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How to get to Pompeii from Naples: A Detailed Guide





Naples to Pompeii

Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit archaeological wonder that offers a glimpse into ancient Roman life. If you are in Naples and are looking to explore this extraordinary historical site, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get to Pompeii from Naples. We have also included some interesting things to look out for, throughout your visit. Let’s get right to it.

Effective ways to go from Naples to Pompeii

Pompeii, the ancient city frozen in time, is a captivating destination that beckons travelers from Naples to uncover its historical wonders. If you are planning to journey from Naples to Pompeii, there are several efficient and convenient ways to make this trip.

Mentioned below are the 5 most effective modes of transportation that will lead you to the enchanting archaeological site of Pompeii.

  • Train
  • Tour Bus
  • Private Car or Taxi
  • Rideshare Apps
  • Bicycle


The most common and convenient way is to take a train from Naples to Pompeii. Head to Napoli Centrale railway station and catch the Circumvesuviana train, which is a local commuter line.

The journey takes about 30-40 minutes, and you’ll disembark at Pompeii Scavi-Villa dei Misteri station, just a short walk from the entrance to the archaeological site.

Naples to Pompeii Guide

Tour Bus

Many tour operators in Naples offer day trips to Pompeii by bus. This option provides guided tours and eliminates the hassle of planning transportation. Check for reputable tour companies and packages that fit your schedule and preferences.

Private Car or Taxi

For a more personalized experience, consider hiring a private car or taxi to take you to Pompeii. This option offers flexibility in terms of timing and stops along the way. It’s ideal for those who want a comfortable and customized journey.

Rideshare Apps

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft are also available in Naples. While this option might be a bit more expensive than public transportation, it offers convenience and a comfortable ride directly to Pompeii.

If you are an adventurous traveler, renting a bicycle can be a unique way to travel from Naples to Pompeii.

The distance is manageable, and you can enjoy the picturesque views along the way. Just ensure you have a reliable map or GPS to guide you.

Distance from Naples to Pompeii

The distance between Naples and Pompeii is approximately 25 kilometers (about 15.5 miles) in a straight line. However, when traveling by road, the distance can be slightly longer due to the specific route taken.

The journey takes around 30 to 40 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen route.

Things to see on a Naples day trip to Pompeii

Embarking on a day trip from Naples to Pompeii opens a portal to the past, allowing you to wander through the ancient streets of a city frozen in time.

As you explore the fascinating ruins, you’ll encounter a wealth of historical and cultural treasures that provide invaluable insights into life during the Roman era.

In this segment, we delve into the must-see attractions and highlights that await you on your unforgettable Naples day trip to Pompeii.

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Villa of the Mysteries
  • Lupanar
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Castellum Aquae

Ancient Ruins

Explore the remarkably preserved ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii. Walk through the streets, visit the Roman baths, the amphitheater, and the Forum, and witness the daily life of its residents frozen in time.

Villa of the Mysteries

This villa features some of the best-preserved frescoes from the Roman era. The artwork offers insights into ancient rituals and ceremonies.

How to get to Pompeii from Naples


Visit the Lupanar, a brothel with intriguing frescoes that depict various scenes. It provides a glimpse into the social and cultural aspects of the time.

Temple of Apollo

Admire the majestic Temple of Apollo, one of Pompeii’s oldest temples, dedicated to the god of music, poetry, and healing.

Castellum Aquae

Explore the Castellum Aquae, a water distribution center that showcases the advanced engineering of the Roman era.

3 things you shouldn’t do in Pompeii

While visiting Pompeii, there are several important guidelines to ensure a respectful and informative experience:

  • Do not touch or remove artifacts: It’s crucial to refrain from touching or attempting to remove any artifacts, frescoes, or structures at Pompeii. These items are delicate and need to be preserved for future generations.
  • Do not climb on structures: Climbing on the ruins or structures at Pompeii can cause damage to the fragile remains. Avoid walking on walls, columns, or any archaeological features to preserve the site’s integrity.

How to get from Naples to Pompeii

  • Do not leave trash behind: Always dispose of trash properly in designated bins. Littering not only detracts from the historical site’s beauty but also harms the environment and other visitors’ experiences.

By adhering to these guidelines, visitors can help protect the historical significance of Pompeii and contribute to its preservation for years to come.

Exploring Pompeii from Naples: A journey into ancient history

Visiting Pompeii from Naples is a rewarding experience that takes you back in time to the ancient Roman civilization. Whether you choose the train, a guided tour, or other transportation options, Pompeii’s historical treasures await your exploration.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Get From Naples To Pompeii

Enjoy the journey and immerse yourself in the rich history that this archaeological site has to offer.

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