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Find the Right Tools and Product for Men’s Long Hair for Styling: The Ultimate Guide





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Long hair on men is a vibe that has been around for centuries. Be it your favorite star or someone you know, long hair never fails to look amazing. But with it comes the responsibility of maintaining them. If you’ve long hair but don’t know how to manage it, then this guide is for you. Read more to learn the best product for men’s long hair along with different hairstyles that you can try. 

How to Style Long Hair on Men

Gone are the days when you had to comply with the norm. Men have more room to experiment now, which is why trying out the long hair look is just the perfect time for it. 

Many people take long hair looks for granted wondering how to style them, how to take care of them, and all such nitty gritty. While all of this can take up some time, it’s not absolutely impossible to look amazing in long hair, while, taking good care of them as well. 

Many celebrities like Jason Mamoa, Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth, and Jared Leto are very well-known for carrying long hair elegantly and flawlessly. 

If you want to look as amazing as they do, then it’s only a matter of using the right product for men’s long hair and styling tools. Take help from this guide to learn about the best products and styling tools to make sure your hair looks incredible at all times. 

Right Products for Men’s Long Hair

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Long hair means extra care and that does not end with choosing just any shampoo, conditioner, or styling tool. You have to look for a product for men’s long hair that has the right ingredients and is perfect for your hair type as well. 

You should find a product that not only makes your hair shine but also strengthens its roots, so you don’t face hair fall or other problems. 

The first step is to choose a shampoo and a conditioner that is specifically made for men’s hair. You can’t pick up just anything from the aisle to take care of your long hair as products made for men have more nourishing ingredients to deal with multiple hair problems. 

Some ingredients that you must look for in your hair care products are amnios and proteins, botanical extracts, and vitamins B5 and B3. They deeply nourish the hair and further help in removing the sebum and product buildup on the scalp. 

For hair styling product for men’s long hair, you have the option to either opt for hair sprays or clays and waxes. Every product comes with different ingredients, so it’s up to you to choose the one that works best with your hair type. 

It can take some time for you to see what works for you and what doesn’t. The key thing to note here is to always remove the product properly from your hair if you don’t want it to be damaged before time. 

Right Hair Styling Tools for Men’s Long Hair 

Hair styling is incomplete without using the right tools. Imagine waking up late for work and not having enough time to make up hair with your hands. 

Especially with different haircuts for men with long hair in the market, you need a good tool to help you make your hair in less than a minute, so you’re back on the run. If you’re new to learning how to style long hair on men and buying styling tools, then start with purchasing a hair dryer. 

Long hair can be flawlessly managed with a high-quality hairdryer. You can manage the heat level with your hair dryer while styling your hair. 

But it’s not good to use heat on your hair every day, which is why you can sometimes dry your hair with cool air using a hairdryer. 

You no longer have to wait to air dry your hair and get the unnecessary frizz. Rather, buy a hairdryer, that is perfect for making your hair look as you desire on any day! 

But a hair dryer is not the only thing you need for styling. Make sure to have a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, a fine-tooth comb to style properly, and a boar bristle brush to comb your long hair. 

Since hair brushes are extremely prone to buildup, make sure to soak these tools in warm water and soap daily to avoid any damage to your hair. 

9 Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair 

Wondering how to style long hair on men? It can seem like a difficult task at first, but it’s not as long as you have the right products and tools at your disposal. Now that you know about the right product for men’s long hair and tools, it’s time to get into the best hairstyles that you can try with your long hair. 

Here are some hairstyles that you can try at home for functions, meetups, offices, meetings, and everything else. 

  • Man Bun
  • Slick Back with Fade
  • Messy Casual
  • Classic Hair Style
  • Long Curly Hair 
  • Perm for Thick Hair 
  • Beachy Waves 
  • Braided Hair 
  • Dreadlocks

Man Bun

a man with a bun on long hair

Women are not the only ones who can wear this unique hairstyle after all. Buns are very famous these days among long-haired men too. If you want to get all kinds of eyeballs to your hair, then a men’s bun will do the trick for you. 

It’s very minimal and only requires hands to do it. Take a comb and fashion your hair in a pony, then form it into a bun and pin it up, or use a hair band. It’s very simple and suits everyone, so give this a try for sure!

