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Are you also someone who is suffering from the$annotatedconnectexception Minecraft error and do not know how to fix it? Chill out, you won’t have to worry about anything after reading this guide.

Generally, Minecraft errors are very complex; they don’t happen easily, and they aren’t fixed easily. The error code$annotatedconnectexception is, however, a very common Minecraft error and has troubled a lot of players for a long time. Errors can be irritating when popped up randomly.

Before we look at the causes and solutions of this error, let us learn a little about Minecraft so that we can get the most out of this guide.

Minecraft was published in 2011 by Mojang. It became a hot topic immediately and already had millions of players around the world. Despite being released years ago, Minecraft is still one of the most played and fresh sandbox building games. It is often called “The game that never dies.” due to its unwavering popularity in the gaming world. Mojang frequently updates Minecraft, making it fit for every generation to play. Encountering errors in Minecraft is neither uncommon nor common; It stays on the boundary line. Even if someone gets stuck due to an error like$annotatedconnectexception error, there are many methods to fix it.

What Is$annotatedconnectexception Error?$annotatedconnectexception is a Minecraft error that stops a player from joining a server. A page with the error saying “Failed to connect to the server” appears along with the error code$annotatedconnectexception : connection refused whenever trying to join a server. Players try joining another server thinking that it may be a bug in the server, however, the error continues to pop up while joining any online server, stopping them from playing by any means.

Why does io.netty Occur?

After taking into account the reports of several players, we concluded several reasons that could cause the$annotatedconnectexception error to occur. It’s usually the result of a problem with your internet connection, which prevents your computer from connecting to the Minecraft server you want to join. It’s possible that your computer was unable to effectively transmit a signal to Minecraft due to a connection disruption, which indicates that there is a block in your signal’s course causing this error to occur.

The connection error might come from entering the wrong IP address. An IP address is the one that actually sends the signals to the Minecraft server and connects you to the system. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) periodically changes the IP address provided to you as it can be overlapped with other users. As a result, you must rewrite and update your IP address frequently. Otherwise, this will all result in the$annotatedconnectexception error.

In many cases, the computer firewall blocks the connection as it might be considering harmful. However, the computer does not know that it is not actually harmful (AI is dumb). Therefore, the error$annotatedconnectexception appears on your screen.

The other possible reason could be that you need to port forward your network. Port forwarding, also known as port mapping, is a sort of network address translation (NAT) that delivers a communication request from one IP and port number combination to another through a network gateway such as a router or firewall. When the address is unclear, the servers become perplexed as to which signals they should be transmitting, and receiving port forwarding aids in this process.

How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception Error?

As we already know what is causing the problem, now It will be easy to solve the issue. There are a few methods you need to try so that you can fix this error. These methods are sure to help you. The first thing you need to do to fix$annotatedconnectexception is to find what is blocking the connection. Let’s try all the solutions.

Allowing Firewall to Run Minecraft

If your error is associated with a firewall, you must fix it by following the steps given:

  1. Search “Windows Security” in your computer’s search bar$annotatedconnectexception

    Windows security

  2. Click the “Firewall & network protection” tab$annotatedconnectexception

    firewall settings

  3. Select the “Change settings” option and you will notice that now you can click the “Add another app” option. So, click it.$annotatedconnectexception

    Change settings

  4. After the “Add an app” page opens, either type down the path the Java executable files in the “Minecraft Server” folder or click browse and find these files.$annotatedconnectexception

    Add an app

  5. Now, scroll down in the allowed app settings until you find the “Java(TM ) Platform SE binary”
  6. Check both boxes labeled “Private” and “Public”.
  7. Now open Minecraft and try connecting to the server you want to join again.

Doing this will let your firewall allow your computer to receive and send signals to the Minecraft server.

Port Forward Network

Port-forward your network to map the IP address for your computer to understand the path. Execute the instructions given properly.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Enter your IP address in your browser where you type URLs to open a website. Your router’s portal will open up.
  3. Enter your device username and password. It is usually on the backside of the router.
  4. Find the port forward section. Since every router has a different configuration, it is hard to tell where your port forward setting must be.
  5. Find the “Ports-Custom services” page
  6. Enter all the information asked and press apply$annotatedconnectexception

    Port forward.


These have been all the methods you can try out to fix the Minecraft connection error$annotatedconnectexception. Hopefully one of these will help you get rid of the error so you can continue your beautiful and adventurous Minecraft journey. In the comments, let us know what helped you fix this error!

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