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Solved: Modern Warfare Error Code 262146 [2021]



Modern Warfare Error Code 262146

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is an amazing game. It was published by Activision and was developed by Infinity Ward. It is a first-person shooter game. It won the Game Critics Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, Game Awards in 2019, and NAVGTR Awards in 2020. If you do not play games, you might still have heard its name. But we would recommend you to play this game as it has rich graphical properties and some easy-to-do settings. This game contributes to realistic and modern settings. If you want to play this game with your friends, it gives you the facility to join partners online. Sometimes, you are playing this game, then face the modern warfare error code 262146. The majority of gamers face this error.

How To Fix Modern Warfare Error Code 262146?

In this article, we are telling you some major reasons for this error with effective solutions:

Check poor internet connection

If your internet connection is poor, you might face modern warfare error code 262146. Therefore, always make sure that your internet connection is strong when playing the Modern Warfare game. But when your internet connection is poor, you disconnect with the Modern warfare server and face the error code 262146. Moreover, it is advisable to use the internet up to a minimum of 8 Mega Bites Per second.

Try to restart your router or modem

If you are facing the modern warfare error code 262146, try to restart your router or modem. Most of the technicians report that restarting your router or modem will resolve the issue. When some bugs in your browser and your software version are outdated, restarting your router or modem will easily solve all these issues.

How to restart your router?

Restarting a router an easy task. Just plug out the power cable from your router—plugin the power cable after 10 to 15 seconds. After rebooting, you can connect your device to the internet. Most probably, it will fix the error code 262146.

Modern Warfare Error Code 262146

Restarting router

How to restart your modem?

For restarting the modem, plug out the power cable and Ethernet cables of the modem. The modem will take 3 minutes to power off. Then reconnect the Ethernet cable and power cable of the modem. When the internet light becomes solid, see whether your internet is working properly or not. After rebooting your modem, you can check the status of the error code 262146.

Uninstall the old game

You can uninstall the game if you still face the error code 262146. But the disadvantage of applying this method is that all of your previous settings and progress in the game will be deleted. Therefore, it is advisable to uninstall your game only when you have already applied all the other techniques and have waited a lot for a solution.

Logout of your account

If you are still facing the error code 262146, you should try to refresh your game. You can log out from your game. Logging out of your gaming session will remove some issues like bugs from your browser. Moreover, when you refresh your gaming session, your connectivity will be stronger than before. You just need to log out, and then you can log in to your game.

Remove the cache memory

When you are using many websites, a lot of bugs are piled up in your browser. These bugs will slow down your game and you will face the error code 262146. Therefore, removing cache would be an effective solution. All the bugs and temporary files will be removed, and this error will be fixed.

Modern Warfare Error Code 262146

Clear your cache memory

Try not to use an outdated network drivers

If you are facing the error code 262146, the reason can be an outdated network driver. You can follow these steps to update the corrupted or outdated network driver:

  • Go to the search box.
  • Enter Drive Manager and then select Device Manager.
  • You will see the names of devices by selecting the category.
  • Do right-click and choose the app that you want to update.
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • Select Update Driver.

By following these steps, your corrupted network driver will be updated easily. Now see whether the error code 262146 is still there or not.

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Contact the support team

`When you have tried all the techniques but can still fix the error, you should contact the customer support team. The Modern Warfare team will sort this issue out after some time. But the support team has thousands of complaints regarding error code 262146. So you cannot just rely on the Modern Warfare team for resolving the issue.

Modern Warfare customer support

Modern Warfare customer support

What is the major reason behind the error code 262146?

If you have tried all the techniques at your end, but you are still facing the error, then it means that the issue is on the Modern Warfare side. It means that the server is not working properly; that’s why you are facing this issue. When you see this error on your screen, it says, “You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers. Please try again or visit for updates. Error Code: 262146”. In addition, the reports declare that mostly this issue is on the server-side. So when the issue is with the server, you cannot resolve it. Hence, you can just contact the support team.

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While playing the Call of Duty game, sometimes you face the error code 262146. But you do not know how to fix it. Therefore, for your guidance, we have given you effective methods to fix this error. The most effective method is to restart your router or modem. But still, if your error is not fixed, it means that the issue is not server-side. What you can do in this case is contact the customer support team of Modern Warfare.

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