Slick Back with Fade

Want an edgy look for the day? Stick to a slick back with a fade to appear your best self. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion, all thanks to its versatile nature. 

All you need to do is ask your barber for an undercut. It does not matter whether you have long hair or short one, everyone can get an undercut without losing the real length of their hair. 

If you don’t know how to style long hair for men like this, then make sure to use a volumizing spray or a dry shampoo to add volume to your hair. If you’re using the right tools and products, then this hairstyle can be done in seconds. 

Messy Casual

Do you wish to look extraordinary for a day? Worry not as we know just the right hairstyle for this: a messy casual look. 

Often you don’t really have to put a lot of effort or use too many products to look amazing. In this look, you need just a few all-natural hair products to achieve this sharp yet casual look. 

This hairstyle goes perfectly well with long hair as it adds a royal touch to the overall aesthetic. It’s a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that not everybody can pull off easily, so be the next legend when it comes to making amazing hairstyles! 

Classic Hairstyle

Do you have chin-length hair with a defined jaw and high cheekbones? If yes, then a hairstyle with a middle part is just what you need. 

You don’t need a lot of hair styling tools to make this hairstyle. With just a comb, you can part your hair from the middle, tuck your hair behind your ears from one side and you’re all set to rock the show. 

This hairstyle works really well after a fresh shampoo that makes your hair look shiny and smooth all day. Plus, this style can be done in two minutes, perfect for days when you’re in a rush! 

Long Curly Hair 

Who remembers Jon Snow from Game of Thrones? If can flaunt this hairstyle during a time when an eagle used to transfer messages from one place to another, then you can too with all hair styling products at your disposal. 

To make this hairstyle, all you have to do is get some salt spray on wet hair to make it bounce and then blow dry your hair. When you’re doing it, keep squeezing your hair from the down in your palm to get those nice-looking curls without any disappointments. 

Perm for Thick Hair 

If you want to add more texture to your hair, then getting a perm is a good option. It’s a chemical treatment that you can get from a salon. It lasts up to 6 months and adds more curls and volume to your hair without frizz. 

You can easily style permed hair by using a small amount of mousse or gel and simply scrunch it through your hair to make your waves look ever so gorgeous. If you want your hair to keep shining, then try a moisturizing conditioner to subside the damage by chemical treatment. 

Beachy Waves 

a guy with beachy wavy hair

Have you ever tried beach waves on your long hair? If you have the right product for men’s long hair, then this hairstyle will be a breeze. 

Ideally, you can make this hairstyle by using a salt spray or texturizing spray on your hair. After that, start scrunching your hair with your fingers to make those beautiful and flawless beach curls.  

This hairstyle goes best with all looks, especially if you’re heading out for a day out with friends or on a date with your beau. Look your absolute best in this casual yet classy look and stand out from the crowd without doing much.  

Braided Hair 

Wondering how to style long hair on men with other hairstyles? Try braiding them! There’s no way that a braid can ever go wrong on men with long hair. It’s a safe style, but doing it might require a bit of practice at first. In simple terms, take three sections of hair and cross them one by one over the middle reach to get the hairstyle you desire. 

You can use a rubber band to secure your hair from the end of the braid, so it does not loosen up. This hairstyle works well in even professional situations, so try it out next time you’re heading out.  


Last on the list is a ponytail, which is a hairstyle perfect for any good or bad day. You don’t need any product for men’s long hair to make this style. Your hands are enough to gather all hair into a pony, then pull it up a little and tie it up. 

That’s it! This is all you need to make this hairstyle with your hands. If you’re going to a special event, then you can give your hair some dimension by putting a little hair spray on the crown of your head to avoid any frizz.  

Style Your Hair Perfectly for the Best Look  

Now that you know about the best product for men’s long hair and how to style long hair on men, it’s time to try a few styles from the list. Always remember that it’s easy to grow your hair, but extremely difficult to maintain its beauty. If you’re putting different products on your head, then it’s important to wash them properly using the right products to ensure your hair shines until the end. Try out the hairstyles above and look amazing no matter where you go. These hairdos are perfect for any haircut, so try these without any doubt!

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