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Solved: Due To Operating Conditions Your Package May be Delayed




Due To Operating Conditions Your Package May be Delayed

Every once in a while, we get a message or an email from an online company/courier service saying Due to operating conditions your package may be delayed’ when we place an order online. It’s really frustrating for online shoppers when they get such an email. Before coming on to why it happens let’s review the benefits of online shopping and why nowadays people are buying goods of their need online rather than going out in stores or malls.

Online shopping has made life so much easier. From clothes to books, food, electronics, decorative pieces, crockery, furniture etc. Everything is available online. You can get anything without stepping out of the house just from the features available on your smartphones. All you have to do is place an order from the comfort of your homes and wait for a maximum of 7 to 8 days, sometimes even less, for your delivery.

There are multiple reasons why consumers now prefer to shop online than going out in stores. Online shopping has become so convenient and an essential mainstay in the age of COVID-19.

Due To Operating Conditions, Your Package May be Delayed


  • Lower Prices & Discounts

Lower prices and discounts are the main reasons, influencing consumer’s decision to shop online and most consumers prefer to buy less expensive products. This is the main reason why shoppers look online for affordable options.

  • Greater Variety

Another reason consumers prefer to shop online is the availability of more product options. Consumers can easily compare the prices, reviews and features of the product online.

  • Time saving and availability of service 24/7

Online shopping has made the life easy of the people who have a busy lifestyle. Rather than spending hours in stores and malls, you can buy the products online in just couple of clicks. The best part is that there is no opening and closing time. You can be at home or anywhere in the world and do your shopping anytime, which is a liberating experience.

Besides having so many perks, sometimes certain situations develop which takes away all your excitement of online shopping.

Due to Operating Conditions Your Package May Be Delayed

Whenever you place an order online for the things you’ve been wanted for so long, you get a feeling of joy and get excited after order confirmation. You eagerly start waiting for the parcel and really want to get it delivered as soon as possible. But sometimes due to a certain situation, you couldn’t get it on time.

There are definite issues because of which you get a message or an email about your order from the courier company saying Due to operating conditions your package may be delayed. This sentence has different meanings, and it could mean a lot of things. The delay would be due to anything, from something happening at the facility to weather conditions. Anything can happen causing late delivery.

Due To Operating Conditions, Your Package May be Delayed

Antipolo City, Philippines – October 9, 2019: Motorcycle food delivery rider wait for the traffic light to turn green at an intersection.

Reasons Your Package May Be Delayed

There are many causes of delayed delivery and here you can find about all of these situations in detail and analyze what must have happened to your order and why it got delayed.

Weather Conditions

This is one of the influencing factor causing late delivery of the packages. Sometimes unexpected or unplanned situations that are beyond the control of the carrier’s can greatly affect the delivery time. Delay may be due to snowfall, rain, thunderstorm or anything like that. The condition of roads gets worse in these circumstances and it becomes nearly impossible for carrier’s to perform their duties and deliver your package on time. Bad weather results in blockage of roads, and transit slows down causing delayed delivery.


In some countries, the logistics sector, which manages the overall process of how packages and resources are acquired, stores and get delivered to their final destinations, is particularly affected by this social event. There’s no one to blame for that but the government and concerned authorities.

Operating System Failure

In these situations, customers are notified of the problem and the technical issue the company has been facing, and they are given a new delivery time estimate.

Incomplete, miss spelt or wrong address

Sometimes customers make such mistakes and mistakenly write incomplete, miss spelt or wrong address without even checking, the courier companies then send the parcel to the given address which later turns out wrong. The courier company now has to make a second attempt to get the package delivered after getting the right and complete address and now it takes some more time than the estimated delivery time. When booking shipping service always check your address before order confirmation to avoid late delivery.


This usually happens when you order food or grocery from near restaurants or stores online. With so many cars, people on the road, plus ongoing construction and roads blockage, traffic is getting worse day by day. This affected not only the general public but also the shippers who have to deliver the package on time. There’s no solution of the traffic but courier drivers can find the quickest route to reach their destination on time.


The orders that are shipping internationally, custom plays a significant role in it. This type of situation is only encountered when the necessary documents are missing or filled incorrectly. All the required documents are very much necessary to avoid delayed delivery.

Pandemic(COVID-19 Situation)

Since the pandemic started, it greatly affected almost everything around the world. It is the main factor causing late delivery. Whenever the COVID-19 situation gets worse, and we see a rise in cases, the country goes in lockdown, which completely boycotts the delivery of packages because of hygiene or any issue like that which can be harmful to those who are suffering, and it should be done this way, considering the pandemic.

Due To Operating Conditions, Your Package May be Delayed


Lost Package

Another reason of delayed delivery is the packages being lost or misplaced. It is probably the most frustrating experience for the customer that the order they’ve been waiting for got misplaced. There are quite a few possibilities of why it happens. It can be simply due to misplacement, accidentally removed shipping labels, and so many more factors.


Consumers nowadays expect delivery times to become faster each year. Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. They notice and do not order from their again and start looking for other options as there are so many choices available on the internet. Anybody can get anything of their choice just by placing orders in couple of clicks.

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