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How to Fix Broken Eyeglasses?




Broken Eyeglasses

Broken eyeglasses are not an unusual matter. Sometimes, you break your eyeglasses unknowingly, and you are not in the position to replace them immediately. Isn’t it frustrating? Yes, it is. But do not worry. In this article, we tell you how to fix your broken eyeglasses. Whether you have broken the bridge, lost the screw, or scratched the lenses, you can fix all these problems at your home. Therefore, you need not replace your eyeglasses in this way. In fact, it is as easy as identifying the empty oil cartridge.

Broken eyeglasses

Broken eyeglasses

Repairing broken eyeglasses at home is not a difficult task. You can follow these simple steps to fix your broken eyeglasses:

Fixing the Broken Bridge of Eyeglasses Through Glue And Paper

If you have broken your eyeglasses, you can use glue to fix them. It is an effective method to repair the broken bridge of your eyeglasses. The bridge is the part of the eyeglasses that comes to your nose. Moreover, this easiest method will repair your eyeglasses temporarily.  Follow these steps if you want to repair your broken eyeglasses through glue and paper:

Clean the Broken Parts

Clean the broken parts of your eyeglasses first. When they are cleaned well, you can fix them easily with glue. In addition, if you have applied some glue in the past attempts, remove that glue with the help of fingernail polish remover. It is the best way to remove this type of super glue.

Arrange All the Things At the Place

After cleaning, arrange all the required materials at the place. Moreover, you need some pieces of glossy paper, super glue of any good brand, and scissors.

Cutting the Paper

In the next step, cut the glossy paper into strips. But make sure that you are cutting the glossy paper according to the width of your frames of the eyeglasses.

Applying Glue

Once you have cut the paper, apply glue to your frames. But make sure that you are applying glue to one strip once. Wrap a piece of glossy paper around the broken bridge like a bandage.

Broken Eyeglasses

Fixing Broken Eyeglasses with Superglue

Wait For a While

After applying glue, wait for some time. Let the glue dry before moving to the next step. Further, once one part is dry, then perform the same steps for the other part.

Fixing Your Broken Eyeglasses Through Heating

Follow these steps if you want to fix your broken eyeglasses through heating:

Boiling Some Water

Boil some water at a high flame. You will use heat for repairing purposes. But you can use this method if you are using eyeglasses frames made of plastic.

Applying Heat to the Broken Parts

When the water gets boiled, hold the broken parts of the eyeglasses. Then close the broken parts enough for the heat. Hence, it will make the broken parts of the eyeglasses soft.

Inserting a Short Pin

In the next step, insert a short pin into one broken part. Push the other edge onto the pin. So make the hot plastic smooth over the pin. Make sure that you are not putting the plastic frames directly into the pot for boiling.

Fixing Your Broken Eyeglasses Through Sewing

Follow these steps if you want to fix your broken eyeglasses through sewing:

Arrange All the Things in Place

Arrange all the required materials in place. You require needles, thread, sandpaper, drill, rubber bands, super glue, waxed paper, cotton swabs, stir stick, nail polish remover, and a hobby knife.

Cleaning of the Broken Parts

After arranging all the required materials, clean the broken parts of your eyeglasses. Use sandpaper to clean them. Make ready the broken parts to use glue. Swab the broken parts with nail polish remover. It will make the broken parts ready to be repaired.

Securing the Broken Parts

In the next step, cut a piece of wooden stir stick to fix the broken parts of your eyeglasses. You can use wax paper to avoid scratching. Wrap a rubber band at the end of a wooden stir stick or swizzle stick and secure it to the eyeglasses. Repeat the same steps for the other broken part of your eyeglasses. Make sure that you secure the two broken parts together. In addition, you should see that the rubber bands hold the parts strongly. There should not be any gap between the parts. Moreover, there should be a clean break.

Applying Glue to the Parts

Apply glue at the broken parts by joining them. Further, apply as much glue to secure the broken bridge. It does not mean that you should apply an excessive quantity of glue. Make sure that you are applying glue slowly and neatly to avoid any bubbles. While joining the parts, make sure that there is no gap between the parts. If you have applied some glue in excess, remove the excess glue with a cotton swab. But remove it before it gets dried.

Further, after applying glue, wait for 45-60 minutes. The glue will get dried after enough time. Do not touch the eyeglasses during this time.

Making a Hole

Select any suitable drill according to the thickness of your eyeglasses. Make some holes with the help of a hobby knife on the fixed joint. Probably, it would be the middle of your eyeglasses. Put your eyeglasses on soft paper and make some holes on both sides of the break. Ensure that you are drilling the holes parallel to wrap the thread around the fixed joint.

Sewing the Broken Part

Choose a thread that matches the color of your eyeglasses. Further, use a needle to sew the sides of the repair. But do not put too much strength into the joint while sewing the sides of the repair. Although, you can pass the thread and needle as many times as is appropriate. When there is no space left, stop sewing the joint. So apply some glue to the holes. Soak the thread and use a cotton swab if you have applied excess glue. For neatness, trim the glue from the edges. Additionally, let the glue dry for 45-60 minutes.

Wrapping the Thread

If you want to give some extra strength to your repairing process, do not trim glue from the edges. Despite take the thread and wrap it over the bridge of the eyeglasses. But it would help if you wrapped it neatly. It should not look clumsy. Apply glue for soaking the wrap. Let the glue dry for 15-20 minutes. Wrap the thread around the bridge of the eyeglasses from back to front direction. Apply some glue for soaking the new wrap. Let the glue dry for 15-20 minutes. Further, do not use your eyeglasses before a day for the best results.

Fixing Your Broken Eyeglasses in Case of a Lost Screw

Follow these steps if you want to fix your broken eyeglasses in case of a lost screw:

Getting a Repair Kit

Get a repair cut from any store. It is easily available at the stores. It consists of screws and other repairing tools like screwdrivers. Try to get a new eyeglass repair kit that contains long screws. The reason is that you can easily fix the broken eyeglasses with long screws. Insert the screws into the hinges. Snap off the screws from the bottom to fit the hinge size.

Moreover, you can use a paper clip if you find it difficult to line up the hinges. Insert the hook end of the paper clip through the temple hinge hole and pull it out slowly. Once finished, remove the paper clip from the gap. Hence, the hinge hole slides back into place. It will make a strong fit for your eyeglasses.

Broken eyeglasses

Repairing Eyeglasses with a screwdriver

Using a Toothpick

You can use a toothpick to take the screw place when a screw gets out of the hinge holding together the front pieces of your eyeglasses. Arrange the hinge holes with the front holes. Insert a wooden toothpick inside. Remove the excess part of the toothpick.

Using a Wire

You can use a wire as a substitute for the screw. So arrange the hinge holes. Thread the wire around them. But make sure that you thread the twist-tie wire until the front side of your eyeglasses gets secured. Cut the edges of the wire off to avoid scratching. Furthermore, you can use a safety pin. Insert a safety pin through the holes for holding the side.


If you face a problem due to broken eyeglasses and do not know how to repair them, this article will help you. We have explained the methods how to fix your broken eyeglasses through glue and paper, sewing, heat, pin, and replacing the lost screws. Use any of the explained methods to fix the broken eyeglasses. Follow all the steps of the chosen method. We hope that our suggested solutions would help you to get your broken eyeglasses fixed.

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