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How To Get Clothes In PUBG?




Get Clothes In PUBG

When you are fighting, you want to be on the top of the list. So infantry wears the same gear. Also, it is the best way. But in PUBG, while dropping out of your battle zone, you want to look fresh. You want to look cool so that your friends and foes feel envious of you. It is the desire of every PUBG player. But it is not a too easy task. Moreover, every player wants to know how to get clothes in PUBG.

There is a variety of options available in PUBG. By utilizing those options, you can have your favorite accessories. They will make you look fresh and cool. Moreover, there are many ways to get those accessories. This thing depends on which version you are using for your smartphone. Hence, it is clear that there are various methods to give rewards to the players in different versions. But it is not an easy task to get clothes in PUBG. It can be a little bit confusing for you. When you see the other PUBG players looking fresh and cool, you desire to look like them. So in this article, we tell you how to get clothes in PUBG. We want you to look good and fresh. Here are some methods to get clothes in PUBG:

Some Easy Ways To Get Clothes in PUBG

Following are some easy ways to get clothes in PUBG:

Make sure that you are playing PUBG on your smartphone to apply these steps. It means that these steps will work for smartphones only. So when you use your mobile phone to play PUBG, you can get a reward by signing in daily. You need to sign in on a daily basis and will get a random award. Normally, you will get some battle points. But if you are playing PUBG the whole week, you may get a crate. This crate includes premium clothing to make you look cool and fresh. Moreover, you can play PUBG more confident when you are wearing stylish clothes. You can get clothes in PUBG through these steps:

  • When you launch PUBG, go to the main menu.
  • Select the events section.
  • In the events menu, select login reward.
  • You will see a table of rewards here. You need to select the item you have received. Just tick that particular item.
  • If you find no proceeding, repeat the process.
    Get clothes in PUBG

    Get new clothes in PUBG

Getting Premium Clothes By Winning Missions in PUBG

You can win some premium clothes by completing the missions. Moreover, there is a variety of difficulty levels when you sign in to the PUBG game. You can even get reviving teammates or some headshots skills. By completing such missions, you can go to the menu screen. Then you can claim your reward for the task. Besides, you can get some activity points and experience points.

You may have 150 activity points each day. You can collect these activity points with various value crates such as 30, 60, 90, and 120 activity points. Furthermore, when you complete all the tasks, you will get the top prize. You need to change the style of your play; then, you can enjoy some inventory items. Furthermore, this method is available for all platforms, including Xbox, PS4, Mobile, and PC.

How to Claim The Rewards?

You can get the rewards by following these steps:

Select The Option

Go to the main menu screen. Launch PUBG and select the icon that seems like a clipboard with a tick. You can find this option at the bottom right.

Meet The Criteria

In the second step, you will reach the mission menu. In this menu, check what tasks you will have to do. But if you have not completed any task, find the best match. Hence, you need to meet the criteria.

Claim Your Reward

When you have completed all the tasks, go back to the mission menu. You need to scroll down the tasks that you have completed. Moreover, select a claim if you want to receive your reward for your outstanding performance.

How To Buy Crates With Battle Points in PUBG?

You can buy crates from PUBG and PUBG mobile. Crates are the random loot boxes. They consist of different cosmetic items. Moreover, they have some rare items also depending on the crate value. You can have access to these crates in multiple ways. But you should prefer playing the game because it is the most effective method.

You can get title points after completing the tasks. Further, you will receive battle points by playing matches and collecting daily rewards on your mobile phone. You can use it to buy crates. Besides, it is the in-game currency of PUBG. You can do it on all the platforms like Xbox, Ps4, mobile, and PC.

You have the facility to buy a maximum of 6 crates in a week by following this method. Since the cost of battle points increases when you buy the next crate, for example, the first crate is 700 BP; then the second crate will be 1400 BP. Moreover, the third crate is 2800 BP. Likewise, the fourth crate will be 4200 BP. In short, you will get the advantage when you buy the extra crate.

Get clothes in PUBG

Battle in PUBG Game

How To Buy Crates With Real Cash in PUBG?

You can buy crates with real cash also. When you have no more battle points but want to have more loot, you need to buy crates from real money.  Furthermore, you can buy keys to the premium crates in PUBG with real money. You can buy keys from the marketplace for just $2.50 each. Moreover, there are eleven different types of crates such as:

  • Survivor Crate
  • Fever Crate
  • Wanderer Crate
  • Biker Crate
  • Aviator Crate
  • Triumph Crate
  • Desperado Crate
  • Raider Crate
  • Gamescom Invitational Crate
  • Equinox Crate
  • Militia Crate

But you should know that this method is not applicable in the case of Xbox, PS4, or mobile phones. But such players can invest real money into PUBG by adding battle points using a particular marketplace system. Moreover, while using Xbox, you may face the dev error 6034.

Summing Up of How to Get Clothes in PUBG

When you are playing the game on PUBG, it does not mean that you cannot look fresh and cool. Moreover, everyone wants to look great and confident. PUBG provides you the opportunity to get clothes. Besides, you can have access to various accessories and outfits that will make you look more confident than before. Now, you are familiar with how to get clothes in PUBG. Hence, get as many rewards as you want to receive and have fun while playing games in PUBG.

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