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Guide: How to Show Chunk Borders in Minecraft [2021]




How to Show Chunk Borders

Knowing how to show chunk borders in Minecraft is a crucial part of professional grinding. You can use this to chunk line your builds, make effective mob grinders, find your ticking area, and troubleshoot farms. 

Before we learn how to show chunk borders, let’s take a minute to do a quick revision on what are chunks. One chunk is a 16×16 portion of a Minecraft world. It is divided into different groups of levels – 31 and below, 32, 33, 34, and above.

  • Level 31 and below – Entity ticking: All game aspects are active here
  • Level 32 – Ticking: All aspects except chunk ticks are active. The entities do not move in this load type
  • Level 33 – Borders: Very few aspects are active.
  • Level 34 and above – Inaccessible: No active game aspects.
How to Show Chunk Borders

Chunk Borders.

On different versions of Minecraft, there are different techniques to figure out where the chunk borders are. To begin, you must first determine which version and edition of Minecraft you are currently using. This will help you know what method you should be using to show chunk boundaries on your screen. Minecraft players have always struggled to find a good way to see chunk edges. Therefore, we have gathered some methods for you to solve this problem.

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How to See Chunk Borders in Java Edition (Minecraft 1.10 and above )

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to show chunk borders. However, you must first make sure that your Minecraft version is above 1.10, or else it will not work.

  1. Go to chat setting and disable reduced debug info. This will help you see more commands and debug information that you will need to know how to show chunk borders.
    how to show chunk borders

    chat settings

  2. Press F3 to open a list of information on top of your screen. You do not need to know what these things are. Just focus on the last line of the left side. It will tell you the key to open more commands, that is “Press F3 and Q”.
    Debug info

    Debug info

  3. After pressing F3 + Q simultaneously, a list of commands will like this appear. These are all the commands you need to know.
how to see chunk borders

XYZ info

4. By pressing F3 + G, you will finally be able to see the chunk borders you need to see for grinding. The red lines represent the chunk borders of a 16×16 chunk.

Note: It may be possible that you have a lock key on. In that case, first, press the Fn + Lock key ( Esc Key). Then press Fn + F3 + G to view the borders.

How to Show Chunk Borders in Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock edition is usually found in all of these consoles- Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows 10, Mobile, and Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, it is still better you confirm what edition of Minecraft you play.

To see the chunk borders in the bedrock edition, we will need to use the fancy graphics options. Again we have different ways to locate the chunk borders using this way but let’s look at the easiest, quickest, and most reliable one.

Our main focus will be the fancy leaves option here. By toggling the fancy leaves option, it will make the leaves transparent. We’re going to use the update technique of the chunks to find Chunk boundaries. When you toggle the fancy leaves option, the grasses will not automatically change until you place a grass block. When you place a grass block, you will notice that only some of the grass blocks are updated. That is because when you place a grass block after toggling the fancy leaves button, only the chunk that the grass is placed in and the chunks directly adjacent to that one chunk are affected.

Fancy leaves

Video Settings

The red lines (second image) represent the chunk that is affected and updated. We can find a clear split between the center and other side chunks by placing leaves across three chunks and only updating one of the chunks’ edges. Repeat the process multiple times to find out at least two chunk edges. After locating two chunk edges, we can easily find other chunks and identify the chunk borders.

how to show chunk borders


Find Chunk Borders Using X and Z Coordinates

The previous path doesn’t work for you? No problem, we have another way. This way is not so hard but is definitely not an easy one either. It takes one’s time and concentration to identify the borders. You better be good at maths or have a calculator for this method.

The borders between chunks are represented by X and Z coordinates which are always divided by 16. For example, (96, -32) is an intersection of four chunks. According to this theory, one of those four chunks will be between X coordinate 80 to 96 and Z coordinate -48 to -32. While one would be between the X coordinates 96 and 112, and the Z coordinates -32 and -16, and so on.

Debug info minecraft

XYZ,Block, and Chunk

Are you able to see the pattern here? You add and subtract 16 from the initial coordinates to make up 4 different coordinates, telling you the exact location of the chunks. If the X or Z coordinate is not a multiple 16, the player moves over the chunks.

When both X and Z coordinates are divisible by 16, the player is in the top-left corner (northwestern) of a chunk.

These are some of the best and most effective ways to see chunk borders in Minecraft.  Good luck with your adventure!

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