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Here’s How to Find a Music Video by Describing it




How to find a music video by describing it?

Sometimes, it happens that you listen to a song or music video and you like it much. You just get crazy about the song. But you have just the images of this song in your mind as an unclear cue. You want to search that song but you are unaware of how to find it. This situation will lead you to frustration since you are unable to remember the song. This situation can be panicking for music lovers.  As music lovers, you should also know the art to find a music video by describing it.

How to Find a Music Video by Describing it?

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If you are facing the same issue, we have a solution for this problem. We will tell you some amazing and effective methods related to how to find a music video by describing it. So let us get started.

Try YouTube search

Using YouTube for searching a song is one of the easiest ways these days. You can add some specific information related to your favorite songs on YouTube. Further, YouTube is associated with Google. It is more than typing the words of the song in the search bar. You can make your search more specific and refined if you want to get the desired results. In addition, there is an option to add type, date, and some characteristics in YouTube advanced research. If you remember any keyword of the song, you can write it in the search bar with quotation marks. YouTube facilitates you to search for your favorite music video by using a filter button. These filters can be of many kinds. So you can choose filters such as the duration of the music video and some other characteristics. By doing so, you can search for your lost music video.

How to Find a Music Video by Describing it?

YouTube search

Add Some Lyrics Into Google

There are more chances that you remember some lyrics of your favorite music video. Just type those lyrics into the Google search bar. Try to add correct lyrics, then Google will give you the results relevant to the added lyrics. Google-being the best virtual friend has provided the facility to use the advanced search. You can try it as well, we have explained it in the below points. If this methodology does not work, need not worry. Try some other effective method.

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How to Find a Music Video by Describing it?

Google search

Use An Online Application

Some apps are available online to search for a music video. The amazing thing is that you can find your music video by crooning into the microphones. This feature is not available in other apps and search engines. Just open a song identifier app, go to the search bar, and click on it. You can click on the mic option as well. When you search through using a microphone, croon your favorite song for some seconds. You will reach your favorite music video within seconds. You can use Reddit, SoundHound, Shazam, and some other apps to find the song.

Try Google Advanced Search

Nowadays, Google has the solution for every problem. You just need to go on Google and try advanced search. Google has the facility for applying some filters. When you type some words in the advanced Google search, Google will retrieve the results fast. If you remember the numbers, keywords, or any other information related to the songs like country, you can add those cues in the Google search. When you give more cues to Google, its search engine will work faster and will give you the desired results.

Visit Some Song-Related Websites

If you are trying to find your favorite music video and you have tried searching it through Google and YouTube, but still haven’t found it. There is another solution for this. Visit some well-known song-related communities and websites. Facebook is one of the best options in this regard. When you post the song on such platforms, you will get the desired music video fast. The online platforms’ participants will help you find your music video by suggesting some other programs.

Add the Name of the Actor or Artist

You can type the name of the actor, artist, or band if you remember. Most probably, you will succeed in finding your favorite music video. Statistics reports represent that most of the song listeners remember the name of the artists mostly. It is very common. So if you remember the name of the movie or actor, type it in various search engines such as Google advanced search. The artists have their Wikipedia pages as well. Searching for the music video through individual artists will lead you to reach the music video. For example, Spotify is one of the most amazing options with a very high chance to get the desired results. You will be able to see some clips of your music video by doing so. Moreover, you can add the characters with a short description to get the required music video.

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We have suggested to you some effective ways find a music video by describing it. You will be able to find your favorite music video not knowing the name of the song by selecting any of the above-mentioned methods. Henceforth, you should be patient and keep trying to find the music videos since it is said that try again till you succeed. So, we wish you the best of luck in finding your favorite music videos without knowing their names.

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