this luxurious scotch whiskey at the best prices in some Indian cities. Check below the Black Dog price in Delhi and different cities of India.

Black Dog Whiskey Price in Mumbai

  • 180 ml: INR 380
  • 375 ml: INR 775
  • 750 ml: INR 1490

Black Dog Price in Kolkata

  • 60 ml: INR 170
  • 90 ml: INR 210
  • 180 ml: INR 510
  • 375 ml: INR 920
  • 750 ml: INR 1800

Black Dog Whiskey Cost in Bangalore

  • 60 ml: INR 163
  • 375 ml: INR 1016
  • 750 ml: INR 2040
  • 1000 ml: INR 2625
  • 2000 ml: INR 5000

Black Dog Cost in Goa

  • 60 ml: INR 142
  • 90 ml: INR 210
  • 180 ml: INR 425
  • 375 ml: INR 850
  • 750 ml: INR 1700
  • 1000 ml: INR 2170

Black Dog Whiskey Price in Hyderabad

  • 60 ml: INR 170
  • 90 ml: INR 220
  • 180 ml: INR 400
  • 375 ml: INR 800
  • 750 ml: INR 1560

Black Dog Cost in Himachal

  • 60 ml: INR 142
  • 90 ml: INR 210
  • 180 ml: INR 425
  • 375 ml: INR 850
  • 750 ml: INR 1700
  • 1000 ml: INR 2170

How To Drink and Enjoy Black Dog Whisky?

Black Dog Scotch comes in different varieties and with a wide range of ingredients and flavors. You can enjoy this smooth drink without mixing soda or, worse, cola with it. Many people prefer drinking Black Dog neat, that is, without mixing anything. Some people prefer Black Dog on rocks, which means just with ice cubes but no water.

HHow to enjoy Black Dog whisky banner

You can drink Black Dog whiskey by mixing 3-4 ice cubes in around 60 ml of scotch. It’ll go down pretty smoothly through your throat. Preparing your drink in this way will give it a slightly metallic kind of taste. You can try this drink with not-so-spicy snacks and have a great time enjoying Black Dog whisky. This scotch drink is very smooth and is considered one of the best whiskeys in India.

Types Of Black Dog Whisky in India

Here are the most popular types of Black Dog whiskey in India

  • Black Dog Reserve Whiskey: This type of Black Dog comes with a unique blend of malt and grain-scotch whiskies and offers a luxurious flavor.
  • Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve: This type of Black Dog whiskey is a triple matured scotch. Earlier, this whiskey was known as the Black Dog Deluxe. Also, it was the first variant of the Black Dog brand.
  • Black Dog Black Reserve: This eight-year-old scotch whiskey was earlier known as the Black Dog Centenary. Black Dog Black Reserve was introduced in Delhi in 2006.

Black Dog whisky types in India

Here are some variations of Black Dog whiskey that are popular in India

  • Black Dog 8 years old
  • Black Dog 12 years old
  • Black Dog 18 years old
  • Black Dog 21 years old

Is it Legal to Buy Black Dog Whisky in India?

In India, alcohol is a state subject, and hence different Indian states have different laws and regulations regarding alcohol. Liquor is generally sold at different liquor stores, hotels, bars, and restaurants in India. Many states in India have set a legal drinking age for citizens.

There are certain states in India that have made selling liquor illegal within their jurisdiction. You cannot sell any liquor in the following states:

  • Gujarat
  • Nagaland
  • Bihar
  • Mizoram
  • Lakshadweep

However, there are many states where there is no prohibition on the selling of liquor. You can buy or sell liquor in many Indian states such as Delhi, Haryana, and Maharashtra. You can check the Black Dog price in Delhi and other states and buy the variant that suits your taste and budget.

Legal Age Limit to Buy Alcohol in India

Different states in India have different legal age limits to buy alcohol in India. For example, the legal drinking age in many states such as Assam, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh is 21 years. The legal drinking age in states like Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim is 18 years.

Aside from the drinking age limit, there are certain other restrictions and laws related to selling and purchasing alcohol in India. In some states, the government has prohibited the sales of alcohol on a few days, called dry days. On different occasions, such as Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, and Independence Day, the sale of alcohol is not permitted in some states.

Black Dog Whisky History, Wiki, And Owner Names

This popular brand of whiskey was first blended and bottled in Scotland. James MacKinlay was the first person to blend this type of whiskey. He was a second-generation blender from a Leith-based family in Scotland. United Spirits Limited (USL) is the company that manufactures this scotch whiskey. Prior to the partition of India, Black Dog was sold out in Pakistan. Later this brand of whiskey got popular in different Indian states.

Conclusion: Black Dog Price in Delhi

After knowing the Black Dog price, you can buy this drink to make your day more relaxing in different Indian states. One special thing about Black Dog is that you can even drink it straight without mixing anything. You can also try this whiskey on rocks and remove all the exhaustion from the long day at work. There have been several studies that suggest whiskey can be good for your health. It can help reduce the risk of dementia. In fact, many people prefer whiskey because it also serves as a digestion acid and contains more ellagic than red wine. Now that you know the Black Dog price in different Indian states, you can easily buy this luxurious drink, no matter where you are.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Dog Whisky

Let us take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions related to the Black Dog Whisky.

What is the alcohol percentage in the Black Dog?

Black Dog whiskey contains 42.8% alcohol by percentage.

What is the price of the Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve in India?

The price of a 750 ml Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve in Rajasthan is INR 2050. This price may vary depending on the type and the quantity of the liquor. Also, different states in India have different prices for Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve.

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