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Amazon Hub counter is a retail place where people buy amazon products and services while being assisted by attendants. Amazon Hub locker refers to a platform where customers shop for themselves, the Locker is a self-service platform where you go to collect, drop and return products. To collect from the Locker, you need an amazon code or unique number to scan or put on the monitor for the Locker to open. The Hub counter and Locker work closely with the offline stores to ensure safe and timely delivery of the package ordered online. here is the informative article:

Quick Comparison Between Amazon Hub Locker and Counter

”It’s a wonderful comparison that helped me with my order pickup selection.”

Parameters Amazon Hub Locker Amazon Hub Counter
Location They Can Be Found Third-party Venues Third-Party Venues
Structure Lockers Shop Counters
Charges Free Free
Assisted Services No Assistance Attendant Assist You
Returns Acceptance Accepts Returns Accepts Returns
Products Accepted From Amazon Alone From Amazon Alone

 Features of the Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Locker

An amazon hub locker is a self-service store where you have your Locker with your product. You can pick up, drop off and return products at your convenience. Once your product has arrived at the Amazon Hub locker near me, an email is sent verifying the arrival of your product. You will then take the code and go to the Hub locker. Touch the monitor of the Locker and input your code. One of the lockers will open, allowing you to collect your ordered products.

 Alternatively, you can use the barcode on your email. Scan the barcode, and the Locker will open, availing your ordered products. Most Hub lockers are found in cities at the most accessible places where you can use any means of transport. Hub Lockers’ locations include petrol stations, malls, supermarkets, and Food Market outlets. How long does Amazon Hub Locker hold items? It holds items for only three days, after which the products are returned, and you get reimbursement.

To ensure the process of picking, dropping, and returning is convenient, there are features like monitors, a headphone set, a bar code scanner, and a number pad. All these features ensure that people collect products easily without requiring assistance from amazon assistants. The screen has its instructions, so it is rare for clients to make mistakes. You can use the amazon locker locator to see any lockers near you before you order. Remember lockers are specified when ordering the goods so that amazon ships the product to the nearest Locker near you.

Understanding the Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter

On Amazon Hub Counter, your products are maintained by amazon-approved stores or intermediaries. Here, the products are well taken care of, not locked in a digital locker like the Amazon Hub Locker. Amazon Hub Vs. The counter is that on the counter, you get to deal with real people, so you don’t have the hustle of scanning barcodes or putting numbers on a monitor for you to get your items.

To get your product, open the email amazon sent to you, take the bar code and give it to the middleman in the store. The attendant will scan it for you and retrieve your order so that you get your product. If you cannot reach the counter by yourself, email a person you trust to collect the product. Your friend will have to avail the email so that it gets scanned and the product gets retrieved.

On Amazon Hub Counter, products are stored for 14 days, after which all products are returned to the amazon sellers, and the customer gets reimbursed back the money. Most counters are located in convenient and accessible places such as medicine shops, supermarkets, malls, and markets to enable people to locate the Lockers or Counters quickly and with all possible means. These counters can be contacted at any time and notify you that your product has arrived to ensure you pick or send someone to pick it up for you.

Products That Qualify to Be Shipped in Amazon Hub Lockers and Counters

The Amazon Locker or counter can accept some specific products with certain qualities. To qualify for the Locker or Counter delivery method, a product should be less than 12 cubic feet. It should be at most 30 pounds because heavy items require a lot of labor to store at the counter or Locker. Lockers cannot hold large items, so 12 cubic feet is the maximum volume allowed. Due to the safety concerns at the counter and Locker, products should not exceed $5,000.

 The Amazon hub counter near me doesn’t accept high-value goods, so if you want such products, you will have to pin your location for the product to be delivered to your place directly. Regarding Amazon counter vs. Locker, it is essential to look at factors like how long it would take you before you collect your product. If you know you will delay picking your product, consider using the counter. Both are very safe and reliable, so you shouldn’t worry about your products.

Identifiable Differences Between the Amazon Hub Locker and Hub Counter

There are notable differences between the Amazon hub locker vs. the counter. The amazon hub locations may be in the same places, but services are different. Below are some of the differences between the two Hubs.

how to use amazon hub counter

Type of Service

On Amazon Hub Counter, there is a retail shop with a natural person attendant who takes care of the products. You give the code, it gets scanned, and your product is retrieved. You can even send your friend or person you trust to go and collect the product for you, but you need to give them your email with the code.

There is no attendant on the Amazon Hub locker, so you will have to scan or put the code on the monitor for the Locker to open. These Amazon Hub locker locations are in high-traffic places such as supermarkets, malls, and open-air markets for easy access and security. Even at transportation terminals, you can still find your lockers. You can use the Amazon locker locator to ensure you get the amazon locker near you. The similarity is that both of these services are reliable, and you get your product as perfect as you expect them.

Pickup of the Goods or Items

It is almost the same in both the Amazon Hub counter and the Amazon Hub locker. The Locker is self-service where you put the code or scan a barcode, and it will open to avail the product to you. You can also use a headphone jack to get products from the Locker if you are visually impaired.

At the Amazon Hub Counter, you don’t have to worry because there is an attendant to serve you. show your email to the attendant, and your product will be retrieved for you. You don’t need to carry any identification documents because email is always sufficient.

The Process of Returning Goods

Returning products are allowed at Amazon if you meet all terms and conditions. When you want to return something through the Locker, you need to scan or put the code, indicate that you want to return and put the product in the Locker. It will then appear as a drop-off option on throughout. Remember, you need to be in line with all return policies for the return of the product to be accepted. Amazon hub counter, on the other hand requires buyers to take the product to the counter. The attendant will examine the return grounds and approve or reject the return. Both the Locker and the counter have return conditions which must be fully met before one is allowed to return the products.

Amazon Hub Counter and Locker Operating Hours

Operating hours of amazon lockers depend on the set regulations. Some lockers operate 24 hours while others operate from 7 am to 9 pm. The Amazon Hub lockers located in malls and shops that operate 24 hours operate for the same 24 hours. Amazon lockers in places that don’t run 24 hours tend to close early enough, so customers must wait until the next day. Amazon Hub Counters operate the same hours as the store that houses it. This means if the approved middleman closes, there is a counter for you to take your products.


Amazon Hub Locker and Hub Counter are all delivery points and return points that have outstanding service to Amazon buyers. They are all convenient and reliable, so you can get or return products within your preferred time. Save the email sent to you by amazon so that you get the code to scan and retrieve your product at the store.

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